Phase 1~Thursday Barks And Bytes

Hey wait….am I on the correct blog???? Isn’t that Thunder from 2browndawgs? Why is Thunder on the SS gang blog today????

Thunder is joining today because here at SS we are in phase 1 of the breeding between Glory and Thunder. Yesterday Miss Glory went into heat, a day that was long awaited for since we got the sad news back in December that she wasn’t pregnant. Phase 1 of the breeding consists of Glory having a Brucellosis test done to make sure she doesn’t have it, we wouldn’t want to give anything to Thunder so we are making sure she is negative. Next Thursday Glory will start her progesterone testing which is another blood test and will tell us when Glory will be ovulating which means she is in standing heat and will accept a male for breeding. She may need 1-3 tests in order to find out when she is ready. We are looking at the breeding taking place the week of May 10th. Of course you know I will be keeping you all updated. Let the new adventure begin.

Just went Glory is having some really good days training we have to scratch her from her upcoming hunt test on May 9th. Dogs that are in heat are not allowed to compete so she will be sitting that one out. Here are the photos from our training day in Minnesota where Glory had a fabulous run.


We are joining Linda at 2browndawgs and Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for this great blog hop.

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John And Glory~Wordless Wednesday




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ACC Minn Chessie Day 2015

This weekend you all know we went to the American Chesapeake Club Minnesota Chessie Day which was on Saturday the 25th of April. Here is a video of the pictures I took of the land series. There were a great number of people there with all kinds of Chesapeakes, big ones, small ones, light ones, dark ones, males, females you name it. They all did a fabulous job. It was nice to be at a place with other chessie lovers who are there to meet other chessie owners and show off their love of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Thank you Tim Bonnema for setting up this fun day and thank you to Fischer Kennel’s for providing the great property with the beautiful technical pond for water work.


Bundled Up~Monday Mischief

When it’s cold outside be sure to bundle up! Bundled up is what I did on Saturday morning at the American Chesapeake Clubs Chesapeake Fun Day.

Yup it’s cold out here, I’m dressed for the weather.

The Michelin girl!

Gambler is nekkid.

He doesn’t care one bit that it is cloudy, windy and cold! As long as he is retrieving he is warm.

The mischief here is that these are the only 4 photo’s I got of Gambler and I training this day. I gave my camera to John and he isn’t a photo freak like me and only takes a few pictures. Have to give him lessons that more is better!

monday mischief

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


Yesterday we were at the Minnesota American Chesapeake Club annual fun day. It’s a day just for Cheasapeakes their owners and for friends to gather for a good time. There was a raffle and I put all my tickets in the buckets for the white bumpers so we can do longer marks and have the dogs see them better and of course I had to win the baby Avery teal bumper for the hopes of using it on a new puppy… Hint hint Glory and Thunder. 


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Nothing But Norman #93

Happy Saturday All!

Project16 - Copy - Copy - Copy

This weekend we are hanging out in Minnesota. We are staying with and visiting Nellie’s daughter Pearl from her first litter back in 2007. While here we are going to the American Chesapeake Club Minnesota Chessie Fun Day. I’ll be posting up more on that this week. Back in the day 5/8/2010 we went to our first MN Chessie Day, of course we had Norman with us back then so he got to hang out with us and run the mock tests set up. Here are some photos from that day.

We are joining Ruckus The Eskie and Earl’s World for Sepia Saturday.



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We are also joining The Pet Parade.


Hosted by: Rascal and RoccoJan’s Funny FarmBasil the Bionic CatBarking From The Bayou and Love Is Being Owned By A Husky.

Channel Blinds With Some Shucking And Jiving~FitDog Friday

This weeks training was on channel blinds. We have a upcoming hunt test in the beginning of May at a place where there are a couple channel blinds. Channel blinds are done on basically a rectangular piece of water that is long and narrow. They either have your dog swim right down the middle of the channel to the end of the channel or they have you enter on a angle from one side and swim across the channel to the other side. We haven’t done this yet this year so I thought we should practice this.

Glory was up first, we did a angle entry channel blind.

Starting at the top going left to right, Glory entered the water, she was getting a little of kilter so I whistle stopped her, she turned around and I gave her a hand cast to turn right and head to the blind. She picked up the bumper and got back in the water and headed back on the same line she took out there.

Here Glory is shucking the water off.

Here she is jiving to a fun bumper. How come when training they might move a little slower but you throw a fun bumper and then she moves like a banchie jiving along the way.

Next was a fun bumper into the water so she could make a big splash.

Now it is Gamber’s turn.

Gambler did the channel blind by swimming down the middle of the channel to the end, turning around and coming straight back. He lined the blind which means he swam down without being stopped and given a hand signal.

Gambler trying his paw at shucking.

The only jiving he did was launching into the water.

This weekend we will be traveling to Minnesota to visit with Nellie’s daughter Pearl and to attend a Chessie Fun day. Stop back tomorrow to see pictures of Norman at the last fun day we went to many moons ago.


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