HRCH SAND SPRING HURRICANE NELLIE SH WDX call name “Nellie” was born on October 7, 2004.  


Her father is HRCH SAND SPRING NORM OF CAROWAY MH WDQ, our foundation stud. Her mother is AOK-RIDGE ABBY.

Nellie is following in her fathers paw prints by competing in hunt tests. She started competing in AKC hunt tests in August 2005 passing her first test with flying colors. She received her Junior Hunter title on May 28, 2006 at Horicon, WI. Nellie has also competed in an AKC Field Trial as well as receiving two started passes in UKC Hunting Retriever Club tests. Spring of 2007 Nellie started competing in AKC Senior Hunter tests. September 22, 2007 Fox River Valley HRC held a UKC hunt test event at Bong State Park, WI where Nellie competed and passed. She received her Hunting Retriever title, she also received her Working Dog Excellent (WDX) title from the American Chesapeake Club. On May 9, 2009 Nellie received her Senior Hunter title at Bong State Park, WI. June 18, 2011 Nellie passed her last UKC HRC finished test to earn her Hunting Retriever Champion title. Right now she is training for Master Hunter level tests. Nellie has offspring with hunting titles, therapy dog international title and has a daughter that placed second in the American Chesapeake Club field trial derby. She is a proven producer of hunt test puppies. She will continue to compete in the summers to come loving every minute of it! She comes from excellent field and show lines which we are proud to pass on in her offspring.

Nellie has her father’s personality and possesses many of his wonderful traits. She does whatever is asked of her both out in the field and in our home and has the most loving with the need to please attitude. She has a warm and calm disposition as a family pet regardless of her hurricane attitude when working out in the field. Nellie is loved by everyone who meets her; you couldn’t ask for a sweeter, more devoted hunting dog!

When Nellie isn’t hunting or competing she is running around on our 70 acre farm chasing her father. You can never tell whether Nellie orNormanis the instigator when it comes to mischief like chasing up pheasants in the marsh! Riding the four-wheeler or retrieving ducks in training and hunting are among her favorite activities. Despite her active lifestyle you can always find her curled up in front of the fireplace or snuggling up besides John and I the end of a long workday.

John & JoAnn Stancer  

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