Sand Spring No Guts No Glory —- “Glory”

Here is Sand Spring No Guts No Glory – Glory is out of my female HRCH Sand Spring Hurricane Nellie SH x Port Side’s Great Xpectations SH.

This will be Nellie’s third and finale breeding. I never kept any of the other puppies from previous litter so being this is her last litter and I found a stud dog with the lines I love and have been waiting for over 3 years to get a puppy out of those lines I decided I needed to keep one of these precious girls. I kept 2 puppies out of Norman, Nellie and Gambler so now it is time I keep one of her puppies. Nellie will be spayed when she is back up to par after weining the little ones and hopefully Glory will take over where her momma left off. We will be training her for hunt tests and hopefully she will have good conformation and will be able to be shown. Right now we plan on having fun with this little bundle of fur.

First of the sisters left last night.

The sisters will be 8 weeks old this Sunday so took them with to work yesterday to get their first vaccinations and exam. Every one at work loved them, played with them and gave them many kisses. They gave back many teeth marks! Brian and Tiffiany met me at the clinic and picked up green girl. She will be┬áspending the rest of her life loving them up. She is going to be their compainion in the house and in the field. This is there first chessy, I bet it won’t be long they will have another one because you can’t have just one! ­čÖé Her name is going to be: Sand Spring Ruby In The Rough. Call name “Ruby”


The Sisters are 6 weeks old today

Today the sisters turned 6 weeks old. 2 more weeks and they will be going to their new homes. 2 will be going to the Milwaukee, WI area and one will be going to Ohio. One of the puppy buyers from Milwaukee bought a puppy out of Nellie and Tiny’s 09 litter and they love the dog Maximus to death they wanted a companion for him. Today they will be getting a live pigeon to play with to see how birdy they are. I already know each one of them is birdy as I give them pheasant wings and all 4 of them will grab it and high tail it across the room to play with it. Here are some recent photo’s.