Human Shaming Blog Hop~Shame On JoAnn






Norman, Nellie, Gambler, Glory & MK are joining Kol’s Notes and My Brown Newfies for their 2nd Annual Human Shaming Blog Hop. This is our first year human shaming since we weren’t around last year when this fun event was taking place. Since mom has shamed us on Facebook we are going to add one of the dog shaming photo’s along with this human shaming post so you can see what she did to us and understand why now we are shaming her.

So here we go, Shame On JoAnn:




Norman shaming after he had a altercation with Gambler which costed me $1000 in dental work for Gambler!




This is Gambler’s sister Marie, she lived with us for 7 months until she was old enough to go over to the UK to live. We are in the car and about to take off for O’Hare International Airport for her ride in a plane to a foreign country.


The hillbilly wagon! I got to the airport and the crate I had bought was to small for the 8 hr flight so if I wanted Marie to make her flight I had to go to the pet store and buy a bigger crate. The only crate they had was a giant great dane size crate. It wouldn’t fit in my trunk. I was fighting and fighting with it trying to figure out different ways to get this crate in my car. I was struggling and looking panic ed a nice couple came to my rescue and we jerry rigged the crate to the back of my car. I had to drive down one of the busiest freeways in order to get back to the airport. It was amazing that the crate didn’t go flying into orbit. We made it and Marie had a nice comfy flight over seas.


car part


I was leaving work one night. I backed up and heard a clunk and figured something fell off my car as I was hearing a rattling for a couple of weeks. I backed up to see what it was and ran over this part. I got out of my car to pick it up and as I am picking it up my boss asked if everything was ok? I respond “yes everything is ok, just picking up my car parts” and threw it in the backseat. Away I went.





For those of you who haven’t been following me that long on Facebook more often than not I am posting up DAA’s. You ask what a DAA is do you? A DAA is a DUMBASS ATTACK which I have just about weekly. This maneuver was defiantly a DAA!



Luckily my friends own a auto body shop and are used to me just driving in without a appointment and asking them to quick fix my car.



Again if you have just started following me on Facebook this would be when the toyota got the name Ghetto Cruiser.

That concludes our Shame On JoAnn post for today. Stay tuned as I’m sure she will have many more DAA’s.

Thanks again to Kol’s Notes and My Brown Newfies for hosting this blog hop.