Black And White Sunday~A Couple Of Turkeys

Hope you all had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving without eating too much (yea right, I stuffed myself). Since I didn’t have time to do a photo shoot before turkey day. I did one the day of. Here is the gang in there Turkey attire.

Don’t let Nellie’s eye’s hit you in the face when they pop out of her head.


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Nothing But Norman #72

Happy Saturday All!

Project16 - Copy - Copy - Copy

First and foremost before I forget again. I need to tell you that I am a dumbass and I totally forgot about my Blogville Anniversary!! Can you believe it?? I can, this November I have had a lot on my mind starting off with the year anniversary of the passing of this sweet soul Norman and then his granddaughter coming into heat and the big breeding with her I totally forgot to tell you all it was my blogging anniversary on November 17th. You think I wouldn’t forget as my Birthday is on the 18th but noooooo I forgot my three year anniversary! Thank you my followers that follow along with my adventures and leave me lovely comments, support, love and hugs. You all mean the world to me and even know I haven’t been commenting on the comments I read each and everyone and I tell you it is a big highlight of my day to see your comments in my email box for me to read and smile at. I never thought I would write a blog as I am not a writer but this really has been fun for me and I enjoy doing it, I enjoy reading other blogs and I feel like I have a whole new bunch of friends! My goal for this past year was to write a post each and every day and I am happy to say I have and I only have a little bit of the year to go to reach my goal. THANKS AGAIN ALL!


Since we are still hunting pheasants here is Norman being a big show off.

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FitDog Friday~Snow Covered and Cold

This past Monday John and I both had off of work. With the deer season starting over the past weekend the SS gang didn’t get to go hunting so when the deer hunters went back to work we went out in the rain for a pheasant hunt. The dogs didn’t care that it was cold and raining, they were so happy to be out running and releasing some pent up energy. We ended up with one pheasant and no pictures because of the rain. After the pheasant hunt the snow started coming, John and Glory hit the road to go do a afternoon duck hunt in a corn field. I am a fair weather hunter and it was too cold and snowy for me so I stayed home with Gman and Nellie.

When the gang is hunting and burning calories we feed them a extra meal in the middle of the day to keep  their weight up. It also keeps their energy up so they can stay warm on these cold hunts. Even know they are Chesapeakes and are built for the extreme conditions we still put a neoprene vest on them to help keep their heat in and stay warm. Glory did a excellent job out in the harsh elements this day.

There were plenty of birds in the field when they got there but they didn’t want to come to where John and Justin were set up so all Glory got for her time in the cold was one duck. She didn’t care, all she cared about was getting out and spending time with the boys doing something she loves to do.


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#ShareGratitude With A Thursday’s Barks And Bytes Turkey Day

Happy Turkey Day to everyone and their families, 2 legged and 4. Hope you all have a safe holiday season.

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble I am a turkey day loser. I ran out of time and didn’t have a chance to do a turkey day photo shoot with the gang so you get a repeat of last years photo.

I went to the dollar store on Monday to get their outfits and they had no turkey stuff out, it was all Christmas stuff so I came home empty handed and then ran out of time using the old stand by props.

I am so thankful for my internet friends, one’s I have met and those that I haven’t met. You all put a smile on my face each day. I don’t know what I did to deserve such great friends so to you all who make my life special THANKS!

How do my friends make my life special? Last week I turned 29 again, and again and again. My friend from Maryland sent me this beautiful flower arrangement that I had never seen anything like. Isn’t it beautiful?

When Amy comes to visit Glory’s puppies we will be drinking out of this glass, talking silly and hugging up the puppies.

Then I got a nice surprise from a kindred spirit that was brought to me by Norman. Paulette’s sweet girl Scout was diagnosed with osteosarcoma before Norman was and she passed before him too but their stories brought her mom and I together and for this I am thankful to have a chessie friend to confide in cyber space. Thank you Paulette for these thoughtful gifts.

Glory says it’s my Birthday next week let me practice.

I know there are treats in here for me.

Look at all the loot.

What a bunch of some really nice and thoughtful stuff.

Thank you Paulette for the yummy biscuits, hopefully one day we can come shoot ducks with you.

MK wants to just say HI since it’s been awhile!

Stop back next Thursday as it is Glory’s 3rd Birthday and she will be having a little giveaway.


The co-hosts for Barks And Bytes are Linda from 2browndawgs and Jodi from Heart Like A Dog.

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My Thanksgiving
For every moment of joy Every hour of fear For every winding road that brought me here For every breath, for every day of living This is my Thanksgiving

Wordless Wednesday~A Good Luck Kiss For Miss Glory


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Glory’s First Breeding Via TCI

This breeding with Glory has been over a year in the making. Last summer I did my research on available stud dogs, picked one and was waiting for Glory to come into heat (which was suppose to be after she had her OFA test’s done). The best laid plans didn’t work last year, she came into heat before she was two which meant we couldn’t do her OFA test’s in essence we had to wait on breeding her the following year. We could of bred her in the spring after we did the testing but we train and run hunt tests all summer long a litter wouldn’t let us be able to do that so we do our limited breeding’s in the fall/winter.

So I get to meet my boyfriend today?

Where’s my boyfriend?

Are you bringing in my boyfriend?

So you know that we chose “Silas” to be the stud dog. Silas lives in Oklahoma. Normally the bitch would go to the stud dogs house and they would breed naturally any where’s from one to three times during the bitches standing heat period (a bitches heat cycle can range from 2-3 weeks in length with average time of standing heat being at 10-13 days). Since Silas lives 13 hours from us and we had too many things going on in November I planned on doing a artificial insemination for this breeding. There are a couple of methods that can be done for a AI. If the stud dog is alive (which Silas is) and his semen quality is good (he has produced several litters in the past) you would use a fresh chilled sample and have it implanted one of three ways.

Three types of Artificial Insemination

1. Vaginally – semen deposited into the vaginal tract

2. Transcervical – semen deposited into the cervix using a endoscope via the vagina

3. Surgical  – surgical procedure where semen is deposited into the uterus, used most often with frozen semen and in older bitches that the doctor would like to visualize the uterus

I have done a vaginal and surgical AI with Nellie in the past which both produced a litter of puppy’s. I debated and debated which way to go with Glory. This is Glory’s first litter, she is young and healthy so there should be no reason on her end not to become pregnant doing a AI. But which AI will it be?

We’re in the conception room.

Hello lovely technician Brenda.

After some long deliberation I decided the best route for Glory would be the transcervical route. I figured we would only get one chance at a insemination and wanted the best percentage of her taking which is over 80% so we went for it. When doing AI breeding’s you need to run progesterone tests on the bitch so you can pin point when they are going to ovulate so you can do the breeding on the correct day for the best chance of conception. Glory had four progesterone tests run. Once I noticed she started her heat cycle I had one run which the results were low <.02 the reproduction doctor told me I could wait 4 days and run another one so the next one was done 7 days into her heat cycle, the results were .6, still low so the next one three days later. The next test was done 10 days into her heat and the results were 2.6 which happened to be on a Monday. Dogs ovulate when the progesterone reaches 5, the eggs need 48-72 hrs to mature before they can be impregnated with the semen. Dr said next test Wednesday. I knew we would be getting close by watching Glory and watching the discharge coming out her vagina (the color was changing from dark red to pink). I told the stud dog owner we were getting close and to be on standby. The results on Wednesday were 8.6, she ovulated so 911 the stud dog owner and have him collected and the semen overnight-ed for the AI on Thursday.

I use Veterinary Village for all my reproduction work. Dr. Greer has done my repro work on Nellie and gave me two nice litters so she will be the one doing the insemination on Glory.

Dr. Greer holding Glory as the table is being elevated to the correct height.

Dog daddy John holding her front, Brenda the tech holding the rear.

What is TCI?

TCI is Transcervical Insemination. How this is done is explained by the American Kennel Club website:

The transcervical insemination (TCI) is performed with the bitch in a standing position. No sedation nor anesthesia is required. A fiber optic cystourethoscope is used vaginally to visualize the opening to the cervix. A flexible catheter is maneuvered through the cervix into the uterus. It is important that the breeder realize that the veterinarian is not visualizing the inside of the uterus and this technique does not allow for evaluation of the uterus.

The TCI procedure is visualized on a television monitor and does allow for examination of the vaginal tract, however. The semen is gently pushed through the catheter from a syringe. The veterinarian can visualize that the semen flows easily into the uterus and does not flow back into the vaginal tract.

The transcervical insemination does not replace the surgical insemination as it does not allow for uterine evaluation, but is a significant improvement over the vaginal method of artificial insemination. The TCI is recommended for any type semen, especially frozen and fresh-cooled and can significantly increase conception when poor quality semen and lowered sperm numbers are used. The TCI technique should be used in bitches less than 5 years of age where there is not a reason to suspect uterine changes or uterine disease.

Getting everything prepared.

Let’s get this show on the road.

We were in and out in 30 minutes. Glory was a little uncomfortable when the first catheter was placed and kept in there while getting ready for the endoscope to be inserted. Once the endoscope was inserted then she calmed down and stood there for the procedure. Here are two video’s of the procedure. The first one is over a minute long and the second one is over 5 minutes long.

December 18 will be Glory’s ultrasound to see if she is pregnant. I could hardly wait for her to come into heat now I can hardly wait to find out the results. Thanks to Dr. Greer and her two technicians Brenda and Marissa who helped out with this breeding. Paws crossed!


Monday Mischief~50 Mins Of Nail Biting Fear

A couple of weeks ago John and I took all three dogs hunting pheasants in the DNR public hunting grounds. There were enough people out hunting in all the fields so we picked a field set back from the others and set off hunting. We hunted for over a hour with no birds in site. Nellie got on a couple of scents but they were a bust no birds at the end of the scent. We decided to cross the road an head into a field that is thick in cover. I’m not sure what the cover is but it’s almost like switch grass (might even be). All I know is the stuff is tall (comes up to my head) and thick. There were some hunters going around the edge of the field so John, I and the dogs went down the middle to try and kick up the ones that were burrowed in the thick cover. The dogs were sticking by us good and unable to pick up a scent. 3/4 through the thick stuff John said “let’s get the heck out of here this is not working for us”. Usually when we turn the dogs turn with us and stick with us. We got to the edge of the field and only two dogs…..where is Nellie? Nellie was just in front of me but when we turned she didn’t turn with us. We called and called and no Nellie, we went back in to where we turned off and no Nellie. For 50 minutes we walked around the field, walked in the field, went to the truck to see if she back tracked her way back to the truck, drove around the two roads to see if she was out on the road and nothing, no Nellie anywhere’s. All I could think about was we lost her and we would have to go home without her……not a feeling anyone should ever have. How was I going to explain to people what happened to her. What scared me the most was that I knew Nellie didn’t have a collar on her so she had no dog tags on her. Sure she is microchipped but unless someone took her to a vet clinic, police department or humane society they wouldn’t know she had a chip or what the number was. Not many people have Chesapeakes in our area so they might of known she was ours but a lot of the hunters that hunt there come from all over to hunt on the public land. I wasn’t going to give up so I told John I was heading back in the field where we last saw her, John headed to the truck again to see if she was there and we said we would call each other if we found her. So I called and called and out of no where’s Nellie came running down the lane. I was never so happy to see her in my life. I quickly called John and told him she was fine. We headed back to the truck and the whole way she kept sticking her head down and picking up scent and wanting to follow it. I told her no more hunting and back to the truck we went. When I got back to the truck John was talking to a gentleman who said he had seen Nellie on the other road and tried to catch her but she ran off and jumped back into the weeds. All we can figure is that she got on a scent and kept on it and got separated from us in the thick cover and being older and not so good hearing anymore she couldn’t hear us calling.

Now you might ask why we didn’t have a collar on her. We use remote collars and only have two so the young dogs wear those and Nellie being better trained doesn’t need one. We don’t put a regular collar on her with tags because for duck hunting we don’t want the tags to make noise or to shine in the sunlight and scare the ducks away. So we just never think to put a collar on her. You can bet your ass she is wearing a collar now.

I wasn’t going to let a stupid mistake on our part cost us to loose our dog. So I came home got on the net and ordered up some new tags that could easily fit on their remote collars. I found some laser-ed tags from Providence Engraving on Amazon Marketplace.

Hopefully this is one mischief that we will never have again.

Moving on to other mischief. A couple weeks ago I did a post on Petplan’s Pet Poison Guide, you can see it here.

I want to do a follow up since Thanksgiving is coming upon us so I would like to share their new page to their guide for Thanksgiving. You can view it here. Be sure to scroll to the bottom and get the pet friendly recipes that are safe for your pets.


monday mischief

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Black And White Sunday~What On Earth Is Going On With Glory

What On Earth Is Going On With Glory?

Stop back Tuesday to find out what is up?


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Nothing But Norman #71

Happy Saturday All!

Project16 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Since this week was a big one with breeding Glory I thought I would share Norman’s two litters with you. The first breeding we did with Norman was back in 2004. We bred Norman to a fine young lady called AOK Ridge Abby. She delivered 6 puppies on 10/7/04. This is how we came upon Nellie. Since this wasn’t my litter I didn’t get to  keep in contact with the puppies from the litter. When the litter was about 5 years old we came across one of the owners of the only male puppy in the litter. We went and saw him and he was a spitting image of Norman, and he constantly carried a ball around just like Norman too.

Nellie is the middle pictures and her litter mate Maya was on top.

Rugar, Norman’s son.

Rugar in sepia

Norman had a breeding the fall of 2010, there was a confirmed pregnancy and at time of whelp there was only one puppy that was having troubles getting out and they ended up losing the only puppy. This was a very sad time for me as it was a really great breeding and I was to get a Norman boy puppy from this litter.

Norman’s second living litter was born 5/13/11. The breeding was with HRCH UH Hope Springs Dowry MHR*** . This breeding produced Gambler. I do keep in contact with some of the other litter mates and it has been a joy to see them grow up and see what they have been up to. Gambler has a couple of Norman’s traits but for the most part he is 95% his mom.

There were 8 puppies in the litter. This is just 6 of them when they were 11 months old.

Hopefully one day soon we will be breaking out Norman’s frozen swimmers and have another Norman litter and keep a puppy out of that litter for another stud dog.

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Pet Video Verify – No Microchip Needed For Your Pet

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