Broken Dreams Carried Over To Next Year

Broken Dreams Carried Over To Next Year

As I write this post John and Gambler are headed back from a very hot long weekend of running a AKC Master test. Gambler did a great job on two series and needed to pick up two ducks in the third series to pass the test and receive his title. Something happened in Gamblers mind and he was having troubles picking up the last bird, John handled him but he did his own thing and for that he failed. No ribbon, no title and some broken dreams.

1st Master Pass

1st Master Pass

Big dreams I had, doesn’t everyone have big dreams when it comes to something you are passionate about? My passion is my dogs and this year my big dream was for  Gambler to receive his AKC Master Hunter title. Gambler started running Master Hunter tests last summer, the summer didn’t go as well as I had planned as we were to “newbie’s” to the game and it just wasn’t working for us. Needless to say that summer didn’t end to well for us and we were back to the drawing board on figuring out this whole master level test stuff. We took the winter off of hunt test training concentrated on hunting and was back at the hunt test game this spring.


Of course I had high hopes and big dreams for this summer of testing. When you own a dog your dog is the best in your eyes, your dog can do no wrong, your dog  is better than anyone else’s dog for that is how it should be viewed in my opinion. And that is how I feel about Gambler and even know I have some broken dreams to deal with Gambler will still be number one in my eyes and that is all that counts!

3rd Master Pass

3rd Master Pass

As I remember this summer I need to reflect on how proud this dog has made me and how far we have come. I’m going to tell you a little bit about Gambler and I. Gambler is the first dog that I have trained by myself, I have trained other dogs through Junior Hunter level but I have never trained for Senior or Master level. This was a whole new experience for us. We had our ups and downs and we figured out what needed to be done and Gambler received his Senior Hunter title. Moving on to Masters this is a whole new game that is big league. I was happy with little league but big league? I’m not a big league person, I can’t think fast, I can’t remember too many things at once I can’t run with the big dogs but did that keep me on the porch? No sir re Bob it didn’t keep me there I got off the porch and ran my dog. We learned a lot during those runs, we learned that there is no I in team and that you have to be a team player to win so I stopped running Gambler as he wasn’t respecting me. I couldn’t even go to a hunt test and watch John run him as he lost his mind and would be looking at me in the gallery so that is when I decided that in order for Gambler to pass I needed to stay home.   I still trained him but John handled him. He responded better to John and this spring when John started running him he had his first Master Hunter pass, then he had number two, then three and four mind you he did have some fails during his run of passes but it wasn’t like it was last summer. Gambler turned 4 and I think it was finally clicking with him we were training really well together. John was continuing to handle him at the hunt tests and I would train, John would do a bit of training after he got home from work but not in a group setting. During this time we were training for two types of hunt test scenarios, besides running AKC hunt tests we also run UKC hunt tests which are run differently so the dog has to adjust to two different ways of competing, it’s hard enough to run one type of competition try switching gears one weekend and doing something different. Some may think if you have a trained dog then what’s the problem the problem is you are challenging their minds and switching things up often so how can you get consistency when you’re always switching things up? Mind you too that we aren’t training every day like pro’s do. I train when I  can, sometimes it’s once a week and sometimes it’s twice a week and when we train we normally set up a hunt test scenario so your dog comes to the line and makes 3 retrieves on land, does a blind or two then goes to water and does either a double or triple and a blind or two on water then it gets put up and that is your training for the day unless you do something on your own at home which most of the time I don’t have time for so I shouldn’t be disappointed when he fails as really he is doing great for the amount of training he has had and I have to remember he is just a dog and $hit happens!

4th Master Pass

4th Master Pass

So should I really say that my dreams are broken….no I shouldn’t. He has come so far this summer and ends the season with needing one more pass for his title and I have no doubt that he will get it when we start the season off next year. I am proud of him for what he has done and I thank my husband for spending every weekend at a hunt test this summer running my dog. Next year I might just be standing by his side handling him myself.



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UKC HRC Finished Pass

This weekend John and Gambler were off again running a hunt test. This time they ran a United Kennel Club sanctioned test by the Hunting Retriever Club. Muddy Waters Was the host club. They ran a test yesterday but didn’t pass. In hunt test training and running you always encounter something you may not have trained for or expected. Last week at a AKC hunt test Gambler broke, which means he went and picked up the bird before the judge released him. That was a fail, so this weeks training was to set him up for a break and then to correct him in doing this we caused another problem we caused him not to leave the line. At Saturday’s test he went and picked up two marks and John sent him for the third mark and he wouldn’t go, John said his name again and he then left to get the mark but it was too late he failed the test. It’s a vicious cycle these are two things Gambler has never done before so John was really worried he was going to have troubles with him today but he didn’t Gambler pulled it off and brought home a ribbon. Two more passes to go for his title. 

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Andis Deshedding Tool~Thanks Oz And Andis

A while back – so this post is long over due (sorry Oz) I won a give away over at Oz The Terrier’s place. He was reviewing the Andis Deshedding tool. I couldn’t have won the contest at a better time as my gang was shedding big time.

Nellie was the biggest shedder so she got to test it out first. She has a thick curly double coat.

She has a thick curly double coat.

Glory thought she should check out the excitement.

The excitement is this Deshedding tool by Andis. Andis is actually a company from WI, and the owners of the place where I work know the owners of Andis so we get to use their clippers for shaving our surgery patients. We don’t have any of their other grooming tools so it was nice to get this and try it out.

Brushing Nellie.

It really gets down through her thick coat. Has a nice soft handle that is easy to grip and use.

Lots of hair removed.

Easy to remove the hair.

Hi mom look at at the hair I got rid of!

Even the cat thought she should have a try at it.

Brushing MK.

MK thinking about being sassy.

MK not thinking and really being sassy and biting me.

Lots of hair removed from MK.

The birds will enjoy this hair.

So thanks a lot Oz and Gina for this great tool, we really like it and it will come in handy with 3 adult dogs shedding twice a year.

And of course I couldn’t have a Monday Mischief post without any mischief now could I?

For the past two months it’s been Gambler and I each Wednesday and Friday for hunt test training. We get up, go train with our friends, I go to lunch while Gambler waits then we both go for ice cream. Can’t beat that can you? You all know we had a horrible day on Tuesday so I was in no mood to go training so that meant Gambler was taken away from his normal routine. Gambler knew what day it was and this is what I walked out to after letting him outside to go potty.

My bumper bag, bumpers and umbrella stand spread over the lawn with the bag all ripped up.

Umbrella stand. Which must of been connected to the bag.

Hi mom it’s Wednesday lets got train!

The whole gang got some bumpers thrown for them. Glory thought it was nice to take a break from raising her puppies and retrieve a couple of bumpers.

Gambler will be back to training this Wednesday so hopefully he doesn’t have to give me a big ole hint of which day it is!

monday mischief

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4th Master Pass~Monday Mischief

Gambler and John had a terrific weekend. Once again they were off to a AKC hunt test. This one was close to home less than a hour away. Saturday John ran two series and passed each one moving on to running the third series on Sunday. Gambler was dog #2 to run. The set up was a walk up delayed triple on water with a double water blind. This all meant that John and Gambler were walking up to the line when the first bird was thrown for the first mark down, then the second bird was thrown after the second one went down the dog was released to pick up that bird when the dog came back they had to sit again and then watch the third bird thrown which makes it a delayed triple. Gambler went to pick up that bird came back delivered it to hand and then was released to go pick up the first bird down which was called the memory bird. This was all set up to see if the dogs had a good memory and could remember that first bird down after doing multiple retrieves. He was on his way out to retrieve the memory bird when the mischief came into play… of the bird stations was reloading the winger for the next dog to run when accidentally the launcher was released and a bird came shooting out and landed on the ground, Gambler heard the winger and looked in that direction as he was running to his mark. He picked up his mark and on the way back John asked the judges what he was suppose to do since this wasn’t the test. The judges said he should just let him pick up the mark since he saw it go down. Gambler came back with his bird and was sent to the  “diversion” bird. He then had two water blinds to run. He completed the series and the wait was on for 30 more dogs to run before they found out if he for sure passed. As you can see he passed and received his 4th Master pass. One more to go before he can get his title. He is signed up for two more tests so hopefully he will get it this summer.

monday mischief

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Where O Where Is The Duck~Mischief Monday

Mischief #1!

This weekend started out with Gambler and John heading out to another AKC Master Hunter test. Saturday was a good day running as Gambler retrieved all his birds without any help from John. He completed two series and was going back on Sunday to run the third series. He needed to complete the third series in order to get a pass. Sunday morning is when the mischief started. Gambler and John went to the hunt test. They waited until it was their turn to run, it was a water triple with a water and land blind. Gambler also had to sit in front of the holding blind while John stood in the holding blind as the birds were being thrown in the air. Gambler saw all the marks go down John sent him for his retrieves. He retrieved two out of the three marks and on the third one which was behind a clump of cattails he started having problems finding it. He was hunting the area and not coming up with the bird so at that time John decided he had a handle left to use to help him he might as well use it. He stopped him with a whistle and gave him a hand signal to tell him which direction he should go to get to the bird. There was only one small area where you could see your dog and be able to handle them other wise it was all heavy cover. The hunting dog came out of Gambler at this time, he refused John’s casts and started hunting on his own. There was so much scent from the prior dogs carrying the duck through the tall cover that Gambler just thought the bird was there. John gave him a couple more casts and he again refused his signals. He kept going behind the cattails and would pop out some place different than where he started. At this point John knew he failed because of cast refusals he called him in. So close this weekend to another pass but yet so far away.

Mischief #2!

I was out doing duck chores with the dogs. As I was filling up the duck pools with water being the multi tasker that I am I decided to do my photo shoot for a review I will be doing tomorrow for I went back to check the pool and I seen a couple ducks were out of the pen despite the door being closed and a piece of wood propped up in front of it. Gambler saw them right away and started gathering them up. He got one drake mallard and took off strutting it in front of Nellie. I put that one back in the pen. Next was a hen mallard it took off flying and landed in the corn field, that didn’t deter Gambler he ran right into the 7 ft tall corn and gathered up the hen mallard. I put that one back in the pen. The last drake mallard took off running when the dogs were getting near. It ran off and even I didn’t know where it went. Gambler and Nellie hunted and hunted trying to find where it went.

Hey Nellie I think the duck is under the tank!

Cover me I’m going in!

You didn’t see it go out the back did you?

Don’t worry I got him.

Boy this is a tight fit.

Just about out.

I got it I got it!

See I don’t need to pass no stinking test I can get ducks not in a test.

That’s my boy! This is why he has problems at hunt tests, he is left to hunt when at home hunting up all the birds that get out of the pen and also when it is hunting time for real he is left to hunt so I can’t blame him for doing what he was bred to do and left to do in non hunt test environments.

Gambler thinking there is another duck under the tank.

Nellie was watching Gambler and thought it looked like too much fun crawling under the tank she had to do it also.

Gambler still has more hunt tests coming up so we will try again this next weekend.


monday mischief

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Where Are We At With Glory’s Breeding? Part 4

Where Are We At With Glory’s Breeding? Part 4

A couple weeks ago I wrote Part 1 of Where Are We At With Glory’s Breeding. If you missed it you can read the full version here. The short version is: I talked about preparing your dog for breeding by doing genetic tests, other tests that can be done, picking a stud dog, the heat cycle of the bitch, breeding and implanting of the eggs. Part 2 I talked about pregnancy confirmation, a app on my phone that you can follow along and read what is happening, the food I was feeding her and milk development. If you want to read the full version here. Part 3 I talked about proper feeding and being able to xray to determine how many puppies might be delivered as well as talked about getting the whelping box out and Glory used to it. If you want to read the full version here.

So where are we at with Glory’s breeding?
As I write this (July 10th) Glory is due to deliver any day. She might of delivered by the time you read this. She is at day 61 of her pregnancy. The whelping box and supplies (list to follow with next Part 5 The Delivery) are ready so all I have to do now is wait.
According to the phone app WhelpHelp on this day it tells me: Whelping can occur any day. Milk may begin to fill the dam’s nipples. The dam might lose her appetite during this period. Her abdomen can be crowded with puppies. 2-3 smaller meals spaced throughout the day will help the dam due to the pressure from the growing puppies. Abdominal movement should be easily detected. She may have a clear discharge from her vagina, which is normal. Any sign of a dark or green coloured discharge should be checked by your veterinarian immediately. When the temperature drops from 100.76F to below 99.32F, the dam should begin delivering within 12-24 hours.
The app is spot on! Glory does have milk in her nipples (she’s had it for just over a week). Today was the first day she lost her appetite, I finally got her to eat some yogurt and canned puppy food. He abdomen is defiantly crowded it has also dropped she has more of a pot belly pig look to her now. I can see and feel the puppies moving around. She does have a clear discharge. Since Thursday night she has been nesting (looking for a place to have the puppies and getting it ready by scratching and tearing things up, she has also been panting more. I left her alone for a brief period of time and she went into the guest bathroom and tried going behind the toilet to find a spot to have her puppies, while doing so she managed to knock all my knick knacks off the lid and they smashed onto the floor.

The rugs and towels were all messed up. She also tore up a blanket I had covering the couch.

She is also having a hard time being comfortable, she is laying down and sitting up and walking around more as well as having small uterine contractions. This is all the first stage of labor. I have been taking her temperature for the past week or so. Yesterday it dropped down to 98.6 and it was still there this morning. So I suspect Friday night she may start to deliver.
In the pictures to come after she delivers you will see white pvc tubing around the inside of the whelping box. This is called a “pig rail” and is used to prevent the mom from rolling on a puppy and smothering it. You will also see a heat lamp and might think why would they need a heat lamp as it is summer in WI. The puppies body temperature is low 96-97F after they are born, so you may need to supply heat usually around 80- 85F degrees to keep them warm. Each week they will raise their body temperature by 1 degree so after 3 weeks you don’t need additional heat. If they get chilled the will huddle together or near mom and then you risk smothering. On another note if they are spread out all over the box then they are hot. This is something I feel you have to play by ear, watch the puppies and mom and adjust accordingly. If crying and huddled together raise the temperature, if spread out and mom is constantly panting lower the heat.

I’m going to stop here as this is long enough already. Stay tuned for Part 5 The Delivery.

As you know Glory did start to deliver Friday night she ended Saturday morning, we have 9 beautiful puppies 6 females and 3 males, all are doing well. So nine little Mischief Makers in the future.

A big thank you to Thunder puppy daddy for his part in making these beautiful little miracles. Thanks to Jim and Linda for allowing me to use Thunder in this breeding. Make sure you stop on over to 2browndawgs and read about the breeding adventure in the Love Shack.

monday mischief

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Master Of Destruction Is Back~Monday Mischief

It’s been awhile since I have had a Gambler destruction Monday Mischief post, unreal right? He was having a sting of good days until last Friday. I got my lunch bag ready for my training day (which Gambler gets to go with) set it on the counter along with my purse. I decided I needed to take a quick picture of Glory in all her pregnancy glory so I took her outside. I knew I was only going to be a minute so I left Gambler run free in the house. I took my pictures and this is what I came into.

Guess Gambler wanted Lunch early.

Where’s all the good stuff?

How come there is no food in here?

I sent Gambler outside while I cleaned up the mess. I was walking to the garage when I heard the sound…..the sound of Gambler getting into something in the garage. I turned on my video and this is what I caught on tape.

He’s not phased at all by getting caught in the garbage. I threw a duck wing in there so it was my own fault that he was digging in the garbage but it appears he much rather of had the pretzels.

I would have to say that the Master Of Destruction Is Back!!!!!!!

Gambler did have a great training day so like we do each week we stopped at B & B Country Store in Montello, WI and got ice cream. It’s a old fashion candy store and ice cream shop.

I can destroy the whole house and I would still get ice cream!

Plain old vanilla how boring but safe for me.

whoa makes me have a brain freeze.

nom nom nom

Thanks mom this is great!






monday mischief

This is a Blog Hop. Thanks to Alfie’s BlogSnoopy’s Dog Blog , Luna, a Dog’s Life , and My Brown Newfies for setting up this hop. Please go to any of the sponsoring blogs to find out who else has been mischievous.

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