#RecipeForMoments: My Soulmates Son

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My special moment was born on 5/13/11. His name is Gambler and he is My Soulmates Son. I waited 8 years for my Norman son and he was well worth the wait.


Norman was my soulmate, my best friend, my faithful companion so Gambler has some pretty big paws to fill.


I competed with Norman in AKC and UKC hunt tests in which he received the highest titles, I never did any other venues with him. Gambler on the other hand in his short life has already outdone his dad in competing and titling in multiple venues.

Gambler has his UKC Senior Dock Jumping title, his UKC Hunting Retriever title, his UKC Grand Champion show title and his AKC Senior Hunter Title. All this before he is 3 years old.

DSC_0474 (2)

One of my proudest moments happened at the 2013 UKC Premier. This is where I seen and felt the unconditional love this boy has for me. I had other handlers show him for me as I was handling his sister Glory in the same show ring. He never took his eyes off me. He always needed to know where I was. Needing to know where I was didn’t mess his gate up at all or his stacking. As long as he could see me he was a statue with the best manners. He wouldn’t face the right way when in the line up ready to be stacked. He was backwards so he could see me. The judges didn’t mind this as they said “it doesn’t matter what side I examine as long as he is happy” and happy he was when he could see his momma.


My heart just melted when he stood backwards. All this guy wants to do is please me and show me how much he loves me.

DSC_0416 DSC_0326

He went Best Of Breed three out of the five shows this week. You can just see the love and devotion in his eyes when I was handling him. He is 3/4 on the way to filling those big paws of my soulmate.


We finished off our special show moments by receiving his UKC Grand Champion title this past November. This truly is the most special moment for me as I have never shown dogs in conformation before and to have Norman’s son as a Grand Champion is more than I could of ever expected. He ended the 2013 year by being in the top 10  UKC Breed and Dog standings. He was #1 for the Chesapeake Bay Retriever two years in a row. #RecipeForMoments for sure!

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The UKC Premier ~Sunday 6/16/13

Sunday 6/16/13 was our last day of showing conformation at the UKC Premier 2013. Once again I needed to find a handler to show Gambler as I was handling Glory. I found a really nice Junior Handler who’s name I can’t think of (so sorry). She was a lovely girl and did a fantastic job handling Gambler to his 3rd Best Of Breed win at the Premier.



Gambler never losing site of me.


The judge checking him out.


Glory and I with our Reserve Champion win.


Miss Glory.


The judge telling us we got Reserve Champion.


The winners!

A big thanks go out to the handlers that handled Gambler, Shelly, Trish and the lovely Junior Handler. Without you Gambler wouldn’t have done so well. Thank you so much for all your help. Gambler showed so well for the gals, as long as he could see me he was a little statue in the ring.

Will post up Lure coursing and Dock Jumping photo’s in another post.

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Monday Mischief ~It’s not what your thinking

Today’s mischief happened yesterday at our last conformation show at the 2012 Premier. I had a junior handler handle Gambler and I handled Glory as she was still in season and I didn’t want anyone else to have to deal with that.


The junior handler took Winners Dog and Glory took Reserve Champion.


Gambler isn’t happy he won, he is sniffing my clothes.


Gambler getting his Best Of Breed win ribbon and winding up……


For the “I love you mom”


WRONG…..it’s horney Gambler getting in to mischief with all of Glory’s scent on me he couldn’t help himself.


monday mischief

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This ‘N That Thursday


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This is a little of this and that about the show-The UKC Premier 2013

I am in Kalamazoo, MI this week for The UKC Premier with my friend Kathy from Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes. We both have dogs that were in the UKC Top Ten standings for 2012 so we got invited to the UKC Top Ten invitational. We are spending the week here doing conformation, dock jumping and lure coursing. We might even sneak off to do the Barn Rat Hunt. Here are a few photos of our adventure so far.


Scrub a dub dub, Glory in the tub!


Gman under the dryer.




Kathy’s girls Evin and Violet wanting to come by me to sneak kibble from me.


Violet loving me up!


Me getting a very pretty show lead from Kathy to show one of the dogs with this week.


Can you see the cute duckies on it?

971101_10200573235908091_1192270179_n (1)

Glory-ous looking very pretty in her new show lead.


Gman stealing Pinky. He left us and jumped in the truck and came running back with her!

Today was the United Retriever Specialty. Kathy was showing Duke and Evin, I was showing Gambler and Glory. We were all in the Champion class going for legs towards our grand champion title. We needed to find 2 extra handlers to show one of our dogs as they were all in the ring at the same time. We were getting close to the wire and we finally found two gals to show one of our dogs. Glory being in heat I decided to show her so Shelly showed Gambler. Around the ring we went and low and behold Judge Pam Moore chose Gambler as BOB! How exciting is that he now has one leg out of 5 for his grand champion title. After everyone showed their dogs the United Specialty club had a Total Retriever parade. To be in the parade your dog has to have a performance title and a show title. Both Duke and Gambler were in the parade because they have HRC titles and a UCH. They got a really cool ribbon for being a Total Retriever!

A couple pictures from the show.






Gambler and his stand in handler Shelly.



Kathy and Evin.


Glory and I.


Jen the stand in handler for Duke Dog.

DSC_0828 - Copy

And the winner is……..Gambler! He took Best Of Breed for the Chesapeakes at the United Retriever Specialty.


Going back into the Gun Dog Group ring. The Flatcoat won the Best In Specialty Show.


Gambler and his Total Retriever ribbon!


Poor pitiful Gambler with his lovely ribbons and basket of goodies.

Tomorrow is the Top Ten conformation show, lure coursing and dock jumping.

Go Team Giblet & Glory-ous and Team Whiskey Creek!!

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Monday Mischief ~Glory Show Weekend

Our mischief started Friday May 3rd and lasted until Sunday May 5th. Glory and I attended a 3 day dog show in Jefferson, WI. Put on by Badger & Janesville-Beloit Kennel Club.

All three days Glory was entered in Amateur Handler-Owner. Friday we shown under Judge Ms. Pluis Davern. Glory had one other bitch in her class. Glory won her class. She didn’t move on from there.

Saturday we shown under Judge Mr. Sidney L. Marx. Glory had 3 other dogs in her class.  Glory won her class. She then moved up and won Reserve Winners Bitch with 4 dogs in the class. There were enough bitches in this dog show so the winner got major points. Even know we didn’t get first we were very happy with our RW since that meant we were second and beat other females.

I do have to say that both these judges were so patient with a newbie like me. I was so nervous I was talking to Glory to much and they told me to “stop talking to her” that I was making her nervous. Pluis said that I didn’t need to keep telling Glory to stand for her exam after I told her the first time and Glory was standing great. She said “she is standing great leave her be”. Sidney told me to “calm down” and to “take my time” and when Glory settled down he then told me to “place her front leg in position”. I was so grateful for these judges who were patient with me.

Sunday was the last day of the show and I think Glory had enough of being clean and running around the leg. We didn’t fair to well as she got third in her class. I’m ok with third. This was another new judge and it was another new day. I’ve learned you win some and you lose some, but you really don’t lose some. You gain knowledge and practice each time you are in the ring. It is all a learning experience and I can tell you that I am learning each time and Glory is too. We had such a fun weekend we will deffiantly be back for more. Got bit by the show ring bug. John was nice enough to come along on Saturday and Sunday to take pictures.


Stacking Glory.


Judge making the first pass through.


Once around.


Coming to a stop.


Second look over.


Glory won her class.


In the ring for the second time going against the winners of each class.


Stacking (or just standing around).


Winners Bitch and Glory with Reserve Winners Bitch.

Pictures from Sunday show.





First, second, third.

2013-05-05 19.48.21

Our ribbons from the weekend.

The real mischief!

The real mischief happened at home after the show. I went out to the chicken and duck pen to do chores. I put the hose in the pool turned it on, shut the door, left to do other stuff. Came back with all 4 dogs and realized I didn’t put the board up against the door to cover up a 6 inch opening under the door. The chickens and some ducks decided they should sneek out under the opening. The dogs thought this was a free for all since the birds weren’t in their pen where they are not allowed to touch them. Gambler and Glory started chasing them Nellie caught one Norman just stood and watched as he knew this was bad news! Put Norman and Nellie in shed went back to get Gambler and Glory and they are still chasing the birds, Gambler caught one, ran around the yard like he had the major prize. I ran around the yard screaming at him to bring me the bird. This went on until he caught all the birds and held them for me to get and I put them back. I didn’t have my phone so no videos or pictures of this circus act. Thanks Gambler for helping and not hurting the birds when you were running amuck with them but really I could of gotten them in the pen by myself! Such good mischief helpers.



monday mischief

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This ‘N That Thursday

Today we are joining 2 Brown Dawgs for their This ‘N That Thursday’s blog hop!

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I had a full weekend with Gambler and Glory this past weekend. Saturday we had our first AKC hunt test of the season. It was put on by the Fox Valley Retriever Club and was held at Bong State Park. If your in Wisconsin and are into outdoor activities Bong is a great place to do things. You can enjoy camping, hiking, horseback trails, get involved in rocket launching, upland training and hunt test training along with running competitions there.
Gambler and I were running seniors, John and Glory were running juniors. To run juniors Glory needed to do 2 single retrieves on land and if she passed land she got to move on to the water series. She passed her land so John and her moved onto water. She did 2 singles on water and passed her first junior hunter test of the season. She was such a good girl! You can tell by the picture how happy the both of them were!
Gambler and I on the other hand didn’t fair so well. I should said Gambler did great, I didn’t fair to well. Seniors consists of 2 land and water retrieves, a land and a water blind and one of the series has to have a honor in it. Other things can be done also like a diversion and a walk up. We started out with a land double with a honor. Gambler stepped on the second bird thrown, went on to retrieve the live flyer that was shot and he had a little bit of a hunt but stuck with it and found his bird. While he was out there hunting the judge commented on what a great hunt he was doing and that is the way it should be done. He then got to honor the next working dog. He sat there patiently and was excused after the working dog was released. He got called back to the next series. That series consisted of a land blind and a water blind. He ran the land blind first with lining the blind and didn’t need help from me to find it. He moved on to the water blind. I lined him up, released him, he ran around the bank and not straight into the water, I forgot I was in a test and not training and I called him back to me side and lined him up again and resent him. When at a test you don’t get to repeat or redo things. So I tried to finish the blind but he wan’t listing to my whistles so I called him in and I knew we were not passing. I was a nervous wreck so that didn’t help with my thinking. I can’t say it was a waste of time as anytime out at a test or training is a learning experience and I learned what I need not do next time.
Sunday Glory and I had a dog show put on by the Fond Du Lac Kennel Club. It was held at the Fond Du Lac expo center. Glory was being shown in the Amateur owner-handler  group. She was the only dog in her class so she took First in that class. She went up against one other female for Winners Bitch. The other dog won Winners Bitch and Glory got the Reserve Winners ribbon. We had a good time and got practice in the ring and hopefully learned something for next time which will be in a week. Here are a couple pictures of Glory and I.
Stacking Glory

Stacking Glory

Photo taken by Julie Darling.

Photo taken by Julie Darling.

First and Reserve Winners

First and Reserve Winners

So that wraps it up for today, why don’t you hop on over to 2 Brown Dawgs see what their up to and grab the badge and join the hopping fun!

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I’m still smiling!

This weekend Gambler & Glory received their UKC Champion Show title. Gambler got his yesterday and Glory today. It was a fabulous weekend for us and I couldn’t be prouder! This all started the weekend of July 14-15, 2012. Kathy Case came up to WI to my house and since she was here visiting she said “why don’t I show your dogs in a UKC conformation show”? I said “sure that would be great” as I have never showed a dog before, so it was exciting to go to the show and watch Kathy do her magic. Kathy showed both Gambler and Glory, and in 2 days she had 120 points and 2 wins for both of them. Glory placed 3 out of 6 and 4 out of 6 in the gun dog group class, Gambler was 4 out of 5 in both shows.  They need 100 points and 3 competition wins for their title. Kathy showed me how to “stack” them and what I need to do to get them read to show and then it was up to me to finish them (I have only been to one show in my life, took classes 11.5 yrs ago with Norman and haven’t done squat since). This weekend there was another show at the same location as the show Kathy and I went to (same club also). The Wisconsin Toy Fox Terrier club held in Ixonia, WI. Saturday I entered both Gambler and Glory and Gambler was the show hog and won both shows and he got his UKC Champion with the one win in show one. The judge complimented me with the nice job I did showing him his teeth and doing it the correct way! Went back on Sunday and Glory placed 4 out of 5 in the gun dog group class to receive her UKC Champion title. The fun part with showing Glory was that when the judge examined her head her face was right by Glory’s and Glory gave her a kiss and the judge said “thanks for the kiss”! I couldn’t be happier! I haven’t had any type of show titles on any of my dogs and this feels really good. A huge THANKS goes out to Kathy for the start, the teaching and the faith that I could pull it off!

SHR U-CH Sand Spring Ev’ry Paw’s A Winner JH    “Gambler”

Parents: HRCH Sand Spring Norm Of Caroway MH          X             HRCH Hope Springs Dowry MH**

U-CH Sand Spring No Gut’s No Glory      “Glory”

Parents: HRCH Sand Spring Hurricane Nellie SH         X         CH Port Side’s Great Xpectations MH


Still Smiling 🙂


This past weekend – my first UKC dog Show

My friend was coming up to WI from NC to bring a puppy up, look at a stud dog and stay with me. Since she was staying with me she asked if there were any UKC Conformation shows she could show Gambler and Glory in for me. I said yes there is and off to the show we went. I only attended one AKC Conformation in my life and it was a very long time ago so this was going to be all new to me. We got to the show and my friend used her magic fingers to make the dogs look good and away she went. Luckly this was a small show so I didn’t get lost in what was going on. I was the photographer and cheerleader. My two chessies were the only 2 chessies competing. There were 2 shows on Sat and in the ring first was Gamber. Of course he won (there were no other males) and then it was Glory’s turn and of course she won! Then they got to go in the ring for Best of Winners dog. Glory beat Gambler in both shows and then Glory got to go back into the ring for the Gun Dog group showing. She took 3rd out of 6th in the first show and then 4th out of 6th in the second show. She got a total of 70 points and 2 wins towards her title for the first day and Gambler got a total of 50 out of 100 points needed. The Second day things changed, they both won their class as they again were the only chessies there but then Gambler won Best of Winners in both shows. In the Gun Dog group showing Gambler took 4th out of 5th in both shows. So he got an additional 70 points and 2 wins towards his title and Glory got 50. They both now have 120 points out of the 100 points needed and 2 wins apiece. They each need one more win for their UKC show title. It was a fun weekend! I learned alot and I still have lots to learn by the end of August when I will have to get in the ring and do it myself.

Here are some photo’s I took as well as some Julie Darling took.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.