A look back at 2012

Another year has passed at Sand Spring Chesapeakes. We have had a wonderful blessed year with a number of accomplishments. Our blessed 2012 started December 4th 2011 with the birth of Glory. Glory was one of four girls in a litter by our girl Nellie. This was a special litter as it was going to be Nellie’s last litter and we were going to keep a female from this litter. So Glory was the one we kept. Here is a picture of her only 4 weeks old on January 4th 2012.



Glory is the precious girl in the front. So our year started out with a bang and a 4 week old to share our home. At the time Glory was 4 weeks old our home consist of Norman 11 yrs old,  Nellie his daughter 7 years old & Gambler, Normans son at 8 months. A full house to say the least.

January 5th 2012 Gamblers littermate Marie took a plane ride across the pond to live in the United Kingdom. Gambler and Marie grew up together until the law passed in the UK where as of January 1st dogs could be imported easier than in the past. She had all her health clearances, vaccinations up to date so she was ready to go. Marie is the first dog out of a litter of Sand Springs that has gone international. Hopefully she will turn out to be a candidate that will improve the Chesapeake lines over in the UK and the Sand Spring line will continue there as well as in the US. This was a very sad day for me as I had grown very attached to Marie but I knew she was going to a great home and that one day I would see her again on her own home territory. Here is a picture of Marie.



Spring time was right around the corner and it was time to start training Gambler for his upcoming hunt tests. We had a great hunt test season with Gambler adding a prefix and a suffix to his name.

His registered name is now SHR  Sand Spring Ev’ry Paw’s a Winner JH.


Gambler competed in AKC (American Kennel Club) and UKC (United Kennel Club)  hunt tests during the summer of 2012. He first got his AKC Junior Hunter title on June 10th 2012. Here is a picture of us with his ribbons.

Gambler Junior Hunter

Gambler Junior Hunter

July 1st 2012 Gambler received his UKC started title. Here is a picture of us with his title ribbons.


Gambler Started title.

Gambler Started title.

Here is the start of Gamblers ribbon wall in our laundry room.

The ribbon wall.

The ribbon wall.

July 15th 2012 my friend from North Carolina came up and showed Gambler and Glory in UKC conformation. I have never shown any of my dogs as we were into running hunt tests and didn’t have money for both venues so we stuck to the field work as our dogs were hunting dogs. This was a whole new world for me. Kathy did a great job showing them, she got 2 competition wins and 120 points needed towards their titles. Kathy then showed me what I needed to do at the next show so it was up to me to get the last remaining win on them. August 25-26th 2012 was the day those wins happened. I first titled Gambler on Saturday then I titled Glory on Sunday. It was a fabulous weekend and I couldn’t of been prouder of my to puppies.

Our big news for the UKC show ring is that Gambler was in the number one spot and Glory was in the 6th spot for the 2012 Top Ten Breed and Dog Standings. Since they are in the top ten they will get invited to the UKC Premier in June 2013. So that is an event we will be looking forward to and will be going to.

Gambler added another prefix to his name. He is now SHR U-CH Sand Spring Ev’ry Paw’s a Winner JH.

Glory added a prefix to her name also. She is now U-CH Sand Spring No Guts No Glory.

Here are their show pictures.






Nellie was the chosen dog to go to Canada this fall since she didn’t get to go last year. John and Nellie went on their way to Saskatchewan with our friends to go snow goose hunting for a week. This was my first year I didn’t get to go. I had bigger plans for later in the month. They had a great time and got a lot of geese. This year was the most birds that John had gotten since going up there. I was sad that I didn’t get to go with but there is always next year. Here are a couple pictures from their trip.

huntwed nelcan2


Nellie isn’t in the above photo but her daughter Pearl is. She is the dog in the middle. Nellie was camera shy this day.

Nellie blessed me also with another year of life. She turned 8 on Oct 7th 2012. She just got home from Saskatchewan and had a big old party with hats and cake. Can’t get better than that!

Norman blessed me with another year of life too. As he gets older we take one day at a time and cherish each moment. He turned 12 on November 3rd 2012. Norman was even able to go pheasant hunting with us in December and retrieve a pheasant for me. He is such a love. I hope to have many more years with him.




Glory turned 1 on December 4th 2012. She has turned out to be such a pretty young lady. She has a different personality than the other dogs we own which is unique and gives her character. This coming year we hope to get some hunt test titles on her. So let the training begin.


We close this year with over a foot of snow. The dogs are having so much fun in it. I take them on walks around the property to try and tire them out and as you guessed it doesn’t work. These two young adults have so much energy. Hopefully we can channel it together come hunt test time and add some more ribbons to the wall. I am so blessed to have a wonderful  healthy fur family.

I leave you this year with a picture from our walk. Gambler was trying to catch the snow flakes.


Goodbye to 2012 and Hello to 2013, may all my blogging friends have a safe and blessed 2013.


Monday Mischief – Gambler

Today is December 31, 2012 this would be the last day of the year for Gambler to be mischievous. Of course he couldn’t let this day pass with out getting into mischief. I was taking my morning shower and when I came out I hear paper ripping and I knew he must of gotten into the Christmas bags I had on the dresser waiting to be put away.


Once again being naughty

Once again being naughty

Why yes, yes it was the Christmas bag and it was the bag with the confetti in it so he had to make a big mess. Oh Gambler isn’t the only one to blame, his partner in crime Glory was laying on the bed chewing on a piece Gambler tore off.


Do you all like my toupee? Gambler being silly.

Needless to say I hope 2013 isn’t filled with every day being mischievous.

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monday mischief

2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

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600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 5,400 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 9 years to get that many views.

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Wordless Wednesday – After the holiday cheer

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Happy 5th Birthday to Nellie’s First Litter

The year of 2007 I did all kinds of research on who would be Nellie’s first boyfriend. After all that research I had decided to use a stud dog from out west. Washington to be exact. His name is HRCH CH INTL CH* Nordom’s Apache Rebel MH WDQ.

“Rebel” is a dark brown handsome fellow with many great accomplishments. Besides passing 22 Master Hunter tests in a row, he has qualified for Master Nationals the last 4 years with becoming a Master National finalist in 2006. He has also passed 9 UKC Finished tests in a row. He is a reliable dog in competition and a consistent finisher. While being fast, stylish and an excellent marker he will also run great lines on his blinds. He has proven himself in the field as well as in the Conformation ring by receiving his American and International show titles with a group placement when his owner was showing him to his IABCA International Show title. When Rebel isn’t training or competing he is also out hunting upland birds and waterfowl. 

This was a vaginal AI done at Veterinary Village in Lomira, WI. Now the wait was on. Nellie’s due date was the week of Christmas that year. This was my first breeding hence my first litter, so it was all new to me. Even know I am a Veterinary Technician and have the knowledge, I didn’t have the experience. Nellie did super during her whole pregnancy, she was able to go hunting with us, play with Norman and go where ever we went.

Just after midnight the day of Christmas Nellie went into labor and delivered 7 beautiful little puppies. She had 2 boys and 5 girls. All were the same color and around the same size.

Nellie's puppies birth day.

Nellie’s puppies birth day.


Jessie, Pearl, LuLu, Savannah, Huck, Kessler, Nelly

Jessie, Pearl, LuLu, Savannah, Huck, Kessler, Nelly

One puppy went to Washington, one went to Ohio, one went to Idaho, two went to Minnesota, one went to Colorado and one stayed in Wisconsin. The puppy that went to Minnesota we get to hunt with each year in Canada, our relationship has turned into a really nice friendship. Pearl has turned out to be a really nice hunter and fun to be around. We still get to see Savannah in Wisconsin, she is fun loving and loves to play with her tennis ball. Jessie in Ohio has her Therapy Dog International dog title and does therapy work with Hospice patients.

Happy 5th Birthday to Jessie, Pearl, LuLu, Savannah, Huck, Kessler and Nelly. May you have many more Birthdays to come.

Snow Day

Wednesday we had a light snow fall. The gang loves snow and has fun running and playing in it. I thought it would be nice to get some pictures of the gang with the snow as this is the second light snow fall of the season. We usually have lots more living in WI and all. About the only thing I like about snow is how it looks on the dogs face and back in pictures.

Thursday WI got hit by a major blizzard. We even made national news. Where I live we got about 8-10 inches by the time I crawled out of bed to get ready for work. I got ready for work, stepped outside, came back in and called work. The snow was deep, the wind was blowing and the snow plow hadn’t even went through yet and no plans on it until the snow stops falling. Picture when going to leave for work.



Having fun in the newly fallen snow.


Another video of snow fun.


Gambler was trying to find his toy in the deep snow. I thought he was playing ostrich.


While we were working hard clearing the deck of all the heavy snow Gambler thought he should sit down while supervising us.


I hate the snow but the dogs LOVE it. Looks like we will be having a White Christmas!

RIP Bousha

In Memory of Bousha

04/16/02 – 12/18/12


Bousha was owned by a Veterinary Technician I work with at Harmony Pet Care. She has been apart of Harmony since she was a wee little baby when the clinic opened in 6/02. She had a grand time going to work with mom and attending Doggie Day Care. She was such a easy going dog that never fussed about anything. Bousha will be missed by all and her little sister Brynn. Hugs to the Nessman family during this difficult time.

Peace Bousha may you live a pain free life in the heaven above!