Nothing But Norman #81

Happy Saturday All!

Project16 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Gambler’s dad Norman and mom Fatty.

These pictures are from with Fatty came to visit us and the Gambler was in the making. I had a fun time with Fatty in WI for a week, she is a southern dog so she got to experience snow and had so much fun in it. She got to go on a couple pheasant hunts with Norman and Nellie. It turned out to be a memorable time and I now have Gambler to remind me of the time back in March of 2011.

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Woods Walk~FitDog Friday

We’ve been trying to get out more often now that the polar vortex shifted and the days are warmer. I’ve been taking the dogs for walks in the marsh/woods/creek. This allows them to run at their leisure in the wide open spaces and then when at the creek they have to go up and down the banks, there are trees that are down so they either have to jump over them or crawl under them so they get their workout that way too.


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This N That On A Thursday Barks And Bytes

I’ve been seeing these beautiful custom paintings by Lauren Hammack from Off The Wall Paintings floating around social media. Little did I know my pals at #chewy, @chewy had a surprise delivered to my door yesterday.

Oh boy what do we have here?

MK racing in to see if it is for her.

Is it for me?

Nope MK it’s for the brown dogs, your not brown!

It’s the SS gang in their Christmas hats.

A close up with a lovely note.

The note thanked me for being so awesome and being a part of the blogging family. Really is the awesome ones. I will hang this canvas portrait in pride and smile every time I look at it. Off the wall paintings did a beautiful job painting the brown dogs and capturing their essence. I remember the photo shoot I did last Dec where the gang wore their bandannas and hats, it was a fun shoot and the pictures were great, I now have a beautiful painting to remember that day by.

Here are some random photos from a couple of our walks last week.

Weed laying Glory. She thinks she is back in the wheat field in Canada.

Glory and her wood.

Stopped playing with his ball for a picture in the marsh grass.

Snowy nose.

What’s going on over there?

Stop back tomorrow for Fitdog Friday and see the pictures from our woods walk.


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Tree Photos~Wordless Wednesday


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When A Miracle Is Needed

Chewy White

Ding dong calling. We got our monthly sample from

When A Miracle Is Needed……..Reach for Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover.Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover

First I tried out Nature’s Miracle on MK’s litter box.

Time to clean the litter box.

I keep this small litter box in my bedroom so I clean it often. Usually I use soap and water but this time I thought I might as well use Nature’s Miracle.

I poured a small amount in the pan and wiped out.

It cleaned the bottom of the litter box well and took care of the odor.

Clean box ready to go.

Back to the bedroom.

Cat boxes can become smelly so why not clean it with a odor remover to help keep the upcoming odors down?

MK vomited up a nice bile/food/hairball on my light carpet. I grabbed the Nature’s Miracle, picked up the chunks, poured some cleaner on the yellow vomit stain, scrubbed it with a cloth and the stain was gone instantly. I didn’t even let it soak. I was really impressed with that. I took pictures showing the before and after and wouldn’t you know it I lost the photos and can’t find them so you just get my testament to it.

Three truths about pets: (1) They’re great for snuggling. (2) They’re always ready for a belly rub. (3) They sure can leave a mess. Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover takes care of the only not-so-great part of being a pet parent by breaking down organic stains and odors from urine, feces, vomit, and even dirt and grass. And best of all… there’s no need to rinse, leaving more time for belly rubs!

Key Benefits

  • Suitable for carpet, floors, or any hard surface
  • Neutralizes organic odors and removes stains
  • Quick drying
  • No rinsing necessary

Great for intact male urine mishaps.

The peeing post.

Incognito Gman

Gman is a intact male and has a nasty habit of marking his territory every now and then on this post. When he does a miracle is needed for sure. Nature’s Miracle works really well to get the odor out of the carpet. If the problem is on going Nature’s Miracle has a formula for urine stains that you can get a too.

Stain Removal:

  • Wipe away any excess stain-causing material, and then soak the surface thoroughly with Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover.
  • Wait 5 minutes, and then wipe away stain with a cloth. For tough stains, use a stiff, bristle brush.
  • If the stain is not completely removed, re-soak area and allow Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover to work for 1 hour before wiping with a cloth.

Odor Elimination:

  • Thoroughly soak the entire area with Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover. For carpets, apply enough to reach the urine penetration in the pad and floor. This may mean lifting the carpet and applying directly to the pad and floor.
  • Allow the product to air dry. Depending on air circulation, carpets and upholstery may take up to 2 weeks to dry completely.
  • If after 2 weeks there is still an odor, Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover has not reached ALL of the odor-causing material. Pinpoint odor source and repeat cleaning process.
  • Keep the product away from children and pets and do not allow pets onto the treated area until it is completely dried.


  • Saturate areas of fabric affected by stain and odor with full-strength product, then wash as usual.

Nature’s Miracle is on sale right now at


Because: has more than 300 brands to choose from and is ready to fetch it and ship it, direct to your doorstep, anytime of the day. Have a question regarding the best food for your pet? Call us 24/7 and our helpful customer service team at is ready to listen. lives and breathes pets. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida,’s dedicated staff is committed to providing quality pet products to our customers in a fast and easy way. That’s why we have warehouses located throughout the country – so the products are delivered quickly and efficiently. Bottom line, delivers pet happiness – and there’s nothing really better than that.

Their products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed (if your not happy call them and they pay for shipping the item back), they have expert pet care and product advice, over 200 of the best pet brands and 24/7 customer care. Another great benefit of is they have autoship for your pet food needs and orders under $49.00 are a flat rate shipping cost of $4.95.

200 SW 1st Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301


I was compensated 1 bottle of Natures Miracle for a honest review from


4%~It’s A Girl Busy Buddy~Monday Mischief

Poor Glory is having a bad false pregnancy. Even know she isn’t having puppies her body still thinks she is having puppies due to the hormones in her symptoms. When the doctor did the ultrasound and said Glory wasn’t pregnant she said there was a 4% chance that she was wrong and Glory was indeed pregnant. Glory didn’t have any puppies as her due date was on Tuesday the 20th but what she did have was a busy buddy tug-o-jug.

Push Glory Push harder, it’s almost here!

Dr. G to the rescue to deliver another baby for Glory. Last year it was a duck this year a tug-o-jug.

Taken from Veterinary Partners:

Clinical False Pregnancy

When false pregnancy persists it can be a nuisance. The female dog can show the following signs:

  • Nesting
  • Mothering inanimate objects
  • Lactating (giving milk)
  • Abdominal distension
  • She can even appear to go into labor.

Some female dogs are very sensitive to the hormonal fluctuations of their cycle. Diagnosis of false pregnancy is made by history and physical examination rather than by blood test. The key is to find symptoms of pregnancy in a female dog who is not pregnant. Symptoms generally become noticeable 6 to 12 weeks after estrus.



Wow, that was rough. Thanks Dr. G.

Look the baby comes with food in it’s stomach already how cool is that.

Dr. G all disarrayed.

Boy I’m hungry, can I have the food in the jug please?

Glory has been showing all the signs of a false pregnancy, the other night she was panting all night long and then the next night she was under the bed scratching to make a nest for the puppies. She is even producing milk and not eating like she should. We will just wait it out and make sure 4% gets lots of loving and isn’t left out in the cold.

monday mischief

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4%~Black And White Sunday


There was a 4% chance that Glory would have a puppy after her negative ultrasound to check for puppies. Stop back tomorrow to see Dr. G in action again helping Glory with the delivery of her 4%.


We are joining Dachshund Nola & Sugar The Golden Retriever for the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop.

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Nothing But Norman #80

Happy Saturday All!

Project16 - Copy - Copy - Copy


I thank Thee, Oh Lord, for the rivers, woods, and fields wherein lie the game birds I love to hunt. I thank Thee also for the men and women who protect and preserve wild life in all its forms so that future generations will have the healthful pleasures of hunting and fishing. My master means more than life or death to me and I pray for intelligence, ability, and strength to understand and execute his or hers commands and desires. May our companionship lead to complete understanding so that our moments will be the happiest of all. Help my master to comprehend that I will gladly give my life for them, be they millionaire or pauper. Their love and confidence is all I ask. I beseech you to guide him or her and protect them from thoughts, deeds, or actions which will disturb the faith of others in them. I want my master to be respected by their friends as I look up to them. The wag of my tail indicated the feelings of my heart and no blows, privation, or hunger will ever keep me from being happy when I hear my master’s voice or footsteps. When the curtains of death are about to close my active life, I pray Thee, Oh, God, that my master be near, their hand caressing my head as my eyelids close.

Author Unknown


I hope you are running free catching and carrying around all the pheasants in the great blue sky.


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Senior Wellness ~ Nellie’s Health Series Part 6: Pulled Tendon

Today’s FitDog Friday post is on:  Senior Wellness ~ Nellie’s Health Series Part 6: Pulled Tendon

You mean I should be warming up before I go nuts in the field?

Last week for our FitDog fitness I talked about How To Stay Fit In Cold Temps, you can read about it here. What I failed to do was do what Slimdoggy has been telling me to do for a couple of years now (a do as I say moment not as I do). I failed to do some “prehab” stuff with Nellie before going out and playing in the snow. Meaning I should of done some stretching and warm up exercises with her. If I would of done those she might not of pulled her tendon.

I opened up the door and let the gang go, they started grabbing toys and were off running, chasing, playing grabass. This was all well and fine for the younger SS gang who are in shape and more athletic than Nellie but this time it was too much for Nellie. She had fun playing and getting in her exercise and when it came to later that day she turned up lame on her front right leg. I started her on a NSAID which I keep on hand for times like this and took her to work with me to have an exam done to find out what was wrong. The Doctor examined her and found her left hip that she broke when she was 1.5 years old bothered her when stretched out and her front right shoulder bothered her when that was stretched out. The doctor felt discomfort in one of the tendons in her shoulder. So rest, NSAIDS and stretching exercises before next exercise day.

I did a search on Slimdoggy because I know they talk about the importance of “prehab” and these are the results I came up with :

Six exercise tips for senior dogs

Preventing injury in sporting dogs

Exercise alternatives for senior dogs

Benefits of strength training for dogs

I will be a smarter parent from now on and warm up that old gal before exercise.

This concludes my Senior Wellness ~ Nellie’s Health Series. Thanks for following along with Nellie’s annual Veterinary exam. Nellie is doing just great, she hasn’t had anymore testing and is hanging out being Nellie. We will wait and see how she does before going further with any testing. Her pulled tendon is doing well also. We won a giveaway over at Heart Like A Dog for Rejuvenate (thank you Jodi), we just got the bottle and started Nellie on it so we will see if it makes a difference with her old bones.


The fun and games continue every Friday with FitDog Friday, the weekly Blog Hop brought to you by To Dog With LoveSlimDoggy and Emma from Mygbgvlife to promote a healthy active lifestyle for pets (and their people, too!). Join in every Friday by linking up your FitDog story or visiting the blogs in the Hop.





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Senior Wellness~Nellie’s Health Series Part 5: Urinalysis

Senior Wellness~Nellie’s Health Series Part 5: Urinalysis

How does one collect a urine sample?

The best time to collect a urine sample for diagnostic tests is the first urine sample of the morning. This will give you the best Specific Gravity results (more on that later). Once collected it should be stored in the refrigerator until you can bring it into the clinic, if left out bacteria can multiple and crystals can form and you don’t know if this is part of the results or artifacts. . It shouldn’t be older than 12 hours. If you can’t collect a sample at home you can let the clinic know and set up a time to come in and have a lovely technician collect the sample. If you are feeling adventurous you  can collect the sample at home it is best to use as sterile of container as you can. Using a clean rubbermaid flat container, a clean butter container, a soup ladle or a coat hanger with a plastic bag. If collecting at the clinic and the dog doesn’t want to pee in the cup then the doctor can get the sample via urinary catherization or cystocentesis both of those methods are considered sterile samples as a regular collection is a free catch sample. The technician and doctor will take the collection device into consideration when looking at and reading the urine results.

The urine collection system that my mom designed.

As you can see Nellie is very happy to show off my urine collection system….NOT!

Success, it worked.

Once the female dog squats you slide the bag under her whoo ha and collect the urine. A male dog, you slide it under if it squats or stick it around the side if it lifts it’s leg, being careful not to get it out of there in time before it steps in it when he brings his foot down. If winter time like it is now in WI you want to be careful not to get snow in the sample as it my alter the results.

Components of the Urinalysis – What is the Doctor looking at when reading urinalysis results?

1. Color and Clarity of urine sample –  odor or no odor

2. Specific Gravity

3. Dipstick

4. Microscopic Exam

5. Culture


First you will note the color and clarity of the sample, then the odor. The color will tell you how the kidneys are concentrating the urine. It’s kinda a quick glance to tell you if there is a problem before the whole urinalysis is done. You then want to smell it and note if it has a odor or not, again that will tell you if there is a problem before you are done.

Refractometer – checking urine specific gravity.

Second you need to put a drop of urine on the refractometer to see what the urine specific gravity is. The specific gravity will tell you how the kidneys are concentrating the urine. Dark urine means they urine is well concentrated, light urine means the kidneys are not concentrating the urine meaning there might be a problem with the kidneys.

Urine dipstick

Third we will do a urine dipstick. The dipstick will tell us the PH of the urine, if blood is present, if protein is present, if glucose or ketones are present and if bilirubin is present. All these test could mean there is a problem with the urine, kidneys or if a animal is diabetic.


Fourth we will spin down the urine in a centrifuge, the centrifuge uses great force to separate the  solid components of the urine from the liquid. After the urine sample is spun down it is set up for microscopic exam on the sediment.

It’s time to read the sediment under the microscope.

Staining of the sediment.

You can look at the sediment stained or unstained. Staining the urine sediment will make some structures more visible.

Culture on the urine.

A culture should be set up on each urine sample to check for bacteria in the bladder. It is best to do a culture on a sterile urine sample but that isn’t always the collection method so you do it on a free catch sample taking note if something grows on the plate it may be a contaminant and not a bacteria that is really causing a problem. If bacteria grows then we send it to a outside lab to run a id (tell us what bacteria it is) and sensitivity (a drug sensitivity to test which drugs will kill the bacteria). A culture may take up to 3 days to grow and another couple of days to get the sensitivity results.

Now what did Nellie’s urine tell us?

The main reason we did a urinalysis is because of her slightly high BUN from her bloodwork that I talked about on Tuesday, that you can view here. The doctor wanted a specific gravity to see if she was concentrating urine or not. If she wasn’t concentrating urine it would be another sign that the kidneys aren’t working like they should be. Since I had the urine I did a complete urinalysis. Nellie’s concentration was >1.050 which meant she was concentrating urine just fine that the kidneys were working good.

Microscopic exam showing many white blood cells (all the round cells to the right of the picture.

There was bacteria seen, epithelial cells and all the round cells to the right are all white blood cells. So at first glance you would look at this and see TNTC (too numerous to count) white blood cells and think that she has a major infection going on and needs to be put on antibiotics.

Urine results

When the doctor looked at the results and got a history from me which was that she was showing no signs of a urinary tract infection (increase drinking, increase urinating, frequent urination, blood in urine, accidents in house) she thought we need to find out if the WBC’s were really coming from the bladder (which would say bladder infection) or from the vagina (which would say vaginitis). So this lead us to the cystocentesis we performed that you saw on Wednesdays post, if you didn’t see it view it here.


A interesting way of getting a cysto sample. You put the dog on it’s back pour rubbing alcohol on the belly and where it pools you stick the needle in the deepest part of the pooled area and you will hit the bladder and get your sample, if there is enough urine in the bladder at that time. This is considered a sterile sample (you might hit the intestines and get fecal matter so that will not be a sterile sample if you see “floaties” and the urine is brown) so if there are WBC’s in it then we know she has a bladder infection.

Microscope exam.

You can’t see all those sheets of wbc’s in this sample so it means the wbc’s were coming from the vagina which means she has a vaginitis, which you can read about here. You need to combine the history with all the components of the urinalysis to come to a diagnosis.

Stop back tomorrow for:

Friday: Senior Wellness ~ Nellie’s Health Series Part 6: Pulled Tendon



We are joining Linda at 2browndawgs and Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for this great blog hop.

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