Glory’s First Breeding Via TCI

This breeding with Glory has been over a year in the making. Last summer I did my research on available stud dogs, picked one and was waiting for Glory to come into heat (which was suppose to be after she had her OFA test’s done). The best laid plans didn’t work last year, she came into heat before she was two which meant we couldn’t do her OFA test’s in essence we had to wait on breeding her the following year. We could of bred her in the spring after we did the testing but we train and run hunt tests all summer long a litter wouldn’t let us be able to do that so we do our limited breeding’s in the fall/winter.

So I get to meet my boyfriend today?

Where’s my boyfriend?

Are you bringing in my boyfriend?

So you know that we chose “Silas” to be the stud dog. Silas lives in Oklahoma. Normally the bitch would go to the stud dogs house and they would breed naturally any where’s from one to three times during the bitches standing heat period (a bitches heat cycle can range from 2-3 weeks in length with average time of standing heat being at 10-13 days). Since Silas lives 13 hours from us and we had too many things going on in November I planned on doing a artificial insemination for this breeding. There are a couple of methods that can be done for a AI. If the stud dog is alive (which Silas is) and his semen quality is good (he has produced several litters in the past) you would use a fresh chilled sample and have it implanted one of three ways.

Three types of Artificial Insemination

1. Vaginally – semen deposited into the vaginal tract

2. Transcervical – semen deposited into the cervix using a endoscope via the vagina

3. Surgical  – surgical procedure where semen is deposited into the uterus, used most often with frozen semen and in older bitches that the doctor would like to visualize the uterus

I have done a vaginal and surgical AI with Nellie in the past which both produced a litter of puppy’s. I debated and debated which way to go with Glory. This is Glory’s first litter, she is young and healthy so there should be no reason on her end not to become pregnant doing a AI. But which AI will it be?

We’re in the conception room.

Hello lovely technician Brenda.

After some long deliberation I decided the best route for Glory would be the transcervical route. I figured we would only get one chance at a insemination and wanted the best percentage of her taking which is over 80% so we went for it. When doing AI breeding’s you need to run progesterone tests on the bitch so you can pin point when they are going to ovulate so you can do the breeding on the correct day for the best chance of conception. Glory had four progesterone tests run. Once I noticed she started her heat cycle I had one run which the results were low <.02 the reproduction doctor told me I could wait 4 days and run another one so the next one was done 7 days into her heat cycle, the results were .6, still low so the next one three days later. The next test was done 10 days into her heat and the results were 2.6 which happened to be on a Monday. Dogs ovulate when the progesterone reaches 5, the eggs need 48-72 hrs to mature before they can be impregnated with the semen. Dr said next test Wednesday. I knew we would be getting close by watching Glory and watching the discharge coming out her vagina (the color was changing from dark red to pink). I told the stud dog owner we were getting close and to be on standby. The results on Wednesday were 8.6, she ovulated so 911 the stud dog owner and have him collected and the semen overnight-ed for the AI on Thursday.

I use Veterinary Village for all my reproduction work. Dr. Greer has done my repro work on Nellie and gave me two nice litters so she will be the one doing the insemination on Glory.

Dr. Greer holding Glory as the table is being elevated to the correct height.

Dog daddy John holding her front, Brenda the tech holding the rear.

What is TCI?

TCI is Transcervical Insemination. How this is done is explained by the American Kennel Club website:

The transcervical insemination (TCI) is performed with the bitch in a standing position. No sedation nor anesthesia is required. A fiber optic cystourethoscope is used vaginally to visualize the opening to the cervix. A flexible catheter is maneuvered through the cervix into the uterus. It is important that the breeder realize that the veterinarian is not visualizing the inside of the uterus and this technique does not allow for evaluation of the uterus.

The TCI procedure is visualized on a television monitor and does allow for examination of the vaginal tract, however. The semen is gently pushed through the catheter from a syringe. The veterinarian can visualize that the semen flows easily into the uterus and does not flow back into the vaginal tract.

The transcervical insemination does not replace the surgical insemination as it does not allow for uterine evaluation, but is a significant improvement over the vaginal method of artificial insemination. The TCI is recommended for any type semen, especially frozen and fresh-cooled and can significantly increase conception when poor quality semen and lowered sperm numbers are used. The TCI technique should be used in bitches less than 5 years of age where there is not a reason to suspect uterine changes or uterine disease.

Getting everything prepared.

Let’s get this show on the road.

We were in and out in 30 minutes. Glory was a little uncomfortable when the first catheter was placed and kept in there while getting ready for the endoscope to be inserted. Once the endoscope was inserted then she calmed down and stood there for the procedure. Here are two video’s of the procedure. The first one is over a minute long and the second one is over 5 minutes long.

December 18 will be Glory’s ultrasound to see if she is pregnant. I could hardly wait for her to come into heat now I can hardly wait to find out the results. Thanks to Dr. Greer and her two technicians Brenda and Marissa who helped out with this breeding. Paws crossed!


Nothing But Norman #41

Happy Saturday Everyone! Be sure to scroll down to the end of the blog to see where Norman is being featured this week.

Project16 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Today we are going to the annual American Chesapeake Club “WI Chessie day’s”. The first time we attended one of these events was when Norman was  6 months old. The host was Sandy Dollar who owned Norman’s Grandpa. I currently train with Sandy each Wednesday. Patti Maye has been the host for the past several years. We go when their isn’t a hunt test going on so this is the year to attend again, a time to meet up with other chessie owners and talk about what we love “our chessies”.


Of course I will have my camera and take tons of pictures so stay tuned to find out how our day went.

Norman’s puppy (Gamblers Sisters) has a new hunting title

Earlier this month “Annie” earned her HRC Started title (SHR) owned, trained and handled by Ken Shaw. She is now She is now SHR Shaw’s Go Gett’em Annie. Way to go Annie and Ken, congrats you have made me proud doing what we have bred these dogs to do. You can also check out Annie’s modeling career with a photo of her on She is the chessie with the cat by a present. You can enter a contest to win great stuff from Paw it forward with Purina.

1622664_736891309668709_211785783_n (1) - Copy 1779258_736891443002029_1162063574_n - Copy


A rough and ready sporting dog,
With loyal, loving ways-
My Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Puts sunshine in my days.

A dog that’s sure to follow its nose,
Until the chase is done.
When that pup looked up at me,
I knew my heart was won.

Roaming happily by my side,
Or resting at my feet-
My Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Makes my life complete.

Thanks to Ruckus The Eskie for this Sepia Saturday blog hop.


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We are also joining The Pet Parade blog hop! The Pet Parade blog hop starts on Friday each week and runs for a week. On Friday The host Rascal & Rocco have a featured favorite and I am so happy to say Norman was picked as their featured favorite. Hop on over to Rascal & rocco’s blog and see which picture they chose to feature Norman. Thank you so much pals, I love the picture you chose and the words you spoke.

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Black And White Sunday~National Puppy Day

Friday the 21st was National Puppy Day!

Normally it is held on March 23rd. I thought I would share a black and white photo of Gambler and Glory as puppies.






We are joining Dachshund Nola & Sugar The Golden Retriever for the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop.

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Happy 5th Birthday to Nellie’s First Litter

The year of 2007 I did all kinds of research on who would be Nellie’s first boyfriend. After all that research I had decided to use a stud dog from out west. Washington to be exact. His name is HRCH CH INTL CH* Nordom’s Apache Rebel MH WDQ.

“Rebel” is a dark brown handsome fellow with many great accomplishments. Besides passing 22 Master Hunter tests in a row, he has qualified for Master Nationals the last 4 years with becoming a Master National finalist in 2006. He has also passed 9 UKC Finished tests in a row. He is a reliable dog in competition and a consistent finisher. While being fast, stylish and an excellent marker he will also run great lines on his blinds. He has proven himself in the field as well as in the Conformation ring by receiving his American and International show titles with a group placement when his owner was showing him to his IABCA International Show title. When Rebel isn’t training or competing he is also out hunting upland birds and waterfowl. 

This was a vaginal AI done at Veterinary Village in Lomira, WI. Now the wait was on. Nellie’s due date was the week of Christmas that year. This was my first breeding hence my first litter, so it was all new to me. Even know I am a Veterinary Technician and have the knowledge, I didn’t have the experience. Nellie did super during her whole pregnancy, she was able to go hunting with us, play with Norman and go where ever we went.

Just after midnight the day of Christmas Nellie went into labor and delivered 7 beautiful little puppies. She had 2 boys and 5 girls. All were the same color and around the same size.

Nellie's puppies birth day.

Nellie’s puppies birth day.


Jessie, Pearl, LuLu, Savannah, Huck, Kessler, Nelly

Jessie, Pearl, LuLu, Savannah, Huck, Kessler, Nelly

One puppy went to Washington, one went to Ohio, one went to Idaho, two went to Minnesota, one went to Colorado and one stayed in Wisconsin. The puppy that went to Minnesota we get to hunt with each year in Canada, our relationship has turned into a really nice friendship. Pearl has turned out to be a really nice hunter and fun to be around. We still get to see Savannah in Wisconsin, she is fun loving and loves to play with her tennis ball. Jessie in Ohio has her Therapy Dog International dog title and does therapy work with Hospice patients.

Happy 5th Birthday to Jessie, Pearl, LuLu, Savannah, Huck, Kessler and Nelly. May you have many more Birthdays to come.

Happy 3rd Birthday to Nellie’s 09 Litter

3 years ago today Nellie had her second litter of little burr heads. In the end of September beginning of October 09 Nellie went with John and I to Canada to hunt snow geese. She went into heat right before we were going and we figured out that she would be in prime time heat just as we were heading home from our hunt. She had a great time in Canada and was right on schedule in her heat to be in standing heat when we got home. The day we got home she went to her boyfriends house and spent the next week there.

Nellie and her boyfriend.

Nellie and her boyfriend.


One month later we ultra sounded her and confirmed a pregnancy.

Puppy xray.

Puppy xray.

Only one more month to wait for the little burr heads.

So close.

So close.

Puppies before they went to new homes.


Happy Birthday Riley, Summer, Max, Junior, Libby, Maggie may you have many more years ahead of you.