Swimming Fun~FitDog Friday

More swimming fun from the Sand Spring Gang. They just love the water being a water breed dog and love to play in it when hot outside.

We hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July and that you get to get in some lake time with your 2 & 4 leggers.


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Where Are We At With Glory’s Breeding? Part 3

Where Are We At With Glory’s Breeding? Part 3

A couple weeks ago I wrote Part 1 of Where Are We At With Glory’s Breeding. If you missed it you can read the full version here. The short version is: I talked about preparing your dog for breeding by doing genetic tests, other tests that can be done, picking a stud dog, the heat cycle of the bitch, breeding and implanting of the eggs. Part 2 I talked about pregnancy confirmation, a app on my phone that you can follow along and read what is happening, the food I was feeding her and milk development. If you want to read the full version here.

So where are we at with Glory’s breeding?

We are at week 7 and day 53 of her pregnancy. Glory continues to gain weight and is being fed more food to provide the proper nutrition to the growing puppies. There were a few days she didn’t want to eat much so I had to supplement with some canned food. I believe her belly is so full with puppies she doesn’t have room for much food so not eating much. She needs to keep eating so she will have milk to feed the puppies so I’m getting her whatever she will eat. I took her to work with me last Thursday which was day 46 of her pregnancy. I wanted to weigh her, take a xray to see if we could count puppies as skeletons can be seen as early as day 45. The xray was inclusive as we were only able to see 3 very light skeletons. The reason this was is because I bred Glory over a 4 day period. She continually passed eggs and they were fertilized on different days so the puppies fertilized on the first day of breeding would show up and the ones fertilized on the last day of breeding wouldn’t as they still needed a few days to catch up and have their skeletons developed enough for us to see. She did weigh in at 89.2#. She was 78# when I bred her so she gained 11 pounds.

Today I am taking Glory with me to work again to have another xray taken so hopefully this time we can see all the puppies skeletons and have a more accurate count so I know about how many to expect during delivery.

Last weekend I got Nellie’s whelping box out of retirement and set it up in the living room. I thought Glory needed a box that she could call her own so I painted some paw prints on the front and labled it “puppies on board”. When I got it all set up Nellie jumped in it right away she laid down and took a nap. I have been feeding Glory in the whelping box to get her used to it.

This week I first started seeing the puppies move around and when I put my hand on her abdomen I can feel them moving also. It was truly a wonderful experience. I’m sure Glory doesn’t think it is such a wonderful experience having 5 plus puppies moving around in her belly but to me it was one of the greatest things I have experienced. Her mammary development is coming along nicely too. It’s coming around so much that she is now waddling when she walks. We stopped going to the lake so her only exercise now has been running around the yard.

This next week I will continue to prepare for the delivery of Glory and Thunders puppies.


We are joining Linda at 2browndawgs and Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for this great blog hop.

Gambler’s Push Up Challenge

This past weekend Gambler was challenged by his pal’s Nakota and Chessey to do more than 3 push ups. He took the challenge and did 4 with the help of a old Jones Natural Chew rib bone. This challenge was to help raise awarness for Ms Veteran America and Final Salute.

My friend Nichole Alred is a Veteran and is competing for Ms Veteran America.

A little bit about Ms Veteran America: Ms Veteran America is not a beauty pageant, it is a competition. Ms Veteran America is a platform to raise awareness for Final Salute INC. Final Salute INC provides homeless women Veterans with safe and suitable housing. The founder of Final Salute INC, CPT Jas Boothe, found herself homeless & battling cancer. She not only had the courage and strength to get back on her feet, but also found the compassion and selfless service to help her sisters who are facing the same situation she once did. THIS is why I chose to get involved and THIS is why I am competing for Ms Veteran America. It will allow me to help my sisters on a much larger scale than what I am able to do on my own. I hope you will follow me on this journey! It is going to be an amazing year. “It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, you have the ability to triumph” ~ CPT Jas Boothe

I am proud of Nichole, she has raised over $10,000, if you would like to donate there is still time you can so by going here. I wish her luck in the finals,  25 finalist will be announced July 5th. The 25 will go onto the finals in October in Vegas Ms Veteran America will be announced then. Thank you for all you have done for the homeless women Veterans! God Bless!


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PL360 Thank You #MultiPetMania

Multiple Pet Mania@

The whole month of June was packed full of Multiple Pet Mania hosted by Cascadian Nomads, My GBGV and Wag ‘N Woof. I have multiple pets so I contributed to their survey they were doing, added photos to their Instagram #MultiPetMania hashtag, wrote a post about training with multiple pets which you can read here. They had contests and I was the lucky winner of their PL360 basket.

Look at all the goods I won!

Nellie shaming.

This pet safe cleaning basket couldn’t of come at such a better time. For some reason since I built and have been living in my house for the past 9 years the animals feel the need to make messes in the loft area of my house. I have carpet runners all over the loft so when there is a mess it is easily cleaned up but this day I found a puddle of pee (that I am assuming was from Nellie as she has free range of the house) that went off the carpet runner onto the carpeting. I was going to get my carpet cleaner vacuum out and scrub the carpeting but then the mail man came and brought me these cleaners so perfect timing.

I got to try out the odor and stain remover that is pet safe and citrus scented.

I sprayed it on the area, waited 5 minutes then scrubbed the area with a towel.

Nellie laid right here the whole time I was treating the carpet. She never sneezed, wiped her eyes or got up and moved. So that tells me right there that the products were safe and Nellie approved.

After I cleaned the area I spread the carpet powder over it and let it sit for a couple days since I don’t use that area.

I liked that you had two choices on how much of the powder I wanted dispensed at one time.

It too had a nice citrus scent. After two days I vacuumed it up. Bend down and stuck my butt in the air while I did the sniff test. The urine odor was gone and left was a pleasant citrus smell.

I then moved onto the area rug in the living room where someone puked and there was a nice stain left behind. Now mind you this puke was from who knows when (yes, yes I’m lazy and didn’t get the stain out right away).

You can see the stain by the arrow it was a pretty big stain.

Again Nellie hung out when I cleaned the rug. I sprayed the area, left it sit for 5 minutes then scrubbed it with a towel.

Look at the towel, now that is one bad stain, dirty, dirty, dirty!

Can you see the nice clean rug by the arrow? I’m embarrassed now as the rest of my rug is dirty compared to that spot. Moral of the story is the odor and stain remover really did a great job on a really old stain.

I was really pleased with these two products out of my basket of goodies. I would highly recommend PL360. Thank you #MultiPetMedia for hosting your month long event and the giveaways. Thank you to PL360 for some really nice products!

A little bit about PL360 taken from their website:

Here we have a pretty straightforward philosophy – make pet caresimpler for our fellow pet lovers out there.

Our best lessons in gratitude, love and compassion often come from our pets. The same goes for what we know about playing freely and living fully. Each day, our pets look at us like we are superheroes, not knowing they are the ones who inspire us.

To repay them for their devoted, unconditional love, we owe them everything we know about their wellbeing. That’s why for 14 years we’ve made it our mission to create products that keep our petshealthy, happy and clean in the simplest way possible. For us, that means using natural ingredients that are safe for pets. It also means finding innovative ways to make pet care easier so you and your pet can get back to doing the things that you love. The result? Effective solutions that do exactly what they say they will (and trust us, they will).

But we don’t do this alone. We are constantly driven by conversations we have with other pet lovers. We come up with ideas while walking our dogs and we make plans while playing fetch. With the help of veterinarians, dermatologists and pet experts who share our vision, we’ve been able to get our hands dirty to learn how to keep their paws clean—safely and naturally.


Problem Blinds~ Monday Mischief

Gambler had another weekend of hunt tests. The past two weekends he was running HRC (Hunting Retriever Club) UKC (United Kennel Club) hunt tests. He has run these in the past and currently has his HRC Seasoned title and one Finished pass. He needs three more Finished passes to earn his Finished title. Unfortunately he failed all four tests, there were one tests each day on the weekend. Three out of the four fails were on water blinds and one was on a land blind. Blinds are when a bird is put out in the field or across a bit of water and the dog doesn’t know where it is. The dog needs to be handled by whistle sits and hand signals to the blind. Gambler has done the types of blinds that were in the tests but for some reason he had a brain fart and couldn’t do them. Needless to say John and I have to go back to the drawing board so we can get Gambler to start passing tests again.

The highlight of my day yesterday was when I posted up the above quote on facebook telling everyone that Gambler’s fear is water blinds and that he needs to over come them. My pal Flea from Jones Natural Chews posted up this picture of Jimmy saying he had a fear of blinds too. It made me laugh out loud and smile during a sad time. Thank you Flea for making me smile and hope you don’t mind I stole your picture.

When John got home from the test and we talked about it we both decided that Gambler started failing when we stopped running permanent blinds at our house. We had permanent blinds set up at the house and would run him twice a day on them. The person who leases out crop land planted his crops and then we stopped running the blinds. During the time we were running the blinds Gambler passed the two Master tests in AKC, it’s been a month that we haven’t been running his permanent blinds with him and he has been failing ever since. When we train we run a mock hunt test set up and that is it. I haven’t been doing yard/drill work with him so I believe that is my fault as to why he has been failing. The poor guy just isn’t getting the proper training he needs to excel. John said it to, once it all clicks with him he will excel and there will be no stopping him as he is one hell of a marking dog. He just needs to polish up on his blind work.

monday mischief

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The Whelping Box~Black And White Sunday

This is Nellie’s whelping box that she used 3 times. I set it up and she jumped right in and took a nap in it. I couldn’t get her out.

Since I’m a starving artist I decided Glory needed some color to her box now. She doesn’t look to thrilled to be in it. Hopefully she will warm up to it when the time is right. The box is set up in our living room so many nights sleeping on the couch once the beaners are here. All of Nellie’s litters were born in our bedroom and spent the first three weeks in there. I switched it up for Glory as she doesn’t like the heat so it is cooler in the living room. Nellie had her babies in the winter so she could be where it was warm.

12-15 days left!

We are joining Dachshund Nola & Sugar The Golden Retriever for the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop.

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Nothing But Norman #102

Happy Saturday All!

Project16 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Last weekend on Fathers Day you might of seen my facebook pictures if your my friend on facebook, if your not my friend you can do so my searching for JoAnn Stancer (I think there is only one of me so easy to find). Since it was Fathers Day and Norman was a father to Nellie and Gambler I thought it would be nice to finally spread some of his ashes in my flower garden next to “his” blanket flower. I haven’t spread any of Norman’s ashes at my house since he has been gone. It’s nice to have him in my garden now. When I look at the flower I see Norman.

Gambler and Nellie, Norman’s kids. Norman is in the little cup.

Dad is that you?

Hi dad! It’s nice to see you again.

Dad is with us again.

Norman in is resting spot in my garden.

My friend Teri gave me a nice garden stake to put in my garden where I would put Norman’s ashes so I would never forget where he was. I put out the stake for the first time after I spread Norman’s ashes. What a lovely addition to my garden.

We are joining Ruckus The Eskie and Earl’s World for Sepia Saturday.


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