Thursday Barks And Bytes

I am a member of the BlogPaws Influencer group, each week through out the month we answer a few survey questions and they compile all our answers and make it into a fun infographic for us to share. Here is the infographic for January.

Which Social Media Platform….Brings you the most traffic, I answered Facebook. Do you wish you knew more about…Google+, I answered yes. Do you feel is least valuable…I answered Google+. Takes the most of your time… I answered Facebook.

Blogging Frequency…I was one of the 21% that blogs 1x a day. Paid blogger campaigns applied…I answered No. Following Brands on Social…I answered yes.

How many times a day do you follow social media…I answered so many times I loose count!

'Pet Bloggers on Social Media Random picture of Gambler sitting in a broken down tree stump.

See anything new with my blog?

Now do you see it?

I have a new page up above for the Norman Kisses Hand To Paw Cream and Chapstick I am selling. You can also see it on my sidebar, click on it and it will send to you the Norman Kisses page. I am working on a paracord page as I have been making a few leashes and selling them. For right now I am sending paypal invoices for payment til I can work on a paypal button.

Stop back tomorrow to see what the gang did for FitDog Friday.



We are joining Linda at 2browndawgs and Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for this great blog hop.

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Winter Isn’t Over Yet~Wordless Wednesday

So get your snow gear on!


Wordless Wednesday is a community linkup of bloggers. Visit our host, BlogPaws, and you can use the icons below the post to hop from site to site. It is a great way to discover new blogs…..or even just a convenient way to find all of your favorites in one place. When you visit each site, be sure to leave a comment and let them know you found them through Wordless Wednesday.

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Tuesdays Tail’s~Ben The Chessie At CRROW


Pictures and information taken from CRROW’s website.

My name is Ben the Chessie  and I am an active Chesapeake Bay Retriever who is approximately 2 years old. I was a stray in central Illinois and came into rescue at the end of December, 2014  Here are some of the facts:

  • I love people! I love adults and older children. I’m so excited to see them and be pet! I should not be around small children or infants because I am too energetic.
  • I have so much energy that I can go for a 2 mile run and I only look slightly winded when we are done!
  • I am fine with cats and dogs.
  • I walk well on a leash and do not react to noise or odd things happening around me.
  • I will require a fenced yard since I was found as a stray.

I need some work on my manners as I am a bit of a grabber. I love to play fetch but am over zealous and try to get the toy before it is thrown. I am not good at dropping my toys or my treasurers. I am learning that “finder, keeper” does not always apply. My house manners are not great. I am very curious and like to get into everything so I am learning how to behave and what is appropriate. I am a quick learner but I need a patient and consistent teacher.

I am the happiest sweetest boy who would be happy with an active family!

Please contact CRROW and help find this boy his forever home.

CRROW logo

Chesapeake Retriever Rescue of WI.
1318 S. Kernan Ave
Appleton, WI 54915

Office hours are

  • Monday thru Friday 8 am to 8 pm Central time.
  • Saturday  and Sunday 8 am to 5 pm.
  • Please call, email or fax us your request for communication and we will return your call as soon as we possibly can.
  • Even though we appreciate you giving us a little free time we will of course take emergency calls after hours.

Email: Sue
Phone 920-954-0796


Thanks to Dogs N Pawz for hosting and Talking Dog’s Blog for co-hosting this blog hop!

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Damaged Puppy Teeth=Trip To UW Vet School

Last week for February is National Pet Dental month I wrote a post about products you can get at your Veterinary Clinic to keep your pets teeth healthy, if you missed it you can read it here. I spoke in the post that I had a lot of work done on Gamblers teeth when he was young that cost me a lot of money so I need to keep his teeth healthy. I said I would write about it later and later is today.

When I got Gambler at 7 weeks of age he was just a little bitty thing that just wanted the love of his daddy Norman. Norman was having no part of the loving bit so each time Gambler came near him, he growled to tell him to back away and Gambler not listening went in closer. A couple times in two weeks was too close for Norman and he bit him each time in the head. They were some pretty bad bites and I can’t believe Gambler isn’t anymore touched than he already is.

I got to close to my daddy’s teeth.

Mom didn’t have peas so I got a ice pack.

Little did I know at the time that Gambler would be in for dental work when he was older. Gambler healed up from his bites and never learned to stay away from Norman. When Gambler was 8 months old I had him in the clinic for a exam and the doctor noticed the enamel on his adult teeth was coming off. He had enamel hypoplasia. His teeth were a brown color and you could see groves (last of enamel) in his teeth. Time to go see a dental specialist. I chose to go to the Veterinary School in Madison for his exam and dental work.

They examined his teeth, took radiographs, extracted one, restored the others and come to find out when Norman bit him one time, he displaced his adult pre molar one and it was in the back of his mouth above his pre molar four.

Top arrow is the displaced tooth, bottom arrow is the broken tooth.

Broken molar.

The broken upper left molar needed to be extracted. They wanted to do a cat scan of his head to see exactly where that displaced tooth was and then go in and extract it because if left in it could cause a bony cyst that would need to be removed at a later date. I chose to not do the cat scan and to wait and see what happened. He had enough done to him this day.

They restored his damaged teeth which consisted of cleaning his teeth and prepping them to put a sealer on the teeth to prevent the enamel left on from coming off and because the enamel was off in spots that meant there were tiny microscopic holes in the teeth and that was cause for future infections as well as the teeth could be sensitive.

Enamel defect by arrow.

Enamel defect by arrow.

Enamel defect by arrow.

Restoration complete.

Restoration complete.

Restoration complete.

The doctors at the vet school told me that when their is trauma to the baby teeth when the adult teeth come it it can cause them to have enamel hypoplasia. I never knew this before and know now to really be careful with puppy mouths.

Gambler had to spend one night at the vet school and I had to may a $1200.00 bill to fix his teeth. That first year I was very compliant on brushing his teeth everyday as I spent a lot of money to fix them I wanted him to keep them. I must admit thou I’m not as good about brushing them.

More on enamel hypoplasia by clicking here.

I leave you with this adorable picture of baby Gamblers little toes taken the day he was bitten.

Have a great day and go brush those chompers. 

Nothing But Norman #85

Happy Saturday All!

Project16 - Copy - Copy - Copy

February is spoil your pet month.

I entered a contest over at BlogPaws where you had to submit a spoil your pet picture. This is the picture I submitted.

Norman was spoiled all the time with hugs and kisses. He never left my side.

We are joining Ruckus The Eskie and Earl’s World for Sepia Saturday.




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We are joining The Pet Parade too.


Blind Retrieves In Snow~FitDog Friday

Last weekend the temperature warmed up to the mid 30’s, finally warm enough to do some training. We decided to run 3 blind’s with the dogs. Blind’s are retrieves done without the dog knowing where the bumpers are and have to be guided with a whistle and hand signals, unless the dog “lines the blind” then it doesn’t need any help at all. We like them to need help as it is good training for a hunt test.

Glory was up first.

Sitting getting ready for her release command.

And she’s off.

John gave her a left hand back.

She went a little to far to the left. Need to do a right hand over now.

Right hand over.

Got it!

The return.

Gambler’s time.

Gambler lining up.

And he’s off.

The return.

Glory needing a break in the snow.

Gambler doesn’t seem to tire but Glory on the other hand need a little more exercising to get in shape. She came back from her last blind and had to lay down and take a moment in the snow. Mind you the closest blind was 150 yards out and then the other two were over 200 yards.


The fun and games continue every Friday with FitDog Friday, the weekly Blog Hop brought to you by To Dog With LoveSlimDoggy and Emma from Mygbgvlife to promote a healthy active lifestyle for pets (and their people, too!). Join in every Friday by linking up your FitDog story or visiting the blogs in the Hop.


















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