Day 61

Nellie was nice enough to not have the puppies when I was out of town working Monday night. She held off last night and now it is getting closer to her due date which is tomorrow. Is she going to have them tonight or tomorrow night. I can wait for the little bealers to get out here so I can see them. Have to clean the house today and get everything ready for there new arrival. Soon Gambler will have a little niece to play with when Marie goes over to her new home in the UK come Jan 2012. I will keep you posted when Nellie starts having the little ruggers.

Gamblers 10# goose

Gambler didn’t get to sit in the corn field and get this goose (daddy Norman did) but he got to try and pick it up at home. I haven’t weighed Gambler in a week but I would guess he is about 58# at 6 months. John weighed the goose and it weighed in at 10#. I didn’t know if he would be able to pick it up¬† but once he figured out how to get his mouth around it he picked it up and carried it rather well. I was so proud of the little man.

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Day 55

Today Nellie is a week away from delivery, unless she decides to have them early. She has snakes in her bellie that are making lots of noise and she doesn’t want to eat. Took her for a ride to the gas station to get a paper to view all the black Friday ads which I will be partaking in. Figure she should go with since she will be stuck at home for the next 4 weeks taking care of her young. She started digging a hole under my deck (her favorite spot to go) she thinks that is going to be her place to deliver and I beg to differ. I have a nice whelping box in the cozy house but she won’t go in it yet. Today is also Thanksgiving and I am thankful for my wonderful dogs. They bring so much joy to my life and am thankful for Nellie for always being the best mom.

Norman feeling better

Norman ate his supper and breakfest last night and today. He is feeling good and spry again. When he is feeling like this I wonder if I should be doing the exploratory surgery on him on Monday or if I should just wait and see. Why can’t they just talk when they are sick so we know what to do. Norman has been healthy his whole life besides one ACL tear and surgery so I haven’t had to decide anything on him. This is one of the toughest times in my life.

Nellie 27.5 inches

Little sister Marie kissing Nellie, Nellie not liking it so much. Took a tape measure to Nellie and she is 27.5 inches around her bellie. I wish I would of put a tape to her when she was skinny so I know how much she gained. She is looking really plump like a turkey day turkey. I think she is going to have more than the 4 seen on ultrasound because she is about as big as she was the last two pregnancys when she had a litter of 6 & 7.

Norman having xrays done

¬†Norman turned 11 on Nov. 3rd this year. For the past 2 weeks he has had boughts of a upset stomach where he doesn’t want to eat one meal during the day, wantes to eat grass and occassionaly vomits. Took him in to work last Friday and he has lost 8#. Bloodwork and xrays were all normal. He was fine until tue vomited again and then this am he didn’t want to eat his breakfest again and just acted sore so off to work again. Another xray and lost 2 more pounds. Got him home and he ate his wet food mixed with dry and is sleeping now. Not sure what is going on with my boy but guess will find out Monday when I take him back to work for a exploratory surgery to see what is up. I love him dearly and he is my soulmate and life and hope that he will be ok.