Marsh Kitty

How little MK came into my life. (you all know that Gman found her and broke her leg) but you don’t know why she stayed. Wednesday morning 6/5/13 I got the bone biopsy results back on Norman that I had done on Monday the 3rd. Norman has had a slight limp for over 3 weeks and it wasn’t going away so I finally did the biopsy dreading the results. I heard the dreaded your dog has Osteosarcoma, which is bone cancer in his front right arm. While he was having his bone biopsy the doctor also found a tumor on his spleen. Now we don’t know if the tumor is cancerous or non cancerous it is there and still could cause a potential problem. A double wammie for Norman. So with this devastating news I took the dogs down to the creek for a swim to keep my mind off Norman. That’s when we came across the kittens and gman broke MK leg. Right then I knew that MK was sent to me for a reason, she has a broken leg that I can mend and Norman has a leg that I can not mend with all the will in my body. This little kitty was sent to me to help me with the goings on with Norman and will be my therapy kitty when the time comes for me to say goodbye to my best friend. Even know John hates cats and wants me to find a home for MK in my heart I can’t. I need to keep her. I truly believe in fate, the stars aligning, karma and everything happens for a reason. MK is my reason. Norman hates small critters and MK is determined to lay next to him when ever she can. She crawls all over him and even when he is doing his elvis growl she just keeps it up. I think she knows he is hurting and trying to make him feel better, at least she is making me feel better showing me how sweet she is on him. I don’t know how much time I have left with my best friend, I may have a day, a week, a month I don’t know. All I know is that I will have MK forever!

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