Canada Bound


Canada here I come!

Nellie and John left for Canada this past Thursday night. John went as far as Minnesota to our friend Mike’s house, stayed there and headed out in the morning. We come to know Mike thru Nellie’s first litter. Mike bought a puppy out of her first litter that was born 12/25/07. He picked out little yellow girl and named her Pearly Mae. She has been the love of his life for the past 4.75 years. This year will be the 4th year of going snow goose hunting in Saskatchewan with Mike and Pearl. I have went the past 3 years but this year I stayed home since I will be going to the UK at the end of October to see a puppy out of Normans last litter. Nellie missed out on the Canada trip last year as she came into heat and we decided we were going to breed her for the last time so it turned out the day we left grandma had to take Nellie in to the reproduction clinc and have a surgical AI done on her and then she got to stay with grandma for the next week. Grandma did a excellent job as Nellie took and she had 4 healthy puppies. She was upset that she watched us pack the truck and drove off without her. The dogs seem to know what is going on and what time of year it is. So this year Nellie got to go hunting by herself with John. She should have a great time. I’m sad that I couldn’t be with them. I love to go and take pictures and videos so hopefully this year the guys will get me some good shots. Have fun Nellie, may you get lots of retrieves!


Harmony Pet Care 10 yr Open House

Harmony Pet Care has been my home away from home for the past 10 years. I work at Harmony as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. I have been there from day one back on June 9th 2002. Dr. Johansen and I worked at another clinic many moons ago, she left to  do emergency work while the plans for Harmony were in her mind. I told her that when she opened up a veterinary clinic that she should call me and I would work for her. That day came June 9th 2012 Dr. Johansen and Jackie Jordan opened Harmony and it has been a fun ride ever since. Sept 15th we held our 10 year open house. It was a funraiser to raise money and awarness for Elmbrook Humane Society. We had  a tour of the clinic,  demostrations, hair braiding & trims, k9 carting, smooch the pooch, pick a duck, popcorn, vendors and many raffle items.

Employee dogs in the smooch the pooch house.

Nichole and Jovi

The vet clinic.

Jessie CVT, Exam room


Laser unit for surgeries

Dental cleaning area



k9 Carting

Andrew Hahn doing frisbee demo’s

Pick a duck for a prize


Luann’s Critter Creations

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Dog scents training

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Southwinds Studios – Amanda McCaigue, Artist

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Front Porch Pets & The Kinsey Foundation

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For Pet’s Sake Dog Training

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Petlicious dog treats

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Braiding by Root’s Salon

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Barkley made an apperance

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Raffle table #1

The Guests

Kissing Booth Try Out

Gambler and the kissing booth

Took the gman to work with me today as he needed his big boy vaccinations. Since he was there and isn’t going to be the one in the kissing booth for our work 10 year anniversary open house he got to try out the kissing booth today. He jumped right up onto the table and sat like a big boy for his pictures. He really wanted to make sure the table was safe and sturdy for Glory so she doesn’t get hurt on Saturday.


My Award from Misty Shores Chesapeakes

I have been awarded an award and would like to thank Misty Shores Chesapeakes for nominating this blog for the Blog on Fire Award. She has a great blog about her adventures with her chesapeakes and much more so go on over and take a look.  

Blog On Fire Award

The rules for the award are to share 8 unusual things about yourself and/or your pet and pass the award along to other bloggers.

1. I really don’t know how to write.

2. I have the worst grammer ever.

3. I am a licensed Veterinary Technician that also has worked in a taxidermy shop.

4. 3 adult chesapeakes sleep with me and one puppy under the bed.

5. I drive 1.5 hours one way to work at my part time job.

6. I love to watch Days Of Our Lives with the pooches.

7. Gambler is the first of my chessies that I have run a AKC Senior test with.

8. I drive a beater car because I spend all my money on my dogs and can’t afford a new car. 

Since this is my first acceptance award I am stealing Misty Shores line: For this award I would like to offer it to anyone who would like to have it. You are all so wonderful and are truly on fire!!

I would like to take time now to say a thank you that is long over due to Long life Cats and Dogs they gave me a award a month or two ago and I never followed up on it as I really didn’t know what I was doing with all the extra’s that you can do with blogging so for that I am sorry and want to take time to thank them now.

And as with most awards on the blogosphere, there are some rules that one must follow to accept:

1. Thank the giver who has bestowed on us this award – so, thank you again Misty Shores Chesapeakes

2. Link back to the blog that awarded you, Misty Shores Chesapeakes. Done!

3. Talk about why I blog and why I started blogging (see below).

I started this blog as a way for others to follow my adventures with my Chesapeakes, others to follow along with the breedings, training, hunting and hunt tests of my furry kids. I blog to get my kennel name out there and for others to see that despite their reputation Chesapeakes are wonderful dogs and family members.

4. Post the Award (see above).

5. Nominate 10 other bloggers for the award.

I am new to this blogging accepting and nominating awards to others so the one’s I am about to nominate may already have this award and I’m not sure if you can nominate them again for a award they already have so here goes.

2 brown dawgs

just ramblin


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irenes delicious life  Not a wordpress blog but a good blog nontheless.

So I am a looser and only follow 8 blogs so can only nominate 8 of ou. Hopefully by next award I will beable to get my list up to 10.

Thanks again for the award and hope you 8 accept your award and enjoy it.



A good weekend

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Sunday morning John and I took our friend Tom out goose hunting. Gambler was the chosen one to go with and pick up our birds. While waiting for the geese to come we got to watch many cranes fly over and listen to them talking to us as they flew over. Then the geese came. We had 3 groups of geese fly over and ended up with 7 geese. Gambler did a excellent job retrieving the geese. The biggest one was 11.5# and the smallest one was 6#. Gambler is weighing in at 70# himself so that big goose was a mouth full but he managed to do it. I took my old camera as I didn’t want to get my new one all full of dirt so the pictures arn’t as good as they should be. Sunday afternoon was Nellie and Glory’s turn. We sat up in the middle of a wheat field, John had Glory laying next to him and I had Nellie. Nellie was a old pro and layed right down next to me and didn’t move a muscle. Glory on the other hand took some coaxing to keep her laying down but when she did she did very well for her first time hunting. The birds were too far away that flew over so the girls didn’t get any birds but I did get some good shots of them as I had my new camera this time. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Gambler and the goose

Gambler didn’t get to go goose hunting this past weekend as he was running in a senior hunt test. When we got home on Monday he did get to retrieve the goose. The goose weighed 10.5# and he had no trouble picking it up and running back with it. I do believe picking up heavy geese is all in the attitude of the dog and not strengh. Gambler has a little mouth and weighs 67# and he tackled that goose and grabbed hold of it with no problem at all and was very excited to be able to pick it up and bring it back to us. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t in a real hunting senerio all that mattered was that he got to retrieve something with feathers!

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Normans 12th Season of Hunting

This past Monday Norman started his 12th season of hunting. Early goose started this past Saturday. John took Nellie on Saturday and they got 3 geese. He was going to take Norman on Sunday but after Norman had his breakfest at 4:30 in the morning he came back up to bed with me and crawled into bed and went back to bed and wouldn’t get out to go hunting so John took Nellie again. Monday came around and samething. Ate breakfest and back up to bed with him. I got up and kicked him out of bed and he went hunting. He went hunting with John, Justin and my nephew Joey who is 15 yrs old. Norman was the only dog hunting with the guys so he got all 3 retrieves. One retrieve was a goose that Joey shot and he was so darn proud to have shot that goose with his 20 gauge. Norman had a great day and did good with his retrieves but he paid for it at the end of the day when he was slow to get up and limped slightly. He won’t give up, he gives it is all!


1st Senior Pass

Gambler and I with his first AKC Senior pass.

  This weekend Gamber and I ran another AKC Senior hunt test. This would be his 3rd one he has ran since his Junior Hunter title the end of June. He has been training for Seniors for 6 weeks before his first test the middle of August. This hunt test was held at the Madison Retriever Club in Oregon, WI. The Senior test started on Sunday September 2, 1-12. Land was the first series. The test was a walk up with memory bird and go bird as flyer with a blind. Gambler nailed the flyer and had a small hunt on the memory bird. His blind was so so. The mishap that happend during the test was went I went to release Gambler on his first mark I called him Norman and he went, then when he came back and healed up and I said out and took the bird he blasted off for the next bird. So he now thinks his name is Norman and Out! He had the judges laughing, or maybe it was I who had them laughing. The call backs were in and they dropped 1 dog out of 50 so 49 dogs got called back to water. Didn’t get started on water until 2pm so it was going to be hard pressed to get all the dogs run in before it got dark. The test was taking about 6-7 minutes a dog. This test was a water double, a blind and a honor. The sun was moving around to be in the dogs eyes at the end of the day so the judges called it quits for the day. I was one of the unlucky ones to have to come back on Monday and finish the test. There were 9 of us. We came back on Monday and with some work in the morning Gambler went on his name and didn’t move a muscle until I said his name. He lined the go bird and the memory bird he had a small hunt. We were suppost to “challange the blind” which means keep in a straight line but of course Gambler saw a decoy out next to the blind and had to check it out and I would blow the whistle to give him a cast over and he ignored me. He did then go over and got the bird, came back and honored off lead. The judges said “he sure doesn’t like to sit on the whistle” I said “yes that is his downfall, he is a chessie and has to do it his way”. His scores were high enough to pass as his name was called at the ribbon ceremony. I couldn’t be happier, finally the little man does it! What a way to end the hunt test season. Now off to hunting!