Monday Mischief~A Winner And A Loser

This weekend was UKC HRC hunt test weekend. Gambler was entered in 2 finished tests and Glory was entered in 2 seasoned tests (one test each day).

Glory was the winner as she passed her tests each day. With her pass on Saturday came a title with a name change.

You say I have a new name?

Spill it lady, what’s my new name already!

My new name.

She was smokin this weekend for that she gets a new theme song from her biggest fan Amy.

Now onto the mischievous loser, yes once again it is the Gman who is living up to his name G$. Since I have been training him hard the past couple weeks and I handled him last weekend I thought I would try it again. On Saturday the first series was a water triple, a water blind and a diversion. He was spot on and did everything great. I couldn’t believe it he passed his water blind which is his nemesis I thought the day was looking promising. Second series was a land triple, land blind and a honor. He smoked his land marks and then the dreaded land blind. He got out of the area and wouldn’t take my casts and he was out. Honor on lead please. During the test he also didn’t want to give me his second bird, he stuck his head in the bird bucket numerous times to get the birds out and he knocked over the bucket I had to sit on. When he was doing all this I knew it was all over. So I pulled mutiny and  John ran him on Sunday.

Sunday land was first and he did his triple with no flaws and a diversion, the land blind I thought was good. Moving onto water. The water triple was spot on and then the dreaded water blind again. He had a couple cast refusals so the judges told John to pick him up. He behaved better at the line for John and no funny business until John called him back and he swam half way got to the shore and zoom here comes Gambler running full force towards me. I hear someone say “he’s over here”. Run to momma buddy!

How can you be upset at this cutie? We have a weekend off of tests and back at it the second week of July.

I want to take a moment to tell everyone how much it means to me to have you stop by my blog and leave all your nice comments. I’m sorry I haven’t been responding to your comments as I’m lucky enough to get my blog up, stop by all my friends blogs and say hi (might be a couple day’s late) and spend the rest of my time working and training my gang for their up coming tests. I think this training is another full time job! I read all the comments and they make me smile so THANK YOU!

monday mischief

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Nothing But Norman #50

Happy Saturday All!

Project16 - Copy - Copy - Copy

More edited pictures by Nicole from Alred Photography.

18 26 25 24 21 20 19


I think having #50 Nothing But Norman post’s is a small milestone so in honor of #50 I think Norman would like to give away a paracord collar. Your choice of one color or two, buckle or choke, dog or cat collar. Just leave a comment that you would like to enter the give away and I will choose a winner by random org correlating the number you are in the comments. Winner will be announced on next weeks Nothing But Norman post.

I’m also joining Ruckus The Eskie for Sepia Saturday.




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I’m also joining The Pet Parade and these great hosts:


FitDog Friday~Land Water Land

This weeks exercise was Land Water Land Blinds. It’s where you start at one point with the dog and you handle them to a blind way out in the field that they don’t know is there. You do this all with a whistle and hand signals. This blind I did with Gman but did a shorter version with Glory. We worked on many blinds this week because that is what they have been failing on during the hunt tests.

And the Gman is off.

First stretch of water.

Going in.

Big splash.

Running across stretch of land.

Going in second stretch of water.

Big splash.

Third stretch of land a little off to the left.

Getting closer.

Just about got it.

I got it!

Heading back.

Back into the water.

Back up on land.

Back into the water.

Back up on land closer to home base.

Almost home.

Made it home!

When doing blinds there are a lot of stopping, twisting, turning and running so many muscles are being used as well as the mind and they really have to think and react to what you are telling them to do.

The Sand Spring gang will be participating in K9 Kamp again. This time the theme is Backyard Fitness Games.


Please enjoy our FitDog Friday Blog Hop brought to you by SlimDoggy and our co-hosts Peggy’s Pet Place and To Dog With Love. Join the Hop or just enjoy the links below – lots of fun fitness tips and advice!

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Thursday’s Barks And Bytes~Faces

The Barks: Pictures of faces.




The Bytes:

I would like to give a big shout out to Following Roy who was so nice to award me with the Shine On Award. Thank you so much I will display it proudly on my Awards page.

So here are the rules of the award:

1.) Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you. CHECK

2.) Acknowledge that blogger on your blog, and link back. CHECK

3.) Share seven random things about yourself

1. Summer is my favorite season, I love it hot.

2. I owned a Chihuahua when I was in middle/high school and took it to college where I had to bring it back home as it wanted to bit others.

3. I owned a cat names Smegie Smegma Lips. She was a hit by car stray that has puss coming out of her ear when she was brought into the clinic and then I adopted her.

4. I love pasta, pizza and seafood.

5. I used to sort mail when in collage and was pretty darn fast at it.

6. I don’t care for my middle name of Sue.

7. I used to be on a bowling league when I was in middle school, my dad and I won first place in a tournament too.

4.) Nominate up to 15 bloggers for the Shine On Award, provide a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs. NOT CHECKED

I am being a poop and skipping #4. I am lucky to get this post done in time to post as I am super busy trying to train my gang so they stop failing hunt tests, I have another hunt test this weekend so concentrating on that. I would like anyone who hasn’t gotten this fabulous award to go ahead and grab it and display it proudly on your page also.

Mia is continuing to grow like a week. Here she is running up to me she is always super excited to see me at Sunday supper.


The co-hosts for Barks And Bytes are Linda from 2browndawgs and Jodi from Heart Like A Dog.



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Wordless Wednesday~Flower Child


Wordless Wednesday is a community linkup of bloggers. Visit our host, BlogPaws, and you can use the icons below the post to hop from site to site. It is a great way to discover new blogs…..or even just a convenient way to find all of your favorites in one place. When you visit each site, be sure to leave a comment and let them know you found them through Wordless Wednesday.

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Tasty Tuesday~Brothers Complete Dehydrated USA Beef Liver

I was contacted by Brothers Complete and asked if they could send me a care package to try out  a few of there products and write a review on them.


I jumped at the chance as I had never heard of them and I liked what I saw in there advertisement explaining the company. Clients that come into the clinic are often talking about using grain free food and treats as they feel their pets do better on them. Some clients animals have allergies so they feel to help out the allergies would be to feed a grain free product so I thought it would be nice to try out this company’s treats and have another source to refer clients to as well as myself.

The end of May I reviewed some of their Brothers  biscuits treats you can read about them here. I also reviewed their USA Dehydrated Sweet Potato which you can read here.

Today I am reviewing their Dehydrated USA Beef Liver.

Feel confident your dog is not eating irradiated treats from overseas!

  • All Natural
  • Grain Free
  • Nature’s Multi Vitamin
  • Excellent training treats, easily breaks into small pieces.
  • Made In The USA

Ingredients: Dehydrated Beef Liver

Glory posing for the review.

Glory was the chosen pup for this review as the other dogs must of been causing mischief elsewhere’s. She had to check out the ingredients out first. The one ingredient Beef Liver passed the test. She had to take a sniff to smell the tasty goodness.

Ohhhh these smell great, and one tasty ingredient.

Lip smacking good!

These one ingredient treats were quite big, broke easily and Glory said they tasted great!

Glory gives these treats 4 paws up!

All Products purchased at have a 45 day

100% customer satisfaction guarantee with a hassle free return policy.

  • Free UPS Ground shipping on orders of $40.00 or more to the 48 contiguous United States.
  • Orders under $40.00 going to one of the 48 contiguous United States will ship UPS Ground, but will incur a $5.95 shipping and handling fee.
  • Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is available please put in your zip code on “View Cart” page to get shipping  quote.

They have a reward points and refer a friend program to collect points to use for future purchases. They also offer a Troop ID Discount which I thought was very nice: We offer a 5% site wide discount to active duty, veterans, retirees (someone who retired after 20+ years), military spouse and direct dependents.

Brothers Complete is a family owned and operated business with your pet’s needs in mind. I would defiantly buy these treats in the future.

I was compensated one bag  of treats for a honest review.

Tuesdays, Just Got Tastier!Tuesdays, Just Got Tastier!
We are joining the Tuesday Blog Hop Hosted By Kol’s Notes and Sugar The Golden Retriever


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My pal Oz is having a  Zuke’s #FuelTheCure Contest and Fundraiser to help raise money for The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund, an organization dedicated to the understanding, treatment and prevention of canine and feline cancer.

This is a very easy and fun contest along with a fundraiser to join in on.

How to join in on the fun (courtesy of Oz):

  • Write a short #FuelTheCure blog post
  • Include a photo of yourself (if you are a dog) or your dog LOVING LIFE in your post
  • Join the hop on any day starting on Tuesday, June 24 through Saturday, June 28  (when you link to the hop, in the “Name Required” field please put your name or blog name and either US, UK, CA as this will help determine your contest entry – ex.  “Oz the Terrier US”)

Please join the hop!  Tell a friend!  Let’s make a difference in the lives of pets who are suffering from cancer and help ease the burden on their families as they care for their ailing pets! 


#FuelTheCure Contest and Fundraiser

for The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund

Tuesday, June 24 through Saturday, June 28

Every entry is a $5 donation to The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund

Each entry will also be entered into Oz’s very own contest to win some Zuke’s treats.

Here is my #FuelTheCure Loving Life photo

Glory, Nellie, Gambler Loving Life

My gang at Sand Spring is Loving Life when they are outside, whether it is training for a hunt test, hunting, or just laying around in beautiful flowers they are Loving Life and I am Loving my Life with them.

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Monday Mischief~Chapstick Bandit/Counter Surfer

Gman is my boy! He is in love with chapstick as much as his momma does. I have a chapstick addiction and always have to have a chapstick in my pocket and in every room in the house. Each jacket has a chapstick too. The other day I set my purse on the table and went to take a shower, when I got done I saw my purse on the floor and this…….

My favorite EOS chapstick was broke into and eaten. Now Gman has kissable soft lips.

Gman was again full of mischief as he did two things this week again. I also caught him on the kitchen counter eating out of the chicken scrap bucket. It has been forever since he jumped on the counter, there must of been something good in the bucket.

I’m not being bad!

nom nom nom the chickens shouldn’t get this good stuff.

Gman was also being a mischief maker at the two UKC HRC tests he competed at this weekend. He failed each day doing his water blinds. We will try again this next weekend.

Glory on the other hand had a great weekend and she passed again on Sunday. She only needs one more pass for her UKC HRC Seasoned titled. Way to go Glory!

This is a Blog Hop. Thanks to Alfie’s BlogSnoopy’s Dog Blog , Luna, a Dog’s Life , and My Brown Newfies for setting up this hop. Please go to any of the sponsoring blogs to find out who else has been mischievous.

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Black And White Sunday~Pass & SHR Title


Glory’s first UKC HRC Seasoned pass. This gives her enough points for her HRC Started Title. 

Her new name is:

SHR UCH Sand Spring No Gut’s No Glory JH



We are joining Dachshund Nola & Sugar The Golden Retriever for the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop.

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