Pose A Pet App #RescueRevolution ~A Way To Help Your Local Rescue/Shelter

I was recently contacted by Rachel over at My Kid Has Paws if I would like to spread the word about a great new app for your phone that will help out rescue groups and shelters. I of course was interested in learning more about this as any way to help out rescue groups and shelters would be a great thing. Sounds like a win-win for both organizations.

After Rachel contacted me I downloaded the app and checked it out.

Gambler and Nellie posing to the Duck sound.

The free version you can take pictures using the sounds but you can’t save them to your phone or make flyers for animals needing a forever home.

With the premium version for $2.99 you get 20 more sounds,  you can save photos/flyers to your phone and share the photos without the pose a pet logo. Making flyers is easy.

Clink to go to Pose A Pet website.

What is the Pose A Pet? – Pose A Pet™ is an app that was created to help you get great pictures of your pet by using the same sounds that professional pet photographers use to get your pets attention.

The creators of Pose A Pet™ are committed to animal rescue and their app is just the first step in a major plan to find homes for every animal. If you are involved in animal rescue, Pose A Pet ™ app not only helps get a great photo of your foster or animal in need, it also instantly helps you create an eye-catching virtual flyer that headlines any need from transport to foster to donation to adoption. They can be instantly shared to your social media network as well as on our sister site, Rescuerevolution.com.


Isn’t this a great flyer? All done on your phone with Pose A Pet ™ app.

Over 65% of households have a dog. Animal lovers are not only interested in getting great photos of their pets, they are also interested in helping homeless animals find their homes. Our Pose A Pet ™ App offers a tool that does both!

Not only have the creators created a great app, but they are going to give 50% of the revenue earned during the week of March 30th through April 5th to a rescue or shelter of our choice.

What Organization Will The Proceeds Go To This Week?

I have chosen Chesapeake Retriever Rescue Of Wisconsin (CRROW) to receive the revenue from this app.  Starting today, every time the Premium Pose A Pet App is downloaded, CRROW will get 50%.

A little bit about CRROW  taken from their website:

The Chesapeake Retriever Rescue of WI is a group of volunteers dedicated to rescuing Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and finding them loving forever homes. We rescue adoptable purebred or mixed Chesapeake Bay Retrievers from shelters, strays, and from owners who can no longer care for their dogs. We are staunch promoters of spaying and neutering, and no dog is placed by our organization without this being done before placement. We also educate potential adopters about the breed to make sure a Chesapeake is the right dog for their family.

Chesapeake Retriever Rescue of WI.
1318 S. Kernan Ave
Appleton, WI 54915

How Can You Help?

You can help by downloading the app this week!  Every time you download the app you will be helping CRROW  and rescues and shelters all around the nation.  Downloading the app is great, but CRROW  will receive more funds if you purchase app upgrades.

If you are a pet blogger, and want to join our 2015 campaign, send an email to mykidhaspawsblog@gmail.com to get the shelter or rescue of your choice to benefit from the app downloads and proceeds.

You can find out more about Pose A Pet Here:

Website:  http://www.poseapet.net

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/PoseAPet

Twitter:  @PoseAPet

Works on kitties that need a home too.

Disclaimer: I have knowingly and willingly signed up for this Pose A Pet™ campaign in order for CRROW to financially benefit from the app downloads. However, Sand Spring Chesapeakes only shares information that we feel is relevant. Pose A Pet™ is not responsible for the content of this article. 

This Blog Hop is hosted by My Kid Has Paws and Dogs N Pawz.  Please join us in raising funds by emailing mykidhaspawsblog@gmail.com and by downloading the app and the app upgrades!

10 Year Old Nellie and Rejenease~Giveaway and FitDog Friday

Back in January I was one of the lucky winners of Heart Like A Dog  Rejenease joint supplement giveaway. I thought this was great because there are so many products out on the market and what a better way to try one out when it is free. We all like free stuff and like it even better when you get enough of a supply to test out. That is what happened with Rejenease. Steve from Rejenease contacted me right away with the code to get my free bottle from Amazon. I was able to get a 32 oz bottle which lasted Nellie 6 weeks giving her 2 teaspoons in the morning and evening. Steve also was great with following up with me on how I liked the product and if I had any questions, he also supplied me with the literature about the product.

32 oz bottle

Per Rejenease website:

 Rejenease: Triple Action Joint Repair For Dogs

  1. Repairing & Protecting Joints.
  2. Relieving Pain.
  3. Transforming Mobility.

It’s fast acting and often the difference is dramatic. Dogs who have been barely able to move roll back the years. Stiff, painful joints get better, enabling dogs like yours to walk, run and play just like they used to.

Triple Action Rejenease works because it contains:

  1. Glucosamine (1600mg) & MSM (1000mg): Build and Protect Your Dogs Joints
  2. Chondroitin (1200mg): Improves the Elasticity and Flexibility of Joints
  3. Hyaluronic Acid (10mg): Lubricates the Joints

Together these powerful supplements can ease your dog’s pain and transform their mobility. And you’ll see better, faster results because it’s a liquid. It’s so easy to mix it with your pet’s food, or add it to their water. Forget about crushing tablets and struggling with picky eaters.

On to the trial: I decided to try Regenease on Nellie as she is now over 10 years old and has a occasional off and on limping in her front right leg. Nellie currently isn’t on any medications. If her limping goes over a couple of days or is more than the last time I will give her a NSAID to relieve the pain and inflammation but then stop after the limp is gone. After consulting my veterinarian and a physical exam which revealed a possible sore tendon. Radiographs were not done at this time since it was just a slight limp so I decided to just rest and see how she did. I told my veterinarian about Regenease and she said it was a excellent idea to start Nellie on it as at her age I really need to have her on a joint supplement and a fatty acid supplement, both of them together will will help Nellie out. For now I just have her on the joint supplement.

Liquid joint supplement to put over food.

The Rejenease is a liquid that comes in a 32 oz bottle with instructions on the bottle as to how much to give accordingly to your pets weight, it needs to be given twice a day.

Pour over food twice a day.

Nellie dug right in.

Nom, Nom, Nom

Enjoying each morsel.

Tastes so good licking the bowl clean.

Nellie made sure she got every last drop.

Yummy! If Nellie could talk I’m sure she would say that was tasty stuff.

Nellie had no problem eating her food with the Rejenease on it, she actually spends more time licking her bowl clean then before. Now how is she doing. She is doing great! We did have one bought of limping during this 6 week period, I took her back into work and had the vet look at her again and this time we did radiographs. Mild arthritis was seen on her shoulder hence the lameness when she has a flare up.

Arthritis is in front of the arrow.

Nellie only had the one flare up during the 6 week period. I ordered another bottle as I liked the product, Nellie liked the product and she needs to be on a joint supplement so why not be one we both like. After I ordered the second bottle Steve from Rejenease emailed me and thanked me. I told him how I liked the product and am keeping Nellie on it. He said in a few weeks he hopes to launch a fish oil supplement, I was happy to hear that as Nellie should be on that to. I am waiting for that product to come out so I can start her on it and will let you know what we think of that too. We will be sticking with these products since the Rejenease is helping Nellie, it is made in the USA and is 100% guaranteed.

Steve offered to give away 5 bottles of Rejenease for my readers who would like to try it. Click the rafflecopter link to enter. Steve will contact the winners.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Since Nellie is a fan of FitDog Fridays and is trying to get in shape I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts on a joint supplement for all the other active senior dogs in the FitDog group.


The fun and games continue every Friday with FitDog Friday, the weekly Blog Hop brought to you by To Dog With LoveSlimDoggy and Emma from Mygbgvlife to promote a healthy active lifestyle for pets (and their people, too!). Join in every Friday by linking up your FitDog story or visiting the blogs in the Hop.

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2014 Sand Spring Holiday Gift Guide

The gang at Sand Spring was lucky enough to sample/review some really great products. I put together a list for you if your still in need of a gift for your furry friend.

Chewy.com Each month chewy.com provides us with a product to review. Here are my reviews on the products we sampled. Chewy.com has just about anything you are looking for at great prices, great service and speedy delivery.

We got Greenies! Greenies read the review here.

Well Well I never had quail before, the package smells really good. Wysong Quail treats read the review here.

MK didn't give me time to break up the Ideal Balance canned cat food, she dug right in. Ideal Balance Cat food read the review here.

Don't mind if I do. Natural Balance Belly Bites read the review here

. Halo Liv a Littles read the review here.

 Merrick Lil Brush Bones read the review here.

 Merrick Canine Cookout read the review here.

 Primal Turkey Livers read the review here.

 Tropiclean water additive read the review here.

 Natural Balance Venison Burger Bites read the review here.

Now onto a few of the items that we won from giveaways on other blogs. Thanks goes out to all the blogs for their great reviews of products and to the brands that donated the products.

We won our very own unbreakoball. I got this Unbreakoball in April and it is still going strong, if you have a dog that likes to push balls around to play then this is the ball for you. You can read my post here.

This bag will fit all your travel items for a dog or a cat. HomeAway travel organizer kit by Solvit. I just love this bag, it is so sturdy and durable, I use it as my therapy bag I take with to visits. It even held up against the teeth of Gambler. You can read my post here.

 Life’s A Bark book for any dog lover by Larry Kay. You can read my post here.

 Saved by Gracie by Jan Dunlap, a great read. You can read my post here.

 Kurgo First Aid Kit. This is a handy animal first aid kit that I just love to have with me in my car. I haven’t written a post about it yet but you can go to chewy.com and get it there.

 If you dogs are allowed smoked bones you can’t go wrong with any treat from Jones Natural Chews. My gang loves all their products. The jumbo bone keeps them busy for hours, days, weeks.

 For those of you looking to get a one of a kind hand crafted piece of jewelry look no further than Sue at For Love Of A Dog. She makes every piece with a piece of her heart. I just love my rainbow bridge bracelet that I got from her.

May you all have a blessed Holiday Season.

Printcopia Canvas Print Right To Your Door

Looking for  Canvas Print to add to your home’s decor? I have just the place for you, a place that delivers quality photo Canvas Print’s right to your door in a timely manner, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Printcopia is the place for you.

Printcopia’s website is user friendly, it’s crisp clean and easy to follow. From start to finish it took me less than 10 minutes to build my Canvas Print from start to shopping cart. It took me longer to decide on what photo to use for my masterpiece.

I then went to www.printcopia.com to start my project. There are many selections that you can choose from to make masterpieces. You can choose Canvas, Basic Photo, Acrylic, Framed Prints, Panoramic and Decals.

For my project I chose Canvas and here is the photo I chose to use.

First you need to choose a size, the sizes range from 8 x 8 up to 30 x 40 with a total of 9 different sizes. I chose their most popular size of 16 x 20.


Second you need to choose an image, you can upload a photo right from your computer or you can import from Instagram or Facebook.

Having different options makes it so easy to get your photo on the canvas.

Third you choose a style. The styles are mirror image, image wrap and border color. I chose mirror image for my project.

You then choose standard wall hanger or you can add a wall mount for $1.49. I chose the standard wall hanger.

Fourth you choose options, which are optional color finishing of none, B&W or Sepia for additional $11.49. You can then choose optional image retouching of none, minor for additional $22.50 or major for $75.00. I didn’t choose any additional options.

Fifth is add to cart and checkout.

Printcopia has a production and shipping time frame of 10-12 business days. I received my project in 11 business days. You can also track your shipment to follow along the shipment and know right when it is going to be delivered.

Glory thinks this package might just be for her. It isn’t for her but it is of her. Here is the final project.

This is where I hung the masterpiece.

Fit’s right in with our decor don’t you think? When my canvas print came in the mail I let John open it up and told him it was for him (I think I only have one picture of John on our walls and none of him with “his dog Glory”). John was surprise to see this canvas print and thought it turned out really nice. He right away said what day that was hunting last year. I had to work the next day and when I came home he told me he took the print up to his parents house to show them and then our friend came over and he had to show it to them right away. It takes a lot to impress John and he defiantly was impressed and so happy to show off our masterpiece. Thank you Printcopia, we couldn’t be happier with the results. I give this canvas print 4 Glory paws up!

So why Printcopia? Printcopia because:

1. Their art team ensures great results every time.

2. They use non-toxic, eco-friendly inks.

3. All canvas prints are made in the USA.

4. You can print directly from social networks.

5. They have the lowest prices and fast, free delivery.

6. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You can follow Printcopia on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

I was compensated one 16 x 20 canvas print for a honest review of Printcopia.

Tasty Tuesday~Brothers Complete Dehydrated USA Beef Liver

I was contacted by Brothers Complete and asked if they could send me a care package to try out  a few of there products and write a review on them.


I jumped at the chance as I had never heard of them and I liked what I saw in there advertisement explaining the company. Clients that come into the clinic are often talking about using grain free food and treats as they feel their pets do better on them. Some clients animals have allergies so they feel to help out the allergies would be to feed a grain free product so I thought it would be nice to try out this company’s treats and have another source to refer clients to as well as myself.

The end of May I reviewed some of their Brothers  biscuits treats you can read about them here. I also reviewed their USA Dehydrated Sweet Potato which you can read here.

Today I am reviewing their Dehydrated USA Beef Liver.

Feel confident your dog is not eating irradiated treats from overseas!

  • All Natural
  • Grain Free
  • Nature’s Multi Vitamin
  • Excellent training treats, easily breaks into small pieces.
  • Made In The USA

Ingredients: Dehydrated Beef Liver

Glory posing for the review.

Glory was the chosen pup for this review as the other dogs must of been causing mischief elsewhere’s. She had to check out the ingredients out first. The one ingredient Beef Liver passed the test. She had to take a sniff to smell the tasty goodness.

Ohhhh these smell great, and one tasty ingredient.

Lip smacking good!

These one ingredient treats were quite big, broke easily and Glory said they tasted great!

Glory gives these treats 4 paws up!

All Products purchased at http://www.BrothersComplete.com have a 45 day

100% customer satisfaction guarantee with a hassle free return policy.

  • Free UPS Ground shipping on orders of $40.00 or more to the 48 contiguous United States.
  • Orders under $40.00 going to one of the 48 contiguous United States will ship UPS Ground, but will incur a $5.95 shipping and handling fee.
  • Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is available please put in your zip code on “View Cart” page to get shipping  quote.

They have a reward points and refer a friend program to collect points to use for future purchases. They also offer a Troop ID Discount which I thought was very nice: We offer a 5% site wide discount to active duty, veterans, retirees (someone who retired after 20+ years), military spouse and direct dependents.

Brothers Complete is a family owned and operated business with your pet’s needs in mind. I would defiantly buy these treats in the future.

I was compensated one bag  of treats for a honest review.

Tuesdays, Just Got Tastier!Tuesdays, Just Got Tastier!
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Tasty Tuesday~Best Elk Antlers

A quick side note. Don’t forget to pop on over to Mollie & Alfie’s blog today to see what items are up for auction and do some bidding to help out their friend who lost her dog Mabel to bloat. I have a cat paracord collar and a dog collar and leash up for auction sent to the highest bidder world wide.


Who has the Biggest & Best Elk Antlers around you ask, well ask no further because I have a answer for you!

Shop The Biggest and Best Elk Antlers Best Elk Antlers.com does. How do I know this? I know this because I was offered a chance to review their split elk antler fillet.

Gambler spreading the joy.

A little bit about Best Elk Antlers:

All American Chews for your All American Dog: Best Elk Antlers is committed to providing your dog the highest quality all-natural elk antler dog chews, supporting American business and workers, and practicing sustainable sourcing and respecting our nation’s wildlife and natural resources.

The benefits:

Tough and Tasty, American and Affordable, Sustainable and Safe: Best Elk Antlers has the highest quality all-natural elk antlers. Your dog benefits from high concentrations of vitamins and minerals while cleaning and maintaining healthy teeth and bones when enjoying a durable, tasty elk antler.

I put the elk antlers to the test by testing them out on a few different dogs large and small.

First up is Gillis & Rylee from work. I am a Veterinary Technician at a clinic in WI. The staff dogs are allowed behind the receptionist counter. This is where Gillis and Rylee chewed on their antlers. Each of them would chew on them a little each day when they came in from daycare. They would chew on them and when it was nap time they would lay down with their heads on their antlers so the other dogs couldn’t get them.

Here is a video of Gillis:

Next up was Finnley the Boston Terrier & Carson the Labrador. They belong to another staff member at the clinic, she took the antlers home for them to chew on. Finnley laid right down and chewed on his antler. He chewed on it for a decent amount of time each day, the large fillet was no match for this small dude, he handled it like a big dog. Carson chewed on his but wasn’t a fan of the camera so Laura didn’t get any shots of him.

Next up was my brothers Labrador & Corgi. Dusty and Chloe also loved the antlers. They two grabbed them and started chewing on them right away. Chloe of course as you can see from the picture wanted Dusty’s as she thought his was better. It kept them entertained while we were cooking and eating supper. They didn’t even beg for our food.

Here are video’s of Dusty and Chloe chewing on their bones:

Best Elk Antlers has a really nice website that has numerous products to accommodate the smallest of small dogs up to the largest of large dogs. They have a nice sizing chart where they recommend the products for the size of dog you have. Their products are 100% Natural and American made. They even have antler rope toys for those dogs who like to do a little playing and chewing.

Free shipping on orders over $49.00 to the USA. You can also get 10% discount on your first order by receiving their newsletter. As well as having a sales selection on their website.

I was impressed with bones and how the different dogs took to them. I didn’t realize how many products you could have with a antler at a reasonable price.

You can also follow Best Elk Antlers on social media at BestElkAntlers Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Google+

Gillis, Rylee, Finnley, Carson, Dusty and Chloe give Best Elk Antlers 4 paws up!

Sand Spring Chesapeakes was given one free bag of Elk Antler Fillets in exchange for a honest review. Unfortunately the Sand Spring gang wasn’t into chewing on something so hard. They didn’t mind sharing with their friends and their friends loved them.


Tuesdays, Just Got Tastier!Tuesdays, Just Got Tastier!
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Dental Health and Chewy.com


When Chewy.com contacted me and asked me if I would write a review on one of their products I jumped at the chance as I saw they sell Greenies and with National Pet Dental Health Month coming up in February I couldn’t resist the opportunity being I am a Veterinary Technician work in a clinic and promote National Pet Dental Health Month.

What can brown do for you? They can bring us Greenies from Chewey.com

What can brown do for you? They can bring us Greenies from Chewy.com

What oh what might we have gotten from Chewy.com

What oh what might we have gotten from Chewy.com

Give Gman a minute and he will let you know.

Give Gman a minute and he will let you know.

We got Greenies!

We got Greenies!

Did you know that Greenies are GREENIES® is VOHC accepted and is the #1 Vet-Recommended Dental Chewand The #1 Vet-Recommended Dental Chew*

You can see someone was very happy to get Greenies. (hole in bag)

You can see someone was very happy to get Greenies. (hole in bag)


Complete oral care is important for your dog’s total body health and can add years to their lifespan.** GREENIES® Canine Dental Chews are proven to clean dogs’ teeth by fighting both plaque and tartar buildup, freshening breath, and maintaining healthier teeth and gums. Designed for daily treating, our dental chews are low in fat and nutritionally complete for adult dogs.

Sizes: TEENIE® Treats, Petite, Regular, Large, Jumbo
Other Varieties: Weight Management Dental Chews and GREENIES SENIOR® Dental Chews
Are these all for me?

Are these all for me?

The gang was super excited to get to try the Greenies I got. I think they could smell them through the bag and I got the bag out and they just went nuts.
Am I suppose to hold it like this?

Am I suppose to hold it like this?

Silly Nellie, you are suppose to hold it like this so the end that looks like a brush is near your teeth.

Silly Nellie, you are suppose to hold it like this so the end that looks like a brush is near your teeth.

nom nom nom

nom nom nom

More nom nom nom

More nom nom nom

Delish and good for me.

Delish and good for me.

Key Benefits:


A Total Oral-Health Solution

One dental chew a day helps clean your dog’s teeth by using their natural chewing action to wipe away plaque and tartar buildup from the surface of teeth.


Safe & Easy to Digest

Highly soluble ingredients help our dental chews break down quickly for easy digestion, making them more digestible than premium dry dog food.


Irresistible Taste

Independent testing confirms GREENIES® Dental Chews for dogs are highly palatable and great-tasting.


For Dogs of All Sizes

Our dental chews come in five unique sizes to offer the most appropriate texture and hardness for dogs with a variety of bite-force capabilities.

Anything else in this Chewy.com box?

Anything else in this Chewy.com box?

Sand Spring Chesapeakes gives Greenies and Chewy.com 12 paws up

Sand Spring Chesapeakes gives Greenies and Chewy.com 12 paws up

Why Chewy.com?

Because: Chewy.com has more than 300 brands to choose from and is ready to fetch it and ship it, direct to your doorstep, anytime of the day. Have a question regarding the best food for your pet? Call us 24/7 and our helpful customer service team at Chewy.com is ready to listen.

Chewy.com lives and breathes pets. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Chewy.com’s dedicated staff is committed to providing quality pet products to our customers in a fast and easy way. That’s why we have warehouses located throughout the country – so the products are delivered quickly and efficiently. Bottom line, Chewy.com delivers pet happiness – and there’s nothing really better than that.

Their products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed (if your not happy call them and they pay for shipping the item back), they have expert pet care and product advice, over 200 of the best pet brands and 24/7 customer care. Another great benefit of Chewy.com is they have autoship for your pet food needs and orders under $49.00 are a flat rate shipping cost of $4.95.

Right now their Greenies are on sale so don’t miss out on National Pet Dental Health Monthy by stocking up on some Greenies from Chewy.com and keep your pets teeth healthy.


200 SW 1st Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

I was compensated one bag of regular Greenies for a honest review from Chewy.com.
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Custom Shirts At Allied Shirts

Recently I did my first review for Build A Sign. You can read about it here. So when I was recently contacted by their sister company Allied Shirts I jumped at the chance to have my dog’s printed on a shirt for the up coming hunt test season. I was compensated one printed T-Shirt for a honest review.

Allied Shirts  website is user friendly and super easy to follow.

Allied Shirts

Allied Shirts

First I went to their website and chose a budget shirt in the color of my choice.

Besides budget shirts they have: Unisex T-Shirts, Long Sleeve Shirts, Ladies T-Shirts, Girly T’s, Sweatshirts and Hoodies.

Budget Short Sleeve

Promo weight 5.4 oz. Tee. 100% cotton preshrunk Tees at a great price!

Select Your Shirt

Select Your Shirt

Select your style of shirt and color. Look at all the color choices you have to pick from. I chose dark green because when at a hunt test you need to be wearing dark clothing.

Add text if you want

Add text if you want

Super easy to add text, clip art or regular photos. You can change fonts, size, color of text. Many choices to choose from which is nice.

I chose to add a picture

I chose to add a picture

First picture was Gambler

First picture was Gambler

I don’t have a Sand Spring logo yet so I chose a photo of Gambler and Glory that I like to put on the shirt. It was easy to work with the photo to make it smaller, to move it where I wanted it to go.

Gambler and Glory

Gambler and Glory

I was happy with the layout so I proceeded to checkout. The whole process took less than 15 minutes. It was fast and easy. I didn’t need to contact their support staff for help but if you need to you can.

Why use Allied Shirts?

Printed in the USA

Get your shirts fast! Our skilled production team members print all of our shirts here in the USA.

Great Service

Our Customer Love Team is on-call and ready to answer your questions or help you place your order.

Design & Rest

Once you place your order, our design experts work hard to ensure that your shirts look great. So design…and relax!

Once I placed my order all I needed to do was wait for my order to arrive which happened quite quickly. I placed my order on 12/14/13 and the ETA was by 1/2/14. I got my shirt right before Christmas so that was just over a week. How much faster could you ask for?

Finished shirt

Finished shirt

Shirt after I washed it

Shirt after I washed it

The shirt washed up nicely. I didn’t see a difference from when I got the shirt to after I washed it. The printing of the picture and text held up. The only downfall with the shirt is that I chose photo’s that I thought were light enough but turned out they weren’t. They printed out darker than I would of liked. I don’t believe that was fault in printing but to dark of photos to begin with. Over all I would give Allied Shirts 2 paws up and would defiantly use them again in the future.

You can find Allied Shirts on the following Social Media sites: Twitter    Facebook

Stop on over to one of their sister sites and see what Build A Sign and Printcopia can do for you.