Bundled Up~Monday Mischief

When it’s cold outside be sure to bundle up! Bundled up is what I did on Saturday morning at the American Chesapeake Clubs Chesapeake Fun Day.

Yup it’s cold out here, I’m dressed for the weather.

The Michelin girl!

Gambler is nekkid.

He doesn’t care one bit that it is cloudy, windy and cold! As long as he is retrieving he is warm.

The mischief here is that these are the only 4 photo’s I got of Gambler and I training this day. I gave my camera to John and he isn’t a photo freak like me and only takes a few pictures. Have to give him lessons that more is better!

monday mischief

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20 thoughts on “Bundled Up~Monday Mischief

  1. Boys …they do not get it with the pics hahhaa:) i must get me some camo for spying on the roos..they spot me everytime..and those pants look super 🙂 ..plus we are cold here too! loves Bev xxx


  2. Looks like you all had a great weekend anyway and that~~~is all that matters. Dad didn’t do to bad at the photos either 🙂


  3. I think the true mischief is that you had to be dressed for winter one weekend before May! It was cold here this weekend, too. I had an agility trial (indoors thank goodness) and there were snow flurries in the early morning!


  4. HA! We’re familiar with that sort of mischief…whenever hubby is in charge of taking pictures (let alone videos), there aren’t very many in the end…which is why I’m usually the one snapping away!


  5. He did take some great pictures though! LOL! Should I tell you that we reached 90 degrees on Saturday? It doesn’t get cold enough for us to go “Michelin” warm during December or January!


  6. Men need to have specific instructions, don’t they? LOL. The photos he got were good though. Bundling up is really no fun….much better to be free and nekkid like Gambler!


  7. Sounds like my husband. When we are taking Aspen in the woods and to the creek, I have to keep a close eye on him and sometimes use the leash so I give John the camera and say take pictures. When we get home I ask to look at the pictures. There are usually 5 or 6 where I probably would have taken 20 or more to make sure I got some good ones 🙂


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