Phase 1~Thursday Barks And Bytes

Hey wait….am I on the correct blog???? Isn’t that Thunder from 2browndawgs? Why is Thunder on the SS gang blog today????

Thunder is joining today because here at SS we are in phase 1 of the breeding between Glory and Thunder. Yesterday Miss Glory went into heat, a day that was long awaited for since we got the sad news back in December that she wasn’t pregnant. Phase 1 of the breeding consists of Glory having a Brucellosis test done to make sure she doesn’t have it, we wouldn’t want to give anything to Thunder so we are making sure she is negative. Next Thursday Glory will start her progesterone testing which is another blood test and will tell us when Glory will be ovulating which means she is in standing heat and will accept a male for breeding. She may need 1-3 tests in order to find out when she is ready. We are looking at the breeding taking place the week of May 10th. Of course you know I will be keeping you all updated. Let the new adventure begin.

Just went Glory is having some really good days training we have to scratch her from her upcoming hunt test on May 9th. Dogs that are in heat are not allowed to compete so she will be sitting that one out. Here are the photos from our training day in Minnesota where Glory had a fabulous run.


We are joining Linda at 2browndawgs and Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for this great blog hop.

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16 thoughts on “Phase 1~Thursday Barks And Bytes

  1. Thunder says he looks forward to meeting Glory. teehee Of course you know that the reason Glory came into heat is because she has a test coming up and is doing well in training. 🙂 Thanks for joining the hop!


  2. Well I guess I should have read this post first, then I wouldn’t have asked the question on yesterdays. LOL

    How frequently do dogs come into season? I had thought it was twice a year….it doesn’t seem like six months has passed already or maybe it’s just me with brain fog. LOL

    Thank you for joining the hop!


  3. Mom is just about leaping out of her seat hearing that Glory and Thunder are trying to have puppies!!! Oh my dog…those will be beautiful puppies that are super smart and athletic. We are just jealous now of whomever gets a pup!


  4. How exciting!! At least Glory’s last training went well, so you’re leaving off in a good place. Whoo…can’t wait to hear the rest of the story, and paws crossed for lots of puppies!


  5. Hi Y’all!

    Sigh, well, as my Human is always telling me, “you can’t have everything”. I guess it applies to gal dogs and hunt tests vs a beau…guess she chose the beau.

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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