Channel Blinds With Some Shucking And Jiving~FitDog Friday

This weeks training was on channel blinds. We have a upcoming hunt test in the beginning of May at a place where there are a couple channel blinds. Channel blinds are done on basically a rectangular piece of water that is long and narrow. They either have your dog swim right down the middle of the channel to the end of the channel or they have you enter on a angle from one side and swim across the channel to the other side. We haven’t done this yet this year so I thought we should practice this.

Glory was up first, we did a angle entry channel blind.

Starting at the top going left to right, Glory entered the water, she was getting a little of kilter so I whistle stopped her, she turned around and I gave her a hand cast to turn right and head to the blind. She picked up the bumper and got back in the water and headed back on the same line she took out there.

Here Glory is shucking the water off.

Here she is jiving to a fun bumper. How come when training they might move a little slower but you throw a fun bumper and then she moves like a banchie jiving along the way.

Next was a fun bumper into the water so she could make a big splash.

Now it is Gamber’s turn.

Gambler did the channel blind by swimming down the middle of the channel to the end, turning around and coming straight back. He lined the blind which means he swam down without being stopped and given a hand signal.

Gambler trying his paw at shucking.

The only jiving he did was launching into the water.

This weekend we will be traveling to Minnesota to visit with Nellie’s daughter Pearl and to attend a Chessie Fun day. Stop back tomorrow to see pictures of Norman at the last fun day we went to many moons ago.


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14 thoughts on “Channel Blinds With Some Shucking And Jiving~FitDog Friday

  1. Hi Y’all!

    Oh that was such a fun, fun time y’all had! Wish I’d been there! I’d like the fun bumpers, please…

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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