A Easy Thank You

Back in December we were told the SS gang was going to get a very special package all the way from France for Christmas. We never got a package from France before nor a prezzie from so far away. Each day we looked and looked for our special package and Thursday last week it finally arrived!

We got a belated Christmas prezzie, I wonder who it is from?

Gambler smell a silvermistygrey pup fur on the package and had to rip into it right away.

We hit the mother load! Wowza!

And who was so nice to send prezzies to us???? Why Easy of course!

The human treats were the best, especially the little big mac. How did Easy know that was my favorite?

Glory sniffing the blue toy.

This smells great I must shake it.

Gman’s not afraid of his masculinity, he picked the pink one.

Nellie thought it was super cool to get a toy from very far away she had to steal the pink one.

Gman taking back his pink toy.

87 seconds later the bomb went off.

Stuffing everywhere’s.

Gambler trying to deaden Glory’s blue toy.

Lookie lookie MK you get a prezzie too!

nom nom nom let me in.

These kitty treats are the bomb, I think I should get all my treats from across the pond.

Now a couple video’s of the toys.

Thank you so much Easy and staff for our great prezzies, they were so much fun. The blue and brown toy are still alive! I also got the best hunting vest for my self. I will show that off later. John said that will be my new little bird hunting vest. John was intrigued by the gifts and looked them all over looking to see if any were in french, he could of cared less about the prezzies just wanted to know what language they were in and try to read it. I on the other hand thought the whole package was very thoughtful and I have some pretty special friends across the pond.


22 thoughts on “A Easy Thank You

  1. well that was a short work :o) Easy killed his toy immediately too, butt he needed 3 minutes hahahaha I’m glad it made the long way over the big pond, Bacon once said we should include a cam in a parcel to see what this post guys do the whole time with our mail :o)


  2. HOLY GWALK A MOLEY…… MOTHER LODE is RIGHT iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    87 Seconds of PURE BLISS…
    That Easy is one in a million… heck sakes… he is one in 87 BAZILLION iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    Yes, the ! key is STILL Busted…iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


  3. How sweet of Easy, and what fun to get belated Christmas gifts from France! It looks like there was a little something for everyone. I’m glad ours is not the only household where some toys live a very short life. 🙂


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