Glory’s First Pheasant Hunt

Today was the WI pheasant hunt opener. We took Gambler and Glory. Gamblers paw has healed up nicely since starting on his antibiotics for his puncture in his pad, so we took him with. My nephew Joey went with us, he is 15.5 yrs old and loves to hunt. I never took him pheasant hunting before so this was a great day spending time with him. Joey and I went off in a field with Gambler while John and Glory went behind us in another field. Gambler worked good and I explained to Joey how to watch the dog and when they make sharp turns and start tracking and their tail is just a wagging to keep up with him because he is on something. Gambler was on a scent and tracked it for a ways and then nothing. We hit the end of the field near the woods and then met up with John and Glory. We came through the woods and then both Gambler and Glory flushed up a pheasant but it was in front of John so he shot. Glory retrieved the bird to John, both dogs were super excited after that. We hunted a bit more to try and get Joey a bird but we had no success. Next time!

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