Todays Duck Hunt With Riley

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Today I got invited to go duck hunting with Justin and Riley. Riley is one of my puppies from Nellie & Tiny’s 09 litter. Riley had a rough start in life as when she was 3 days old she broke her little hip. I didn’t know anything was wrong until she started walking at 3 weeks. When I looked back at the videos I took I then noticed a problem when she was crawling at 3 days old. Poor girl, she had physical therapy until 12 weeks of age and it was a miracle that her hip joined her femur again and looked perfect. I couldn’t sell her as she had a defect so she went to live with my friend Justin who also has a guide business All Seasons Adventures near our home so I knew she was in a good home that would spoil her with tons of ducks.

Today was overcast and cool, the ducks weren’t flying like they should have. The dogs (Riley and Gambler only got 4 ducks and 1 goose). It was a fun time nonetheless. Whenever your hunting with your best fur friend it is a good day.

Unfortunately Gambler got hurt. Sometime in the beginning of the hunt when he went out for a retrieve and came back into the boat he stepped on something that punctured the bottom of his paw. He was holding it up then the swelling started in. He is feeling a wee bit sorry for himself limping around on three legs. Tomorrow he will go to work with me to get some medication for his paw. Hopefully he will heal up soon so he can go out again on a hunt.

Swollen paw


Feeling sorry for myself

The hunt



2 thoughts on “Todays Duck Hunt With Riley

  1. Nice pictures. Around here 4 ducks and a goose would be considered a good day!

    Too bad about Gambler’s paw. Storm had an injury like that last year. After she gimped a few days I finally took her in and got some meds. Hope he is better soon. Love the picture of him feeling sorry for himself…lol.


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