Nellie’s 8th Birthday Tribute

7 week old Nellie and Dad Norman.

My favorite puppy picture of Nellie they day we brought her home.

Nellie’s 8th Birthday Tribute:

My dearest Nellie,
Today you are 8 yrs old and I have loved you each and every day of those 8 yrs. You were a result of Norman and I thank him everyday also for giving me you. We were going to pick a male but there was only one male in the litter and you won our hearts. You were such a great puppy never had any problems with you. In the above picture you were named nurse nellie as your daddy had surgery on his leg 3 days before we brought you home. You were so gental with him, you still are now that he is 12 you are carefull of him. We only had one major scare with you through out your 8 yrs and that was when you were 1.5 yrs old and you decided to jump off the loft level of our new house we were building. You broke your hip and needed surgery to take out the broken piece and suture your hip back in the socket. You healed up fast and has never had a problem with it since. You have given me 3 very special litters of puppies and have made 17 people very happy as you have given them a piece of you with there puppy, including me. You saved the best for last and gave me Glory to follow in your footsteps and she has some pretty big footsteps to fill as you are one heck of a dog, family member, hunting partner, friend! You may only have your SH title but you are a MH out in the field. Hope you enjoyed your Sasakatchewan trip as I missed you each day you were gone and next year I will be there to hunt with you again there. Welcome home little turd!

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