Gambler Blackfoot

Gambler has a new name: It is Sand Spring Gambler Blackfoot. We found out he has a bit of indian in him.

Put dogs outside this am and Gambler came back with black feet. Guess the ditch is all dried up since we haven’t had any rain and all that is left is stinky marsh muck. Gambler jumped in and came back to the house and ran threw the living room leaving stinky paw prints behind. I washed his feet and sent him outside to dry and looked out at him and he had black feet again. What am I gonna do with that boy?

3 thoughts on “Gambler Blackfoot

  1. Sounds like my Miss Stella. (She and my Chessie are the main focus of my other blog, Just Ramblin’). Thanks for stopping by my Maybe … Just Maybe blog. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and hope to hear more from you You have a very cool blog. : )


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