FitDog Friday/K9 Kamp KampFire

k9kamp new badge 2014

Today is K9 Kamp and I am joining our Kamp Kounselors/hosts for this event. Be sure to stop over to all of the fine host’s (kamp kounselors) and thank them for a great challenge Peggy’s Pet Place, Slimdoggy, and To Dog With Love.

You can see pictures from our first week of Kamp here. You can see pictures from our second week of Kamp here. The first week I used pink bumpers. The second week I used orange bumpers and then the third week I used dokken dummies, two ducks, a goose and a pheasant.The third week pictures will be in this post.

The Kamp khallenge was hide and seek. When the gang goes out hunting and I want them to search for a scent and flush up a bird I tell them to hunt’em up. That cue lets them know I want them to put there nose to the ground and search for a scent, it means they better be working and not just running amuck. I will also use this command if I have shoot something and we are in the area of the fall I will tell them to hunt’em up and they will search for the bird and bring it back to me.  This khallenge was all done outside in the snow. I hid bumpers in the snow then took each dog (Gambler and Glory) out one at a time and told them to hunt’em up.

The first week: Gambler

DSC_0882 DSC_0883 DSC_0885 DSC_0886 DSC_0888


DSC_0916 DSC_0917

DSC_0918 DSC_0919 DSC_0920

Since the snow was so deep if the bumpers were under the snow the dogs had a hard time finding the bumpers. Rubber bumpers don’t have much smell when frozen or being placed in snow. They were so excited to finally get out and do something they ran around before they focused on a spot and then did a victory lap after they found it.

Second week: Gambler

DSC_0092 DSC_0097 DSC_0098 DSC_0105


DSC_0019 DSC_0020 DSC_0021 DSC_0022

The second week we had more snow and still freezing cold weather. The orange bumpers didn’t make the Khallenge any easier. They did pick up on maybe they should start with my boot tracks and go from there so they got the bumpers faster. you could see how fast they were running looking for their bumpers as when they got a wiff of it they put the breaks on and turned.

Third week: Gambler



DSC_0368 DSC_0369 DSC_0371


DSC_0391 DSC_0392 DSC_0393 DSC_0394 DSC_0395

Video of Gambler doing his khallenge.

Video of Glory doing her Khallenge.

The third week was just as deep of snow and just as cold. The dokkens were easier to find as some of them were so big they couldn’t get buried under the snow. Once again they were so excited to go do something when I said hunt’em up like in Gamblers video he took off in to no mans land just a running and I had to steer him to the spot. Glory was much smarter and ran right to the garden to hunt up her find. It was a fun khallenge and it got us out of the house and do something.


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