Black And White Sunday~Where’s Glory



We are joining Dachshund Nola & Sugar The Golden Retriever for the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop.

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Thursday Barks And Bytes~Early Goose

This past Monday was the start of the early goose season here in Wisconsin. Since Monday was Labor Day John and I both could go hunting. We went with a couple friends of ours and Dustin our friends 11 year old son. He started hunting last year under the mentor program. He will be mentored until the age of 13. John and I got to bring Gambler and Glory as our pick up dogs for the morning. Gambler needed a little refresher course on hunting in a field and laying down quietly besides me. Glory had no problem with that task.

See Gambler I can lay nicely in the field, why don’t you take some lessons from me?

I took my Nikon D60 in the field with me and when I got home and looked at the pictures I remembered from last year in Canada that I couldn’t take pictures in the early morning as it was just getting light because I didn’t know what settings to use. It happened again this year, all the pictures in the early morning were all blurred, so if anyone has any tips for me I would love to hear them as I have to figure this out by the end of September when we are going to Canada again.

This is about the best one.

Another one.

All is get is a big blur.

Dustin his dad and our friend Justin who owns Riley.

We had a good hunt for opening morning. We ended up with 11 geese. I know I for sure shot one and Dustin said “I think I got one too”! He does such a good job hunting with us and he really enjoys it. He is so respectful of the dogs and is really cautious when he is shooting. When hunting was over Glory hung out with Dustin.

Hi Glory, let’s explore.

Hi Dustin, whatcha got?

I got a hole.

You want to look?

Good girl Glory, your my pal.

One happy boy.

Who’s more happy? Gambler or Dustin?

Some miscellaneous pictures.

Glory sitting pretty.

Glory standing pretty.

Gambler guarding the birds.

Our geese with the dogs.

Group photo.

We had a great hunt. In the afternoon we went dove hunting, stop back tomorrow and see the pictures from that hunt.


The co-hosts for Barks And Bytes are Linda from 2browndawgs and Jodi from Heart Like A Dog.


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Monday Mischief~Luring Geese

This past Saturday we went to a graduation party at our trainers place. We took the dogs with us since it was a all day affair. The dogs needed a potty break so we walked up to the upper pond to potty, play, swim and get into some mischief.

Once we got there this is what we seen…..

A family of geese.

A family of geese.

And then we seen this……

A whole bunch of families.

A whole bunch of families.

There had to be over 50 babies, it was just to much excitement for the Gman he had to go check them out taking Glory with to get into mischief……

I called and called to have them come back, Glory turned and came back……

I'm a good girl, I listen.

I’m a good girl, I listen.

Gambler finally coming back in.

Gambler finally coming back in.

The gander heading back to his family.

The gander heading back to his family.

Finally got the gang back on shore…….

Since the dogs were back on shore the gander joined his family again……

When you have retrievers who are bird motivated it’s hard to keep them from chasing waterfowl in the water. If younger when doing this they will swim and swim until they are tired. Older dogs with better recall you can call them off of the bird. Nellie was the non mischief maker as she hung out on shore while the two mischief makers went on their way.

monday mischief

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