Follow-Up Friday/{This Moment} See Beautiful-Canada

We are joining Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for Follow-Up Friday.

Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow-Up Friday, the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.


FUF Co-Hostess is another chessie owner who has 3 beautiful chessies that are training and running hunt tests just like my crew is. Hop on over and say hi to Thunder, Storm and Freighter from 2browndawgs, while your there say hi to Linda too.

Black And White Sunday

DSC_0665 - Copy

DSC_0665 - Copy


Hi Y’all!

What’s with the mustache? What’s the big secret?

Norman wanted to impersonate a cowboy and Glory was telling Grandpa he looked silly.

Monday Mischief~Metals


Congrats on Gambler’s title. I just knew he could do it! Channel blinds are always difficult for our doggies. Hooray for Glory and congrats! Maybe she is figuring out that hunt tests are FUN!

We are lucky enough to have a friend who has a bunch of channel ponds lined up so we have been practicing on them a lot. Yes I think Glory might just be figuring it out. She was super excited in the holding blind wanting to get around it and check out the action so hopefully we are on the turning point.


Congrats on the new titles! However, if getting cold spring water over your head is the reward for a job well done…..not sure I’d want to keep trying ;-)

Having Gamblers seasoned was well worth the well water! The HRC people figure we make our dogs go in the water no matter what the temperature is so if they title it is pay back time!

Tuesday’s Tail




Chesapeake Bay Retriever Rescue of WI, Appleton, WI

Wordless Wednesday

A couple out take photos from our picture taking day getting ready for Tasty Tuesday’s 2nd Anniversary Blog Hop on August 13.




This ‘N That Thursday


My Friend Oz The Terrier wrote Norman his very own Limerick, it made me cry, it was so beautiful and I will cherish it forever, if you missed it you can see it here. I will proudly display his badge on my blog.

Again I want to congratulate Taryn from A Tail of Two Cardis for winning the Rain Forest Coastal Labs Shampoo.

Please don’t forget to go to and vote for Glory. She isn’t doing to bad on votes.

My blog friend Phe is in the cutest but caught contest also, stop on by and vote for her also. Her mom is Lisa from Dogs N Pawz who is hosting this blog hop today. Hop on over to the cutest but caught contest and give Phe a vote.

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I’m doing my first blog hop combined post today so here is Blog Hop # 2

{This Moment} See Beautiful-Canada

This is my first {This Moment} See Beautiful post. I hope you all enjoy it.


DSC01786 (1)


See Beautiful is hunting with my soulmate and watching the sunrise in Sasketchewan Canada. There is beauty in the sky and beauty in the brown dog sitting by my side enjoying the moment with me!

this moment

{This Moment} See Beautiful is a once a month Blog Hop, every 2nd Friday of the month. simply create a blog post that made your day, week, and/or month … inspiring you in Seeing Beauty. Blog Hop inspired by See Beautiful.

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Follow Up Friday

We are joining Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for Follow-Up Friday.

Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow-Up Friday, the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.


The Co-Hostess this week for FUF is Sue from The Golden Life.

Black and White Sunday

glorye - Copy


This photo was taken last year by my friend Kathy Case.


what happens to the flower afterwards? :P Cute picture :)

MEL says:

OMG what an awesome photo. I have to say I have never seen one like that in the hop before, or anywhere for that matter. Love the touch of color. What happened to the lily after it made it to shore?

The poor water lily didn’t make it. Once done carrying it around she pulled all pedals off of it and they went floating on off.


Is that Glory? How in the world did you get her to carry a flower?

Yes that is Miss Glory. I just threw the flower and that is how she picked it up.

Monday Mischief


My dogs have pee’d in the water before but never had a floater! Glory is quite the girl!


Where’s Norman ?

Norman is such a good boy her doesn’t make poopy mischief. He was playing away from the mischief.

Tuesday’s Tails




Appleton Animal Adoptions Inc., Menasha, WI

Wordless Wednesday


More trespassing! Is it trespassing if there is no sign?




This is one of those circus fun house mirror photo. Bendy dog!



Norman’s not to old for trespassing mischief.

This ‘N That Thursday

GIZMO says:

Now, showing my age…I remember Bobby Darin doing “Beyond the Sea” 87 years ago…Who is singing on your video?

This version was done by Celtic Women


This is a picture I took while training yesterday. I forgot my camera so I didn’t take any other training pictures. It was a wonderful day, it was just right temp, we had a little sun and a little clouds. We were fortunate to be able to train on a pro trainers property since he was off using someone else’s place. Gambler did so well. Glory did alright, she still has a small problem of going out to long marks in the water. I think I got her number thou, if I send her on BACK instead of her name she hauls ass out there and doesn’t look back so I guess she rather be called BACK than Glory. When I use her name she goes out a little ways and then turns around and looks at me and stalls until I call her back and resend her. Sometimes she goes on the first try and sometimes she hasn’t gone until I send her 2-3 times but when I say BACK she jumps right in so that is what I am going to try, she needs 2 more passes this weekend for her Junior Hunter title.

A little of that:

I can not believe I totally forgot about MK yesterday and didn’t include her on the post. You know she is on  my header so I need to include her.

Well here she is:




I also need to say a big thank you to Slim Doggy for interviewing me along with another blogger friend 2browndawgs, who has chesapeakes that train, run hunt tests and hunt along with Anne and Terry who own a champion Weimaraner. Slim Doggy interviewed us for insight on Fitness Tips for Hunting Dogs. They have a really nice article that you can read about on their FitDog Friday Blog. Here it is if you missed it.


I am now so but surely getting stuff up on PINTEREST, come follow along with Sand Spring and I.

That’s it for today’s FUF. Have a great weekend!

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Follow-Up Friday

We are joining Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for Follow-Up Friday.

Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow-Up Friday, the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.


Co-Hosting this week is:  Pup Fan from I Still Want More Puppies!

Black And White Sunday


Look what happens when I sharpen it! Guess I should of did that before I posted it up on Sunday and I thought it was already a good photo.

DSC_1088 - Copy

Monday Mischief ~Guinea Hens


Can guinea hens fly that high?! I hope she didn’t have to climb! :)

Yes Guinea hens can fly that high. They can fly but not for long distances, they fly as high as they need to to get away from danger. She didn’t have to climb but she sure made a whole lot of noise to ward off the mischief makers.

FLEA & HEART LIKE A DOG  says: They would like to get some but not until Flea has more land and Heart like a dog would like them for the tick eating but her dogs would chase them and Delilah would eat the poop.

They do help out with decreasing the tick population. They do cover a lot of ground in one day. I catch them all over the place. My dogs love to chase them, they think it is a game to see how fast they can make them fly. They do make a lot of noise! I don’t ever see any poop so Delilah might be safe.

 Tuesday’s Tails

Diesel: Retriever, Dog; Saukville, WI

Diesel’s Contact Info

Tailwaggers 911, Saukville, WI

Diesel’s status no longer states FOSTER needed by May 25th. He is now on the adoption list. Hopefully he will get a home soon.

Pink Whistle Society-PWS

Thank you for all the great compliments on Glory and her drawing that Debbie Miller Stonebraker did for the PWS 4th Annual Poster.


That is so beautiful! She did a wonderful job. Such a good cause too. I remember the portrait of Marie and Gambler, that was unbelievable.

For those of you new followers here is the picture Misty Shores is talking about. I raised 2 puppies from Normans litter, Gambler and Marie. I kept Marie until she was old enough to go over to the UK. Here is the picture Debbie painted for me. I think it is the best!


The original


The colored pencil drawing. The Gambler and The Lady.

Wordless Wednesday ~Now You See Me/Now You Don’t


Nice photo’s. I love to watch our Chessies enter the water.

Me too Deb, they go in with such force and determination. I just love to watch the splashes. They just love the water.


That’s great! Thanks for making Wordless Wednesday happy!


Happy dog!!


Gorgeous. Laughing this side (which is always something I appreciate :D )

So glad to make you fellow bloggers smile and YES Glory is such a happy girl, she just loves to train, play and is happy all the time. She needs to rub some of that happiness off on me! Smile


This ‘N That Thursday

This was on Gamblers and Glory’s hunt test this past weekend. I didn’t have the video’s from it done by the time I posted the blog up so here are the video’s I made.

This is Gambler running Seniors. This was his second pass. Each time you see Gambler stare off into the crowd he is staring at me and wanting to bring the bird to me. He loves his momma.

This is Glory’s videos of the first 2 Junior hunt tests she ran this year.


That wraps it up for FUF, hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

This is a Blog Hop!

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