Nothing But Norman #102

Happy Saturday All!

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Last weekend on Fathers Day you might of seen my facebook pictures if your my friend on facebook, if your not my friend you can do so my searching for JoAnn Stancer (I think there is only one of me so easy to find). Since it was Fathers Day and Norman was a father to Nellie and Gambler I thought it would be nice to finally spread some of his ashes in my flower garden next to “his” blanket flower. I haven’t spread any of Norman’s ashes at my house since he has been gone. It’s nice to have him in my garden now. When I look at the flower I see Norman.

Gambler and Nellie, Norman’s kids. Norman is in the little cup.

Dad is that you?

Hi dad! It’s nice to see you again.

Dad is with us again.

Norman in is resting spot in my garden.

My friend Teri gave me a nice garden stake to put in my garden where I would put Norman’s ashes so I would never forget where he was. I put out the stake for the first time after I spread Norman’s ashes. What a lovely addition to my garden.

We are joining Ruckus The Eskie and Earl’s World for Sepia Saturday.


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Field Of Flowers



In A Field Of Flowers

Life is like a beautiful flower

Each day as unique
As each petal of each.

The stem ever lengthening
In a strenuous effort to reach the nurturing rays of the sun.

The roots ever deepening
To draw life from the earth.

The swaying fields ever entrancing
To the watchful eyes of youth.

Looking out over a field of wildflowers-
Each one an individual blossom
Slowly opening, revelaing to the world
It’s true beauty

Petal by petal.
Step by step.

Each flower resembling its species
But, in truth, a rare individual.

No two are exactly alike
Some have thorns
Or rough edges
Others are spicy
Or sweet.

How hard it is to chose just one
To put a smile on your face.
One whos individuality touches your heart
And warms your soul

And stands out
In a field of flowers




Nothing But Norman #36

Happy Saturday Everyone!

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It’s spring time now so I thought I would share some spring pictures of Norman today.

One of my favorite flowers. Blanket flowers.

One of my favorite flowers. Blanket flowers.

Love moss roses!

Love moss roses!


Now for my Sepia Saturday picture. Thank you Ruckus The Eskie for hosting this blog hop.



Moss roses in sepia.

Moss roses in sepia.

My Memory Garden

My memory garden,

Where I meet you each day.

And tell  you all my secrets,

That to no one else I could say.

There is this lovely path where we walk hand in hand,

And I tell you about the pups and make tomorrows plans.

My garden is well kept and cared for everyday,

I want it always to be pleasant for this is where I meet you each day.

There will be no one to disturb us and the flowers are your kind,

For this beautiful garden is a place found only in my mind

Here is a fun spring like video of Norman when he was 11 years old playing with his pink bumper. He still had the moves as a old guy.


Hope everyone has a great weekend. Peace!

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