Field Of Flowers



In A Field Of Flowers

Life is like a beautiful flower

Each day as unique
As each petal of each.

The stem ever lengthening
In a strenuous effort to reach the nurturing rays of the sun.

The roots ever deepening
To draw life from the earth.

The swaying fields ever entrancing
To the watchful eyes of youth.

Looking out over a field of wildflowers-
Each one an individual blossom
Slowly opening, revelaing to the world
It’s true beauty

Petal by petal.
Step by step.

Each flower resembling its species
But, in truth, a rare individual.

No two are exactly alike
Some have thorns
Or rough edges
Others are spicy
Or sweet.

How hard it is to chose just one
To put a smile on your face.
One whos individuality touches your heart
And warms your soul

And stands out
In a field of flowers