Thursday Barks And Bytes~A Treat and A Award


The co-hosts for Barks And Bytes are Linda from 2browndawgs and Jodi from Heart Like A Dog.
The Barks:

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a give away going on over at Barking From The Bayou. Melissa did a review on Little Eatz gourmet goodies for dogs and humans which was fantastic, you can read it here,  so I entered the give away in hopes that I would win as I really wanted to try them as they are for humans too. Guess what????? I won!!!!!!

Can't wait to try these treats.

Can’t wait to try these treats.

Hey Gman did you try one already?

Hey Gman did you try one already?

Give me it!!

Give me it!!

nom nom gman approved.

nom nom gman approved.

nom nom Nellie approved.

nom nom Nellie approved.

nom nom Glory approved.

nom nom Glory approved.

Even mom approved! The Cinnamon Crunch was great.

Even mom approved! The Cinnamon Crunch was great.

The dogs loved these treats and so did I. So far I only tasted the cinnamon crunch and it was delish. I think these treats will be great to keep in the truck on training or hunt test days so I could give the dogs a treat and if I am hungry I can have a snack too. Thanks Melissa for the give away and the yummy treats.

Sand Spring received another award and how excited I am about it.

Given by PawedBlog

Given by PawedBlog

This award was so nicely given to us by our friends over at Pawedblog. Thank you so much for thinking of us and letting us join in on Nerissa hugh accomplishment!

The award is brand-spanking new and created by Nerissa. It is called the ‘Yoo Hoo! YOO HOO! Award’ and is all about celebrating the welcome of 100,000 blog visitors (woah can you IMAGINE?). CONGRATULATIONS Nerissa!

There are a couple of rules for accepting this awards and they are:
– Firstly, post the award on your blog and thank the blogger who gave it to you.
– Secondly, visit at least three of the blogs that are receiving the award along with you and leave a
– Thirdly, tell us all three things you have to celebrate.  You know, three things for which you are
– Lastly, pass along the award to seven other bloggers and let them know you have done so.
(Source: Nerissa)

So, here are OUR three things to be thankful for:

1. I am thankful for life, I am so happy to be part of this world and all it has to offer.

2. I am thankful for my animals, they make my life complete.

3. I am thankful for my husband John who works hard each day so I can work part time and enjoy the free time with my animals.

I would now like to pass this award on to seven of my blogville pals in no particular order:

1. 2browndawgs

2. heartlikeadog

3. ownedbyahusky

4. oztheterrier

5. dogsnpawz

6. talkingdogs

7. browndogcbr

Hope everyone enjoys their new award as much as I do.

The Bytes:

MK finally got outside after a long hiatus being kept inside during our long winter months. She enjoyed her time outside.

Hi Gman whatcha doing?

Hi Gman whatcha doing?

Whatcha looking at?

Whatcha looking at?

Maybe I should go check it out.

Maybe I should go check it out.

It's just Nellie. Hi Nellie!

It’s just Nellie. Hi Nellie!

Sniff my butt Nellie.

Sniff my butt Nellie.

Stop back tomorrow to see what we’re up to for FitDog Friday.

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This ‘N That Thursday


Today we are joining 2 Brown Dawgs for their This ‘N That Thursday’s blog hop!

This is what she has to say about the hop,

A little of this and a little of that and everything in between…

“This ‘N That Thursday is for anything you want!  Maybe you want to post about unrelated topics, or each topic isn’t quite long enough to make up a whole post, or you have awards to share, or you have one long post…anything goes!  So grab the button and join the hop!”


Last week Shaun from Praying For One Day nominated me for SEVEN yes SEVEN awards all in one swoop! That was so thoughtful of you Shaun and I graciously accept every one! I will be just as thoughtful and pass them on to my fellow bloggers so they can enjoy the really cool awards.


Awesome Blog Content Award


Inner Peace Award


Most Influential Blogger Award


The Sunshine Award


The Versatile Blogger Award


Wonderful Team Membership Award


WordPress Family Award

Rules: Only one here…

The ABC Award requires me to write a word or a phrase about myself for each of the English alphabets.



























I would like to nominate these great awards to these fine bloggers. Please accept even if you have them already. In no particular order:

2browndawgs stop on by and see what the 3 not 2 brown dawgs are up to, visit a bit with Thunder, Storm and the third Freighter.

BrowndogCBR stop on over and visit with another Chessy Hawk. He had beautiful adventures in the mountains and by the water.

TheK9HarperLee stop on by and visit with a very pretty Golden Retriever that takes the best pictures in the south.

Heartlikeadog head on over and see what Jodi is doing with her two labs Sampson and Delilah are up to on there woods walks. Sometimes the walks get Jodi’s nanny goat and she makes me smile when she writes about it.

Jonesnaturalchews hop on over and visit with Flea at Jones Natural Chews, she has great information about Jones Natural Chews as well as wonderful stories and pictures of her hobby farm of animals that live in the city.

I leave you today with a little that….



So that wraps it up for today, why don’t you hop on over to 2 Brown Dawgs see what their up to and grab the badge and join the hopping fun!

Stop by tomorrow for Follow-Up Friday to find out Gamblers BIG news!

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