Puppy Culture

Puppy Culture is a complete resource for breeders or puppy owners on raising a litter. It’s the powerful first 12 weeks that can shape your puppy’s future. I never knew about Puppy Culture until my friend Amy got her new puppy in the beginning of the year and followed along with the Puppy Culture videos. I bred my Chesapeake Bay Retriever Glory back in May that is when Amy recommended that I watch the videos. I learned about raising a litter in Veterinary Technician school, had three litters with Glory’s mom Nellie now I didn’t follow a guideline but much of the stuff in the Puppy Culture videos I was already doing and some I didn’t even know about so this was a great learning experience for me and I was happy to introduce Glory’s litter to Puppy Culture.

Disc One started with The Puppy Culture Proposition and ended with The Communication Trinity.

It talked about the Pre-natal period,  Neo-natal 0-14 days, Transitional Period 14-21 days, The Critical Socialization Period 3-12 weeks.

Disc Two started with Fear and Fun 5 weeks old and ended with Why Not Just Punish.

It talked about Understanding Fear Imprint Periods, Breed Appropriate Health Testing,  The Puppy Party, Potty Training Fundamentals, Is My Puppy Normal, Biting, Resource Guarding, Body Handling, The Outcomes Of Reward vs Punishment.

Disk Three started with Career Choices 7 weeks old and ended with Is Socialization A Guarantee.

It talked about Breeder Evaluations and Relationships, 8-9 week old Fear Imprint Period,  Practical Training Skills, Setting Up Socialization for Puppies 10-12 weeks old, Balancing The Risks and Benefits Of Early Socialization, How To Find A Great Puppy Class, Closing.

Disc Four was a break it down disc which was a Chapter By Chapter Recap and “To Do” Lists.

This past weekend I set up the puppy play ground outside and watched the rest of the PC videos. The puppies decided they wanted to watch to. Hopefully they are taking it all in and help me out when it’s time to teach them.

I first got the puppies used to this Kong tunnel when they were 3 weeks old in the house. I didn’t even have to show them what to do they all went in it by themselves and love going in and out of it now.

We then moved to the outside so they could try it out there. This was the first day they were outside, some of the puppies went in it and hid because they were afraid of the new surroundings that they never seen before, it didn’t take them long to warm up to the grass under their feet, the brightness of the sun and all the different sites and smells. They became little adventures in no time and now I can’t keep them out of the flower garden jungle. Glory and Thunders puppies will be going on 5 weeks this Saturday. They are becoming more confidant in walking, running, playing and exploring, they will wonder off a little more each day. They are encountering new situations, different people, different sounds each day.

Since they liked the tunnel so much I got this cat cube and they also love this toy. Little green girl started playing in it and it got a little tippy and tipped over on her and she recovered really well after she got up she crawled back in it and fell asleep.

I am so glad Amy introduced me to these videos, if you would like your own copy you can order it at Amazon.com.

You can follow along with PC on Facebook & Twitter.


We are joining Linda at 2browndawgs and Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for this great blog hop.

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12 thoughts on “Puppy Culture

  1. So glad you found value in them. As an experienced breeder and vet tech I wasn’t sure if it was “old news”.

    These videos were a fantastic resource for me with Poppy. We tried to implement as much as possible. Now at almost 7 months she’s a confident young dog ready to take on the world. I think these experiences were especially helpful to pave the way for her therapy dog career (fingers crossed).



  2. the things that you have done throughout this breeding has really been an eye-opener for me. I had no idea so much went into a breeding program. I wish that you raised Basset Hounds so I knew my next pup would have such an amazing start in life. ♥


  3. I had never heard of this program. Sadly I think my puppy days are behind me, but should the need arise, I’ll remember to come back here!

    Thank you for joining the blog hop. Those little cuties are getting so big, I’m sad that very soon they will be going to their forever homes.


  4. Nothing more entertaining than a puppy rolling over in a cube and recovering with a ‘what the heck was that all about’ look on their face and then curling up and napping. They sure are growing up fast! Way too adorable. 🙂


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