Nothing But Norman #108

Happy Saturday All!

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Thank you grandpa angel Norman for watching over me last Friday night as I was about to see the light and you woke mom up in time to save me. I didn’t want to come visit you or red girl yet. Maybe when I’m like 14 or something I will come see you but not now. From now I will talk to you from right here.

15 thoughts on “Nothing But Norman #108

    • Mom was nursing them and laid down with little yellow under her side she was still nursing but couldn’t breath after awhile I had to roll glory off her and get her breathing. It was another horrible night but ended happily she is doing just great now! 🙂

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  1. Oh my sweetie thankfully your angel grandpaw was watching..being a small wee babe is fraught with danger..oh my Jo..another fright!! such fragile little glad you got her in time..<3 ❤ Bev xx


  2. Thanks Norman for being there to watch over all that pups…. I’m so glad you are still there little pup… and I believe in miracles… that must be one of that things we can’t explain, but they exist…


  3. Tears were present as I read this post. First, because it is so scary to almost loose them and I’m so glad everything turned out ok! Also, we love and miss our rainbow bridge furkids every day and I LOVE the thought of Grandpa Norman watching over!


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