From 9 Toys To 8

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Facebook you know I have been on cloud nine and been on a buying spree, I have been buying puppy toys when I’ve been out shopping and of course been picking up 9 one for each precious puppy to go to their new home with them. I made a joke that I had an addiction and needed help that I couldn’t stop buying 9 toys. As of Tuesday afternoon I have to stop buying 9 toys as it has went From 9 Toys To 8.

The little dog lay curled and did not rise
But slept the deeper as the ashes rose,
And found the people incomplete.

Richard Wilbur

This is a post I never dreamed that I would need to write and let me tell you it is one I never want to write again. Today’s post was suppose to be on the next phase of Where Are We At With Glory’s Breeding. Well today the next phase is moving on after a death of a 18 day old puppy that was growing good, eating good, moving good that showed no reason to pass away. The little girl was doing good in the morning and a few hours later when they were looked upon little red had passed away with no warning, no signs, no nothing, just laying peacefully sleeping never to awake again. This little girl never got to enjoy her first bout with mush food, never got to fight with it’s siblings, never to go go to a new home and live on for a long happy life. It’s live was cut short but for those short 18 days this little girl knew the love of it’s fur mom and human mom. It was hugged each day, handled each day, kissed each day and told it was loved each day hopefully all those days of love will be carried with her for the rest of her life up above in the big blue sky. Once again I truly believe things happen for a reason, there was a reason that I will never know why this puppy died, all I can think is that it happened now instead of later to save the new puppy buyers the heartache that I am going through right now, my heartache will fade but it will never go away.

Whoever said breeding is a piece of cake and all fun and games of playing with cute little fur balls all day long couldn’t be more wrong. Maybe it is a piece of cake for those who don’t take the time to research the breed, do the proper tests, get the proper titles, find the right stud dog that will complement your dog and hopefully produce great puppies and it doesn’t stop there. The time taken to make sure the pregnancy takes, and that the mother is getting the proper nutrition and exercise to be able to deliver a healthy litter without intervention from anyone. There is the stress of the delivery hoping that all goes well and your bitch and puppies thrive, there is the stress and worry that comes when a puppy(s) are born dead and then those that pass days or weeks after being born when you think you are out of the woods and then BAMB a kick in the face, a punch to the gut when you have to make that dreaded phone call to a potential puppy buyer that they will not be getting a puppy that they have watched grow for a short period, that they have named already, that they have bought toys for already and told their children that one day soon they will be getting a playmate. This is now the hardest time in a breeders career, I thought it was hard to call the people and let them know the last pregnancy didn’t take well let me tell you this was much harder as now there was a living being. Maybe this wouldn’t hurt so much if I wasn’t such a caring person and just in it for the money and what happens happens but that is not me nor will it ever be me. It’s not about the money, it’s about producing healthy strong dogs that will be there to give their owners many years of love and companionship.

God Speed little red may Gpa Norman take you under his paw and show you the ropes up and over the rainbow bridge. My sympathies to the puppy buyer.


We are joining Linda at 2browndawgs and Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for this great blog hop.


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32 thoughts on “From 9 Toys To 8

  1. I’m so sad with you and I so agree with you… all that good moments and allthe happiness is gone with the wind when we lose one of the pups… I’m so sorry for your little red girl and my tears are running for one of this wonderful pups …. sometimes the world is a darned unfair place…:o(


  2. This is so, so sad. I am so sorry, JoAnn. I know how quickly you must have gotten attached to each of these precious lives. I am also so sorry to the family that was looking forward to sharing their lives with this little one.


  3. We’re so sad for your loss of Little Red and cannot fathom this after 18 days. She is with her grandpa and he will take good care of her.


  4. Wow, when I saw this on Facebook I thought it was the pup that passed when she whelped. I’m so sorry, I know you are devastated.

    I’m sending you a virtual hug. Thanks for sharing this on the hop.


  5. So sorry to hear about this. Mum said that she is sending doggy wishes to the Rainbow Bridge for Cody and all the other former Blogville residents to be o the lookout for her and to take care of her.


  6. I am so very sorry for your loss 😦 Things just shouldn’t happen and sometimes we just don’t get answers for those things… I like to think she may have come in this world for a reason, maybe only she and her brothers and sisters know.


  7. So upset to read this.
    I know how much the puppies mean to you
    So loved
    Was Little Red one that needed more attention as she was bumped off feeding by the bolder ones?
    Was she the smallest?
    I worry about my Miss Pink as she has needed more
    Attention and bottle feeding and is the smallest.
    doG Bless you and all your babies


  8. The tears are streaming down my face and Sam is laying his head in my lap trying to console me. I am so very sorry, JoAnn. I’m just sick for you, Glory and the little pups. Yours was a very sad post, but so beautifully shared with all its heart-wretching emotion. I’m sure Norman is showing ‘Little Red’ the ropes and watching over all of you. Words seem so inadequate at times like this, but please know my deepest sympathies are extended as you move forward.


  9. We’re so sorry to hear about little red, just because you know it must be for a reason doesn’t make it any easier. Love Dolly


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