4th Master Pass~Monday Mischief

Gambler and John had a terrific weekend. Once again they were off to a AKC hunt test. This one was close to home less than a hour away. Saturday John ran two series and passed each one moving on to running the third series on Sunday. Gambler was dog #2 to run. The set up was a walk up delayed triple on water with a double water blind. This all meant that John and Gambler were walking up to the line when the first bird was thrown for the first mark down, then the second bird was thrown after the second one went down the dog was released to pick up that bird when the dog came back they had to sit again and then watch the third bird thrown which makes it a delayed triple. Gambler went to pick up that bird came back delivered it to hand and then was released to go pick up the first bird down which was called the memory bird. This was all set up to see if the dogs had a good memory and could remember that first bird down after doing multiple retrieves. He was on his way out to retrieve the memory bird when the mischief came into play…..one of the bird stations was reloading the winger for the next dog to run when accidentally the launcher was released and a bird came shooting out and landed on the ground, Gambler heard the winger and looked in that direction as he was running to his mark. He picked up his mark and on the way back John asked the judges what he was suppose to do since this wasn’t the test. The judges said he should just let him pick up the mark since he saw it go down. Gambler came back with his bird and was sent to the  “diversion” bird. He then had two water blinds to run. He completed the series and the wait was on for 30 more dogs to run before they found out if he for sure passed. As you can see he passed and received his 4th Master pass. One more to go before he can get his title. He is signed up for two more tests so hopefully he will get it this summer.

monday mischief

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22 thoughts on “4th Master Pass~Monday Mischief

  1. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO! That’s pawsome, you are a champion and the whole world knows your name now! I will cross my paws for the next tests and I hope there is no unplanned bird … or at least it comes roasted and ready to eat :o)

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  2. Gambler is an excellent hunter and showed that with his last Master Test. He just get a little stubborn sometimes and wants to do it his way (just like a male!). I’m hoping he decides to go for it next try:)


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