Where O Where Is The Duck~Mischief Monday

Mischief #1!

This weekend started out with Gambler and John heading out to another AKC Master Hunter test. Saturday was a good day running as Gambler retrieved all his birds without any help from John. He completed two series and was going back on Sunday to run the third series. He needed to complete the third series in order to get a pass. Sunday morning is when the mischief started. Gambler and John went to the hunt test. They waited until it was their turn to run, it was a water triple with a water and land blind. Gambler also had to sit in front of the holding blind while John stood in the holding blind as the birds were being thrown in the air. Gambler saw all the marks go down John sent him for his retrieves. He retrieved two out of the three marks and on the third one which was behind a clump of cattails he started having problems finding it. He was hunting the area and not coming up with the bird so at that time John decided he had a handle left to use to help him he might as well use it. He stopped him with a whistle and gave him a hand signal to tell him which direction he should go to get to the bird. There was only one small area where you could see your dog and be able to handle them other wise it was all heavy cover. The hunting dog came out of Gambler at this time, he refused John’s casts and started hunting on his own. There was so much scent from the prior dogs carrying the duck through the tall cover that Gambler just thought the bird was there. John gave him a couple more casts and he again refused his signals. He kept going behind the cattails and would pop out some place different than where he started. At this point John knew he failed because of cast refusals he called him in. So close this weekend to another pass but yet so far away.

Mischief #2!

I was out doing duck chores with the dogs. As I was filling up the duck pools with water being the multi tasker that I am I decided to do my photo shoot for a review I will be doing tomorrow for Chewy.com. I went back to check the pool and I seen a couple ducks were out of the pen despite the door being closed and a piece of wood propped up in front of it. Gambler saw them right away and started gathering them up. He got one drake mallard and took off strutting it in front of Nellie. I put that one back in the pen. Next was a hen mallard it took off flying and landed in the corn field, that didn’t deter Gambler he ran right into the 7 ft tall corn and gathered up the hen mallard. I put that one back in the pen. The last drake mallard took off running when the dogs were getting near. It ran off and even I didn’t know where it went. Gambler and Nellie hunted and hunted trying to find where it went.

Hey Nellie I think the duck is under the tank!

Cover me I’m going in!

You didn’t see it go out the back did you?

Don’t worry I got him.

Boy this is a tight fit.

Just about out.

I got it I got it!

See I don’t need to pass no stinking test I can get ducks not in a test.

That’s my boy! This is why he has problems at hunt tests, he is left to hunt when at home hunting up all the birds that get out of the pen and also when it is hunting time for real he is left to hunt so I can’t blame him for doing what he was bred to do and left to do in non hunt test environments.

Gambler thinking there is another duck under the tank.

Nellie was watching Gambler and thought it looked like too much fun crawling under the tank she had to do it also.

Gambler still has more hunt tests coming up so we will try again this next weekend.


monday mischief

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20 thoughts on “Where O Where Is The Duck~Mischief Monday

  1. Well, all I can say is GMan is his own dog! He obviously knows how and enjoys hunting…he gathered up all the ducks for you…he is just a little stubborn during tests. I would be right under that tank with GMan and Nellie! I love hunting under and in stuff like that! At least you can always count on the Gang for smiles and laughter!


  2. I’m sure next weekend will be a good one and you will pass that test Gambler… boy I wish I would be there with you to find that ducks… as you entered that tank that was like two soldier entering a bunker full of enemies… you are very brave buddy… who knows what could lure under that tank except a duck… have a super monday!!!


  3. Hi Y’all!

    Personally, I’m with your mom, you’re great at what you’re bred to do! However, my Human is a stickler that I listen to her, no matter what! Humans! They have their own ridiculous ideas. They just don’t understand. Sorry you missed your pass, fellow.

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  4. Bummer Gambler. I know how it is to not make it and be so close. You will get it next time. I got my NW1 title this weekend, now we have to work with Bailie which may be a long project!


  5. Ah, I loved watching the videos and seeing the pics of Gambler with a live duck. I’m sure it’s a pain when they get loose, but it also must be fun watching Nellie and Gambler work together to round them up. Fun post!!


  6. They are good at what they do, and they are very thorough as well! I don’t know why, but I could just hear them yelling “Clear!” if they could talk (I watch too many cop shows…LOL).


  7. Aw, well I’m sure he’ll get it soon. I just love reading your posts. Working dogs are my first love. I’m enjoying getting back into obedience and remember well the frustration of trying to get a dog to do one thing, only to have them do another. Funny how he rounded up the wayward duck!


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