Wee Puppy Fitness~FitDog Friday

Today Pink Girl Puppy and Blue Boy Puppy will be turning 1 week old at 10:45 pm. The rest of the gang will need to wait until 12:00 am to turn a week old. In this week the wee puppy are already starting their fitness routine. After watching these guys I really think they have the hardest routines.

First off the were just born and need to learn to walk while having no site or no hearing. All they have is their sense of smell and touch to get around, with saying that they may have to go a long ways to get to mom. Mom gets up and moves around the whelping box so then the wee little ones have to crawl across the box to find mom.

Once by mom they have to crawl to find their spot, there spot may be a certain nipple or

just a snooze on their brother to cover up his junk so this isn’t a porn picture.

One is on the go again, if they aren’t nursing, sleeping they are on the move.

Then their nursing they are exercising their tail as they are wagging a mile a minute burning so many calories.

While nursing they are also strengthening their back leg muscles by having to push themselves up to the nipple, they are also using their front leg muscles to knead while they are nursing. The kneading action stimulates the milk letdown so they get to have milk.

Turning over and rolling over burns calories and gains strength in different muscles.

So you can see the wee puppies even know only a week old have to do so much to grow and be strong. Mom Glory is also doing her part even know she is probably loosing muscle mass because all she does is lay in her whelping box and take care of the puppies only going outside to potty and back in she is burning a ton of calories producing milk and nursing her wee puppies. I have been keeping her food dish filled and adding canned food to get her to eat it all and supplementing with protein bars so she can keep producing milk. It’s a rough life but as you can see from the picture Glory doesn’t mind at all taking care of all her and Thunders precious puppies.


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22 thoughts on “Wee Puppy Fitness~FitDog Friday

  1. Seriously, I would be getting zero work done around your house. The puppies are so precious. It is going to be so much fun when their eyes open and then can really move around with determination. ♥


  2. This post gave me another glaring example of why people shouldn’t breed without thinking it through. I would never have understood to do what you’re doing. I would have picked up each puppy and taken them to their mom. *shm* Thanks for sharing this experience.


  3. Oh my goodness–that little puppy tummy in the second picture! They are so cute! I never thought about how exhausting it would be to be a brand new puppy! Glad they have such a happy mommy to take care of them.


  4. Aww, Glory & Thunder have some precious, precious puppies!! They are so adorable and it’s super interesting to watch them. I remember when our pups were this tiny and we visited them almost every day until they came home with us at 8 weeks of age 🙂


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