Where Are We At With Glory’s Breeding? Part 5

Where Are We At With Glory’s Breeding? Part 5

First we started out with a puppy shower thanks to Glory’s aunties in Canada. Auntie Jill and Patti send her a box of goodies for her and the puppies and of course a bag of jerky for me to keep a wake during the whelp. I didn’t get to see if it worked for keeping me awake as I ate the whole bag before she whelped. Thanks gals!

Gambler had to check out the goods and he even got his own spray.

A couple weeks ago I wrote Part 1 of Where Are We At With Glory’s Breeding. If you missed it you can read the full version here. The short version is: I talked about preparing your dog for breeding by doing genetic tests, other tests that can be done, picking a stud dog, the heat cycle of the bitch, breeding and implanting of the eggs. Part 2 I talked about pregnancy confirmation, a app on my phone that you can follow along and read what is happening, the food I was feeding her and milk development. If you want to read the full version here. Part 3 I talked about proper feeding and being able to xray to determine how many puppies might be delivered as well as talked about getting the whelping box out and Glory used to it. If you want to read the full version here. Part 4 I talked about Glory nesting, how to tell when she will deliver and the whelping box. You can read the full version here. I told you by the end of the post she may deliver and she did.

So where are we at with Glory’s breeding?

We are at delivery time. I told you in part 4 I had a list of whelping supplies ready. Here is the list:

Hemostat (for clamping the umbilical cord before cutting of if needed), Sterile Gloves (for vaginal exams or help getting puppies out of canal), DeeLee Mucus Trap (a mucus aspirator for deeper suctioning), Iodine (to didinfect the umbilical cord stump), Suture Matierial or Dental Floss (to tie off the umbilical cord if needed), Sissors (to cut the cord), Paper/Pen (to keep tract of information, sex, time weight ect.), KY Lubricant (for vaginal exams), Feeding Tube and Milk Replacer (for puppies that aren’t drinking well from mom or from a bottle), Baby Bottle (to supplement feedings if needed), Scale (weighing pups each day to make sure growing), ID Bands (of course got my paracord collars ready), Flashlight/leash (for potty breaks and to make sure no puppies are born outside while urinating), Towels (to help dry off puppies), Ice Cream (great energy boost for mom), Friends (to stay up with you in the middle of the night for moral support and to share the great experience with) – (thank you to Amy who was a million miles away but with me during the whole delivery and to my boss Brenda who was there for all my questions).

It was Friday evening and Glory was panting more, she was more clingy she wanted to lay by me which she didn’t want to do in the earlier days of her pregnancy. Her backend was preparing for delivery it had a rounder appearance her tail was held lower. She didn’t want to eat and was very restless. I knew she was going to have the puppies but I thought like Murphy’s law she would have them in the middle of the night. At 10:40 she started pushing I knew the time was here. She was now in Stage 2 of labor. When Nellie delivered she was always laying down so when Glory started squatting like she was going to urinate I was wondering if she was really going to have it, she then started trying to walk around so I followed her with my towels and catcher’s mitt and sure enough she had one nearly standing up. I managed to capture a video of the first one being born so if you care to see the delivery of a puppy you can watch it here. The video doesn’t show the complete birth, it shows her squatting, the puppy coming out and then I had to put the camera down to catch it and help her out. The first one was a big girl and it hurt as Glory squealed and tried to run away so I had to take the sac off the face, wipe it down and get it breathing. I then had to tie off the umbilical cord, cut the cord and put some iodine on it. This is where my list of supply’s came in handy. The first puppy was born at 10:52 pm Pink Girl 15.3oz about 20 minutes later the second one was born which was Blue Male 13.1oz,

12:15 am on 7/11/15 the third female was born which passed away. 12:19 am the fourth Yellow Female 8.5oz,


12:40 am fifth Lime Green Female 15.3oz,


12:55 am sixth Orange Female 10.9oz,



1:10 seventh Red Female 9.3oz,

1:39 eighth Purple Female 12.3oz,

3:23 am ninth Black Male 16.4oz,

3:44 tenth Camo Male 15.7oz.

She was done. You can see it all happened pretty fast with a small break before the last two. It isn’t uncommon to have a larger break between puppies. If she is resting it’s ok to have a delay but if she is pushing and having contractions with no puppy coming out for over a hour then you need to them to the vet to get help. At this time a c-section may be in order, or if the sack of the puppy keeps coming out and going back in you may be able to retrieve it with ky jelly and gloves while manually pulling it out. Puppies are normally born head and front feet first but they may be delivered breach (back feet first) if this happens they may get stuck and need help getting out. Stage 3 of labor is characterized by the expulsion of the placenta. The bitch will normally try and eat the placenta but you should take most of them away from her so she doesn’t become sick. She should expel a placenta for each puppy if a placenta is retained she may get postpartum metritis. After she is done whelping it is good to get a “clean out” shot which is a injection of oxytocin to have the bitch have some contractions again to help expel all the placenta’s.

Once Glory was done delivering she stayed in her whelping box and took care of her puppies by cleaning them, nudging them, and watching over them. She was a natural mom and also a very protective mom. During this event Gambler and Nellie were locked up in the bedroom with John. When they all came down in the morning Glory let it be known that these puppies were hers and to stay away from them. She leaves the box to go outside and potty then she races back in to care for the puppies. Stay tuned for part 6 Postpartum and Postnatal Care

Thank you all for all the well wishes!


We are joining Linda at 2browndawgs and Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for this great blog hop.

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15 thoughts on “Where Are We At With Glory’s Breeding? Part 5

  1. Black male is Easy’s favorite :o) many thanks for sharing Glory’s breeding with me, it’s so interesting to learn what you need and what you have to do… Is that spray a pee-mail-stopper?


  2. Oh man, this is so crazy interesting and exciting. Thanks again for sharing all stages of the process, it’s really fascinating. Can’t wait to watch these pups sprout up and give G a run for his mischief money.


  3. It would be so neat to be there and help deliver the puppies. So glad it all went well and the nine are healthy. Sad the one did not make it, but it happens. We are still amazed all 14 puppies in Bailie’s litter survived and are healthy. You just never know.


  4. Thanks for sharing this with us and for joining the blog hop. It must have been exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. When we were kids we had a cat that was always having kittens, but I’ve never seen puppies being born. I didn’t watch the video either because I didn’t want to hear her squeal in pain. 😦


  5. That has to be such an exciting experience but it must be a bit nerve wracking too worrying about everything going OK. Thanks for sharing it with us!


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