Weeds Can Be Beautiful {This Moment} While Staying Fit~FitDog Friday

Weeds Can Be Beautiful {This Moment} See Beautiful

Most people think that weeds are ugly menacing plant life. I’ll be honest and I think that way, I think that way when I am pulling them out of my garden of beautiful flowers, I think that way when I am picking my raspberries and they are overtaking my vines, I think that way when I am picking my asparagus in my ditch and I happen to touch wild parsnip unknowing to me that I did it until 3 days later when I break out and itch like mad, have sores oozing and open for weeks until they heal is when I think weeds are nasty……..

But you can see the beauty in the weeds when you plant a handsome Gambler in the middle of them.

this moment

{This Moment} See Beautiful is a once a month Blog Hop, every 2nd Friday of the month. simply create a blog post that made your day, week, and/or month … inspiring you in Seeing Beauty. Blog Hop inspired by See Beautiful. We thank Sugar and Miss Lydia from See Beautiful.

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Gambler was also staying fit this week as we have been continuing our hunt test training. We had our training session then he had some fun bumpers I call these pictures Now You See It, Now You Don’t.

Gambler has a hunt test this weekend. Lets hope he makes it through the three series so he can stay running while Glory and I stay home and have puppies. Glory doesn’t need her pesky brother home to watch her so Gambler how about you be a great big brother and go have fun and stay away now and bring home a ribbon Sunday night.


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24 thoughts on “Weeds Can Be Beautiful {This Moment} While Staying Fit~FitDog Friday

  1. my momma said she can see a lot of beauty in weed… she probably misunderstood something hahahaha But I agree too… with the Gman all things are beautiful…and the wild plants are the perfect background for your beautiful furkid :o)


  2. What the heck is wild parsnip and why does it make you break out? Is it like poison ivy? Best of luck to Gambler and I agree that he makes weeds look beautiful. ☺ I am SOOOOO excited for the puppies! I’ll keep checking onFB for the news.


  3. Gambler…your handsome self makes the weeds look like bouquets. I love your intent look too.
    Seeing beautiful with you Madi


  4. I always find that the flowers that I think are the prettiest are weeds. There’s a city here that has a list of things that you can’t plant, many things we thought were pretty flowers started out as envasive weeds. Who knew?


    • it looks like dill but bright yellow, the substance in it when it touches you and the sun is out the uv rays make it burn you, it blisters up and is itchy as heck. it can cover a big area and nothing helps sooth it, it just has to heal on it’s own which takes about three weeks. nasty stuff.


  5. Most of our weeds are in the woods with many things you don’t want to know in them. Great pictures of Gambler he makes everything look pretty. Good luck to him this weekend and hopefully Glory and her puppies really excited to see them:)


  6. Gman is always handsome! Most people may not realize it~but many of the garden plants we buy for our gardens~~~are wild flowers somewhere 🙂


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