Guess How Many Puppies Glory & Thunder Will Be Having Contest

Back in May Glory visited her boyfriend Thunder from 2browndawgs. A little hanky panky went on and a month later we found out Glory swallowed a watermelon seed as she was confirmed pregnant and she has been getting bigger and bigger each day. We know that on the ultrasound she was confirmed to have at least 5 puppies, if you missed that post you can read it here. On July 2nd I brought Glory with me to work to have a xray done to get a more accurate count on the puppies so I know how many to expect when the time comes for her to deliver them. We were able to get somewhat of a count. There are three doctors who work at the clinic and they all had different counts, so I know a range of what maybe coming. Normally I would post up the xray and have you look at it and see if you could count puppy skeletons but we wrote numbers on the xray as we were counting them so it wouldn’t be fair for the contest if I put up a xray with numbers on it so you all will have to look at Glory and take your guesses. To add a little twist to the contest because I’m sure I will be having many of the same guesses I am going to ask you to tell me how many puppies you think Glory and Thunder are having and tell me how many of each sex they will end up with. This contest will start today and will end when Glory is done delivering. She is due to whelp anytime between this Friday July 10 and Monday July 13th. Put your guess in the comments below and I will announce the winner next week.

Here are the most recent pictures taken of Glory last night while she enjoyed her beef bone.

Glory is ginormous, she hates the hot weather is not eating all her food as not much room left in her abdomen and had a hard time getting comfortable. She is is great spirits and I feel in really good health right now.

We have been getting Glory used to her whelping box by feeding her in there.

I have been nesting so the house is cleaned and somewhat puppy proof and all the supplies that I might need for delivery are near her box.

I have been taking her temperature each day and night as you want to start before delivery so you know where her normal temperature is at then when it is getting closer to delivery she will have a big dip in the number it usually goes down by a couple of degree’s. A normal dogs temperature is 100-102. Glory started at 100 and is now at 99.2. When it dips down to 97-98 degrees and then starts to go back up she will deliver anywhere’s between 12-20 hrs later.

I will give you three hints or help. I have been measuring Glory around the biggest part of her abdomen. She is 37 inches around. When I took her in for her xray she weighted 93# and we know that their are at least 5 puppies in there.

Here are a couple video’s of the puppies moving, don’t blink!

There will be a little prezzie package for the person who has the closest guess and this contest is open to everyone world wide.

Good luck all!


We are joining Linda at 2browndawgs and Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for this great blog hop.


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37 thoughts on “Guess How Many Puppies Glory & Thunder Will Be Having Contest

  1. I am going for 8 puppies for first time Mom. I have no idea what is normal for Chessies. Newfs usually have more males,but I will go with 3 males and 5 females. Just hope all goes well and Glory has a non eventful delivery and beautiful, healthy puppies; )


  2. Love those videos 🙂 I’m gonna guess 6 puppies. 4 make and 2 female. I don’t really care if I’m right, I just can’t wait for the puppy pictures to beging!


  3. Ok I’ll go with 6, 4 boys and 2 girls. But I hope there are more , well I hope they are all healthy and Glory has an easy delivery…Go Glory.


  4. OMG I swear in that first video I see a profile of a dog just above the lighter part of her belly!

    So I am going with eight puppies. Five girls and two boys. You will update Facebook when she starts having them won’t you?


  5. That is so interesting that you can determine due time based on temperature. I never knew that. I was going to have Emma’s exact guess, so I’ll change it and say 7 puppies, 2 boys and 5 girls.So excited for you!


  6. Hmmmm. I see my guesses already so will have to change it up. 7 puppies. 5 girls and 2 boys. Hang in there Glory! They’ll come out soon!


  7. oh my gosh, people are guessing huge numbers! Of course I have no idea what the average size of a Chessie litter is, my guess it’s bigger than a Havanese litter 🙂 However…. I’m going with 6. Four males and two females. Can’t wait to see the pups!


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