What Do Vet Techs Really Do?

What Do Vet Techs Really Do?

Most of you who read my blog know that I am a Veterinary Technician if you are just joining in today I currently am employed at a small animal clinic in south eastern Wisconsin. I have been a Veterinary Technician for 25 years with 13 of those years being at my current job. I’m not a hoarder but I always have a few animals living with me. I have one cat MK who I saved from the brink of death because of my dog Gambler a Chesapeake Bay Retriever who are now best buds. I have 2 other Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Nellie and Glory (mom and daughter), Glory who is expecting a litter of puppies in less than 3 weeks. I have a pen full of chickens, ducks and pheasants. I couldn’t see myself in any other career.

Andrea from veterinarytechnicianguide.com  sums up the life of a Veterinary Technician really well through this infographic.

What Do Vet Techs Really Do?

If you would like to read the details of each of their points in this infographic you can do so by clicking here. If you would like to read more about A Veterinary Technician & Veterinary Assistant career guide you can do so by clicking here.


Bravo For Special Moments

Bravo For Special Moments! Today I bring you my special moments that came about on December 4th 2011 when my Chesapeake Bay Retriever Nellie had her third litter of puppies. This litter was a little bit more special than the other two litters that she had because it had a little red girl in the litter that was going to stay with me and carry on Nellie’s motherhood.

Glory was among one of the four girls born to Lefty and Nellie.

Glory was red girl.

All the girls were sweet as pie and took some nice Christmas photos.

Glory was a loner from day one, always off by herself. She has come a long ways and loves to be by us.

Nellie shared her favorite duck with the girls.

The girls were a very special group. They would be the last puppies Nellie would have.

There is nothing like a Mother Daughter bond, for that makes this a Bravo For Special Moments. Soon Glory will become a mom and Nellie wil become a Grandma, more special moments are ahead. 


Oz is hosting a Bravo For Special Moments Photo Contest from now through Tuesday, June 23, 2015 on a secret page on his blog.  It is a blog hop Photo Contest that will be published on Thursday, June 25, 2015 and winners will receive treat and/or food prizes from Bravo Pet Foods.  To learn more, CLICK HERE.

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Nothing But Norman #101

Happy Saturday All!

Project16 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Lake time is upon us. Norman loved water, bumpers and combining them both to the lake was one of his favorite things to do. His record for picking up bumpers at the same time was three! Why make many trips to get the bumpers when you could bring them all at once and save your energy. He was such a clown! He always made me smile when he would do this. Hope they make you smile today.

We are joining Ruckus The Eskie and Earl’s World for Sepia Saturday.


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5 Tips For Exercising Your Pregnant Dog In Warm Weather

Glory is 39 day’s into her pregnancy. She is starting to show as you could see from yesterday’s photos. Glory doesn’t like the heat even when she isn’t pregnant so now that she is pregnant and summer is coming on us she really doesn’t like the heat.

Who you saying is pregnant?

5 Tips For Exercising Your Pregnant Dog In Warm Weather.

1. Exercise early in the morning or later in the evening when the temperature is cooler.

2. Keep exercise sessions short.

3. Incorporate water exercise into your routine to keep them cool on hot days.

4. Always have cold water available for drinking and shade when done exercising.

5. When your dog is further along in her pregnancy and it’s hot out keep the exercise to indoors like playing mind games to keep their mind sharp during this time.



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We or should I say Gambler is joining Luke from Wag ‘N Woof Pets along with Peaches and Paprika from Calico Cats of Distinction for International Box Day.

Gambler of course has no interest in sitting in a box he much rather chew it open and eat the contents. At least this time it was his own food. Happy International Box Day from my dog who loves to open and rip up boxes and can do it in record time.

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Reflections And Psychedelic Water

These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago when we were training Gambler on my friends pond. I thought the pictures turned out pretty cool with no editing so I thought I would share them. I just love reflection photos and the ripples on the water combined with the green colors makes these pictures unique.

As you can see Gambler is wearing that black collar that has Glory’s id tag on it. Those of you that guessed yesterday’s photo was Gambler you were right. I really enjoyed reading all your comments and got some really good laughs. Thanks for making that post fun!

Glory is coming along nicely with her pregnancy. She has 25 days left and she is already really showing. So that either means she has 5 really large puppies in there or there are more puppies than seen on the ultrasound. She is developing boobies. My little girl is all grown up!


We are joining Linda at 2browndawgs and Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for this great blog hop.


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Mistaken Identity Or Identity Theft?

Are you Gambler or are you Glory?


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