PL360 Thank You #MultiPetMania

Multiple Pet Mania@

The whole month of June was packed full of Multiple Pet Mania hosted by Cascadian Nomads, My GBGV and Wag ‘N Woof. I have multiple pets so I contributed to their survey they were doing, added photos to their Instagram #MultiPetMania hashtag, wrote a post about training with multiple pets which you can read here. They had contests and I was the lucky winner of their PL360 basket.

Look at all the goods I won!

Nellie shaming.

This pet safe cleaning basket couldn’t of come at such a better time. For some reason since I built and have been living in my house for the past 9 years the animals feel the need to make messes in the loft area of my house. I have carpet runners all over the loft so when there is a mess it is easily cleaned up but this day I found a puddle of pee (that I am assuming was from Nellie as she has free range of the house) that went off the carpet runner onto the carpeting. I was going to get my carpet cleaner vacuum out and scrub the carpeting but then the mail man came and brought me these cleaners so perfect timing.

I got to try out the odor and stain remover that is pet safe and citrus scented.

I sprayed it on the area, waited 5 minutes then scrubbed the area with a towel.

Nellie laid right here the whole time I was treating the carpet. She never sneezed, wiped her eyes or got up and moved. So that tells me right there that the products were safe and Nellie approved.

After I cleaned the area I spread the carpet powder over it and let it sit for a couple days since I don’t use that area.

I liked that you had two choices on how much of the powder I wanted dispensed at one time.

It too had a nice citrus scent. After two days I vacuumed it up. Bend down and stuck my butt in the air while I did the sniff test. The urine odor was gone and left was a pleasant citrus smell.

I then moved onto the area rug in the living room where someone puked and there was a nice stain left behind. Now mind you this puke was from who knows when (yes, yes I’m lazy and didn’t get the stain out right away).

You can see the stain by the arrow it was a pretty big stain.

Again Nellie hung out when I cleaned the rug. I sprayed the area, left it sit for 5 minutes then scrubbed it with a towel.

Look at the towel, now that is one bad stain, dirty, dirty, dirty!

Can you see the nice clean rug by the arrow? I’m embarrassed now as the rest of my rug is dirty compared to that spot. Moral of the story is the odor and stain remover really did a great job on a really old stain.

I was really pleased with these two products out of my basket of goodies. I would highly recommend PL360. Thank you #MultiPetMedia for hosting your month long event and the giveaways. Thank you to PL360 for some really nice products!

A little bit about PL360 taken from their website:

Here we have a pretty straightforward philosophy – make pet caresimpler for our fellow pet lovers out there.

Our best lessons in gratitude, love and compassion often come from our pets. The same goes for what we know about playing freely and living fully. Each day, our pets look at us like we are superheroes, not knowing they are the ones who inspire us.

To repay them for their devoted, unconditional love, we owe them everything we know about their wellbeing. That’s why for 14 years we’ve made it our mission to create products that keep our petshealthy, happy and clean in the simplest way possible. For us, that means using natural ingredients that are safe for pets. It also means finding innovative ways to make pet care easier so you and your pet can get back to doing the things that you love. The result? Effective solutions that do exactly what they say they will (and trust us, they will).

But we don’t do this alone. We are constantly driven by conversations we have with other pet lovers. We come up with ideas while walking our dogs and we make plans while playing fetch. With the help of veterinarians, dermatologists and pet experts who share our vision, we’ve been able to get our hands dirty to learn how to keep their paws clean—safely and naturally.


13 thoughts on “PL360 Thank You #MultiPetMania

  1. I like the two choices too… but if I had it I would only need the BIG mess mode lol… it’s a great product and a fabulous prize… now you are well prepared for all that little brown dawgs who will enter your house soon :o)


  2. Congratulations on winning, and I’m so glad you’re happy with the products! I had to chuckle at the old stain on the rug, since when I tried mine it was on an old stain as well. One thing is for sure, when you have multiple pets, accidents do happen (and sometimes we don’t know who the culprit is!).
    Thanks for joining the #MultiPetMania fun and for sharing about your prizes.


  3. These sound like products all of us pet parents should have since we all find those accidents now and then. Great review and congratulations on the win. I think that Nellie approves too and she’s not telling on anybody 🙂


  4. PL360 products have amazed us as well. Lately we’ve had a lot of cat puke which comes up in a cinch with the PL360 cleaner. It always happens when it gets warm and the kitties shed so much. Glad you enjoyed the month!


  5. I’ll definitely have to check those out! Soth is always barfing up hair balls and having accidents on the carpet. Sometimes I think I’ve gotten the stain and then light comes in through the window in just the right way and I realize I haven’t gotten it at all, so something that gets out older stains is excellent!


  6. Congrats on the score!Those photos are the proof in the puddin’ and while I mostly have hardwoods, the few area rugs I do have always seem to be the spots where Sam gets sick so I’ll have to get some of that stuff. Well done and just in time for the pitter-patter of little paws. 😉


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