Problem Blinds~ Monday Mischief

Gambler had another weekend of hunt tests. The past two weekends he was running HRC (Hunting Retriever Club) UKC (United Kennel Club) hunt tests. He has run these in the past and currently has his HRC Seasoned title and one Finished pass. He needs three more Finished passes to earn his Finished title. Unfortunately he failed all four tests, there were one tests each day on the weekend. Three out of the four fails were on water blinds and one was on a land blind. Blinds are when a bird is put out in the field or across a bit of water and the dog doesn’t know where it is. The dog needs to be handled by whistle sits and hand signals to the blind. Gambler has done the types of blinds that were in the tests but for some reason he had a brain fart and couldn’t do them. Needless to say John and I have to go back to the drawing board so we can get Gambler to start passing tests again.

The highlight of my day yesterday was when I posted up the above quote on facebook telling everyone that Gambler’s fear is water blinds and that he needs to over come them. My pal Flea from Jones Natural Chews posted up this picture of Jimmy saying he had a fear of blinds too. It made me laugh out loud and smile during a sad time. Thank you Flea for making me smile and hope you don’t mind I stole your picture.

When John got home from the test and we talked about it we both decided that Gambler started failing when we stopped running permanent blinds at our house. We had permanent blinds set up at the house and would run him twice a day on them. The person who leases out crop land planted his crops and then we stopped running the blinds. During the time we were running the blinds Gambler passed the two Master tests in AKC, it’s been a month that we haven’t been running his permanent blinds with him and he has been failing ever since. When we train we run a mock hunt test set up and that is it. I haven’t been doing yard/drill work with him so I believe that is my fault as to why he has been failing. The poor guy just isn’t getting the proper training he needs to excel. John said it to, once it all clicks with him he will excel and there will be no stopping him as he is one hell of a marking dog. He just needs to polish up on his blind work.

monday mischief

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18 thoughts on “Problem Blinds~ Monday Mischief

  1. Jimmy is priceless… it feels good when someone comes up with a frigging funny thing, so you can laugh even when you feel sad :o)
    We cross our paws&fingers for the upcoming training and the next tests… I’m a little sad with you that the G-main failed … I know how it feels :o( But next time is G-man time and he will enter the hall of fame, YES he will :o)


  2. Well, laughter through tears is one of the best forms of medicine! It seems GMan is just out of practice…and practice makes perfect. I hope you can start running permanent blinds on your property again to get him all set for his next test!


  3. Glad to be of assistance. 😉 Sounds like y’all have worked out what the problem is and will have this licked in no time!


  4. Whenever I have an unsuccessful agility trial, I remind myself how little training I do. I can’t blame Jimmy when I haven’t kept up his practice……but it still stinks not to earn a Q 😉


  5. The motivational images and the one of Jimmy are great! I’m sorry you had a disappointing weekend but I’m sure Gambler will get back on track quickly with the additional training too.


  6. Sorry you had a rough weekend, but I’m glad that Flea cheered you up!! I feel confident that you’ll get Gambler back where he needs to be once you work with him more.


  7. Edison tried 10,000 times before he was able to get the light bulb perfected; I’m sure Gambler will rise to the occasion. Remember those aren’t ‘fails,’ they’re just different ways of not meeting your expectation. 😉 Hang in there; it’ll happen…and no doubt soon. 🙂


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