The Whelping Box~Black And White Sunday

This is Nellie’s whelping box that she used 3 times. I set it up and she jumped right in and took a nap in it. I couldn’t get her out.

Since I’m a starving artist I decided Glory needed some color to her box now. She doesn’t look to thrilled to be in it. Hopefully she will warm up to it when the time is right. The box is set up in our living room so many nights sleeping on the couch once the beaners are here. All of Nellie’s litters were born in our bedroom and spent the first three weeks in there. I switched it up for Glory as she doesn’t like the heat so it is cooler in the living room. Nellie had her babies in the winter so she could be where it was warm.

12-15 days left!

We are joining Dachshund Nola & Sugar The Golden Retriever for the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop.

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17 thoughts on “The Whelping Box~Black And White Sunday

  1. tht’s a super nice box for Glory and her brown puppies… I’m sure she will like it and if you are there too she knows that efurrything is arranged to welcome her pups to our world :o)


  2. Hi Y’all!

    Aww…it looks like a “babies room”. Guess she won’t do like my Human’s Basenji did when she had her litter…she decided underneath the living room sofa would be the best spot…privacy, you know.

    Thank y’all for givin’ me feedback on the theme changes I’ve been trying at my new home. I appreciate hearing the pros and cons for you.

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  3. Very nice and roomy place for the new babies, though Glory does not look happy lol, as you say she will in time. Great paint job!


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