Bravo For Special Moments

Bravo For Special Moments! Today I bring you my special moments that came about on December 4th 2011 when my Chesapeake Bay Retriever Nellie had her third litter of puppies. This litter was a little bit more special than the other two litters that she had because it had a little red girl in the litter that was going to stay with me and carry on Nellie’s motherhood.

Glory was among one of the four girls born to Lefty and Nellie.

Glory was red girl.

All the girls were sweet as pie and took some nice Christmas photos.

Glory was a loner from day one, always off by herself. She has come a long ways and loves to be by us.

Nellie shared her favorite duck with the girls.

The girls were a very special group. They would be the last puppies Nellie would have.

There is nothing like a Mother Daughter bond, for that makes this a Bravo For Special Moments. Soon Glory will become a mom and Nellie wil become a Grandma, more special moments are ahead. 


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19 thoughts on “Bravo For Special Moments

  1. how cute… the duck has the same sleeping position like Glory :o)
    That’s a super special moment and to welcome this little brown dawgs to the world is the best moment ever… like a miracle :o)


  2. What special photos!! So nice to have them when you have both mom and daughter. Now that Glory is having a litter we’ll be looking forward to a lot of great photos!


  3. I simply don’t know if I can handle all of the cuteness without desperately wanting a puppy. OMD! Those faces are heart melters. ♥ ♥ ♥ Hurry new puppies, I’m ready to see y’all! ♥


  4. BRAVO for this wonderful post and these special moments! I cannot wait for Glory’s puppies to arrive. I just know they are going to be super cute. It is really special that Nellie will be able to help raise her grandpups! Love it.


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