A Chessie’s Determination~Obstacles

For this weeks FitDog Friday post I am going to show you a series of photos showing A Chessie’s Determination~Obstacles.

We went over to our friends place who has a cleaner pond then we have at our house. Our pond is full of green slim so I don’t let the dogs swim in it anymore. My friends pond as you will see is cleaner but has some down trees in the water. Since Gambler is still training for hunt tests we went there to run some blinds which are retrieves that Gambler has to do with John helping him by giving him hand signals. Gambler doesn’t know where the bumper is and John has to guide him to it.

Gambler has swam across the pond and John is guiding him to the bumper.

As you can see the bumper is off to the right and there seems to be a tree in Gamblers path.

Hmmm a fallen tree, I wonder what Gambler is going to do?

Gambler is going to attempt to crawl over the tree.

He almost has it.

Just a little more shoulder strength and kicking with the back leg.

And he is over the obstacle.

Here’s my bumper, I knew it was here all along.

I got it!

Now from this position wouldn’t you think Gambler would just swim out a little bit and go around the tree?

Nope not Gambler, the chessie in him takes him over the obstacle again.

Because that is what chessie’s do, can’t do anything the easy way they have to do it the hard way.

The hard way is great for training thou as it helps build up muscles because I’m sure he has to use muscles he doesn’t normally use to do that type of work and it also gives him mental stimulation. He has to figure out how he is going to get up and over that tree.

A chessie’s determination is like that of no other retriever that I have seen. Which brings me to this story a friend of mine told me about a Chesapeake he saw run at a test.

His words

I will never forget the shear , size , strength and desire of a Chessie .

At a Master Hunt Test in Mississippi I encountered the determination and pure tough desire to retrieve .

The Master Test was a water triple with a double blind . This was the second series and the Chessie was returning with the second bird when it looked back over it’s shoulder , slowed momentarily in the water , then proceeded to complete the retrieve .

As it came out of the water , the judges and complete gallery gazed in shocking amazement at the tar-coated lines and large trotline hooks imbedded in it’s chest and shoulder .

The Chessie retrieved the duck to hand dragging two forty foot lines out of the water , each with a brick anchor , and large ball of grass in tow .

The dog never grimaced or whined as it heeled up to the handler facing the third bird of the triple .

The judges at this point were standing , and insisted that the handler immediately care for the dog .

Then the most unlikely thing happened unless you know Chessie’s ! The dog heeled up , ignored the hooks , and remained totally focused on the third bird .

The handler reached down with his knife , cut both lines at the hooks and sent the dog for a perfect retrieve of a memory bird .

The hooks were removed , and the dog titled as a Master Hunter in the third series !

The largest , strongest and most determined of the retrieving breeds demonstrated his Genetic Roots , as if to say to the gallery .

After the freezing waters of the Chesapeake Bay , the six foot waves and frozen rocks I was bred to hunt amongst , a few fish hooks and a Mississippi mud bottom are No-Big-Deal .


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14 thoughts on “A Chessie’s Determination~Obstacles

  1. That determination is what makes them great at what they do and we can see by the photos that he really loves doing this!


  2. Hi Y’all!

    That looks like fun Gambler. I don’t have anything like that in my waters. Just alligators, though they’ve quieted down now. ‘Course right now I’m not allowed to swim, so I envy you.

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  3. Wow I’m impressed, both by Gambler going over that obstacle and the Chessie with the hooks in his chest. I think I would about pass out if I saw that dog come out of the water like that.

    I don’t like to let Delilah swim in areas where I know folks fish because I do worry that she will get an errant fish hook stuck in her somewhere.


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