Going Going Gone~Monday Mischief

Remember the movie Summer School from way back in the day? The one with hunky Mark Harmon? I do, this is the movie where I fell in love with him and have watched and drooled enjoyed him over the years.

Why might I bring this up today on Monday Mischief? Well…… Do you remember the scene in the movie where he was on the beach with his dog and he was in a bad mood. All his dog wanted to do was play ball. The dog didn’t have a care in the world because really what dog does? The dog kept tossing the ball at him to get him to play and finally he picked up the ball and threw it in the ocean never to be seen again. The dog was very sad after that.

So it brings me to Glory’s mischief of somewhat of the same setting minus the bad mood.

The other day the SS gang and I went to the creek for some play time in the water. You know from before when we go to the creek Glory has to carry something from the yard to the creek and won’t put it down. This day she carried one of her Jones Natural Chews crown knuckle bones with her.

Happy girl I got my favorite bone.

My two favorite things, water and my bone.

I should set my bone down and get a drink of water.

Weeee where’s my bone going?

I’ll get it, your not getting away from me.

Where did it go?

Is it here?

Or is it here?

It’s got to be here, I just set it down for a second.

Where o where is it? I will be very sad if I can’t find it.

You knob Glory mom told you to leave the bone at home!

Maybe if I shake and stir up the water I will find it.

Well that didn’t work!

I found my ball, I found my ball!

Now the dog in the movie found it’s ball as one day it was washed up on the beach again. Sorry to say Glory’s bone was never to be found again this day. She was one sad girl and I couldn’t help but have this movie flash in my head the whole time Glory was trying to find her bone.

This afternoon Glory and I will be heading to the vets office for a ultrasound. Hopefully she can forget about her missing bone and will have poopy puppies to think about. Stop back tomorrow to find out the verdict.

Glory B pregnant or Glory B not pregnant. That is the question!

monday mischief

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28 thoughts on “Going Going Gone~Monday Mischief

  1. Glory we should build a special unit to find your bone back… well… I’m the one with the dry feet who runs the operation, ok? Or I will wait on the beach, maybe the bone pops up here, like the ball in the movie? I cross my paws for the vet appointment and I hope tomorrow we have a reason to celebrate :o)


  2. We’re really sorry you lost your bone Glory, we have lost things we carry outside and get upset it they get lost. Hopefully you will get another bone. Mom can’t wait to find out if there will be little feet running around soon 🙂


  3. Silly kids, sometimes they just won’t listen. Booth did that with a favorite ball last winter, lucky for him it was found after the snow melted and Booth was very relieved to say the least.


  4. Oh no, poor Glory! We’ve lost more than one toy in the river. I throw it and the dog or dogs aren’t paying attention, and there it goes floating down the river, gone forever!


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