G Dynasty

Move over Duck Dynasty there’s a new kid in town. It’s G Dynasty!

He’s making kids at Lincoln Elementary School smile which in turn makes me smile.

This is what the kids did for our therapy session which was right before Memorial day. I just love to hear the kids giggle when they are dressing Gambler, then the kids have to try on the stuff themselves.

This last Friday I took a bunch of wigs and weird glasses.

I had to explain what a mullet was, the kids didn’t know what it was but the teacher said “my boyfriend had a mullet”.

Of course we had to have some mischief during our therapy visit. If your my friend on facebook you already know what is coming next, if your not my friend just search for JoAnn Stancer and you will find me, friend me and get a laugh every now and then.

Soooo Friday morning I took Gambler out to our hay field to run his blinds. The hay field is over 2 ft tall by now. I set out the blinds, went and got G, ran his blinds and then went back into the house for a couple of hours before we went to therapy. Time came and we went to therapy, the second boy was brushing Gambler and joking I said “I hope you don’t find any ticks on him”. The boy asked what ticks were so I told him they were little black bugs. All of a sudden the boy goes “what is this black thing on him” ? I look and by gosh it was a tick, it was attached so I had to pull it off. The boy stepped back and was looking at it really weird. The teacher heard us and came running over…..”I want to  see it, I never saw at tick before, I have a dog but don’t know what they look like”. I showed her then crushed it and was apologizing up and down that my dog had a tick on him in the class room. As I was talking to the teacher the boy said “I found another one, and another, and another” for a total of 6 ticks! He was really getting into finding them and was looking over Gambler with a fine tooth comb. His time with Gambler was up so the teacher told him he was done and had to go back to class but the boy didn’t want to leave he wanted to find more ticks. Note to self: self, don’t take Gambler running through the tall grass before therapy.

Gambler does such a great job at therapy he get’s to have Cherry Berry ice cream when he is done.

monday mischief

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23 thoughts on “G Dynasty

  1. Gambler, you look like a cool Santa… can I send my wshlist to you? That was a TICK-ling event :o) You should live in my area, we have no ticks here :o) can you hold that ice cream a little closer to the screen please?


  2. Hi Y’all!

    Oh Gambler you are so patient. I’d want to romp, play and rough house!

    My Human switched from Frontline, ’cause I hated having it put on my back. The vet gave her 2 chewy pills to give me. One is for fleas and ticks and the other heartworm and, yep, fleas. I take them 10 days apart and the tick one I have to take with food; my Human just puts it in my food. I bet those ticks just didn’t know that Gambler was on one of those anti-tick products and they were going to soon be a dead tick.

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  3. Oh Gambler! You are such a great amabassador for Chessies and dogs in general going to the schools and introducing him to children. AND now they even know what a tick looks like! LOL! Send them to Louisiana, they can have ticks of their very own! ROFL!


  4. That is so sweet that he lets the kids (and you!) dress him up like that. Gosh, Rita would not stand for that! Even with ice cream as a reward later! 🙂 But the ticks!! Eeeek. I hate those things! Next time I suspect Rita might have a tick, maybe I should find some little boy to look for them. Seems like they might enjoy that activity. 🙂


  5. be careful. Cole got a tick bite (frontline had stopped being effective unbeknownst to us) and got Rocky mountain spotted fever. LeeAnna at not afraid of color


  6. I think it is terrific that Gambler has the patience to let the kids dress him, and just really enjoy his company. That’s about the best therapy there is. I’m sorry Gman had ticks but thanks for letting me know they are out that heavy. It really impossible for me to look through all that long thick hair Mica has to find them.


  7. G has such an awesome temperament he just goes along with anything and enjoys it all. Oh the ticks, we haven’t found yet, paws crossed. Every good pup deserves some ice cream!!!


  8. What a great therapy dog he is….so patient and such a good sport. I freak out whenever I see a tick, though I’ve actually gotten better about it than I used to be!


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