Back To The Drawing Board Worked~Monday Mischief

After last weekends double AKC Master Hunter fails for Gambler we had to go back to the drawing board. The first pass Gambler got was while I was away with Glory and John was handling him alone. Since that seemed to work for Gambler and John I asked John if he wouldn’t run him again this weekend by himself as I would be staying home. John agreed. So off John, Gambler and Glory went to the hunt test. This was the first time in the whole 14 years of playing this game that John and I didn’t go together when we had the chance to. This was sad for me, sad that I couldn’t watch, sad that I couldn’t take pictures, sad that I couldn’t spend time with the other participants. Sad I must be if this is what it will take to have Gambler pass and receive his title. The sadness didn’t last very long as John called me after each run and told me how they did and that they were moving on to the next series. In master level tests you need to pass three series in two days. Sunday John and Gambler left again for one more series and hopes for a pass and a ribbon to bring home to me.

Gambler received his 2nd AKC Master Hunter test.

The pure joy wiped out any sadness I had. What a wonderful weekend for Gambler and John. MK decided she wanted to photobomb Gamblers picture. Guess she is wondering how she can get a pretty ribbon?

Glory was up to mischief this weekend. She was entered in a AKC Senior Hunter test. This was in hopes of her passing and receiving her Senior Hunter title before she has puppies (we still don’t know if she is pregnant or not). She really wasn’t on her game in training this past week. When she is all hormonal her brain turns to mush. I entered her because she has been doing really well in training and thought she could pull it off. She went out on the water blind and that is just what she had problems with in training. She is now done with testing for the summer unless she isn’t pregnant. If she is pregnant she is done until next year. If she isn’t pregnant back to training and will be able to compete later in the summer.

Two more weeks and we will know if Glory is pregnant or not.

monday mischief

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16 thoughts on “Back To The Drawing Board Worked~Monday Mischief

  1. Congrats Gman!!!! I’m super proud of you! I hope you get a giant bucket of ice cream :o) How sad that you got no ribbon this weekend Glory, but maybe you will get supercute puppies instead :o) I understand that you are sad when you had to stay at home, instead to be a part of the event… I hope you can fix that prob and you can go to the nest test together :o) MK, you can get my ribbon when you bring 87 mice that I can place in my mommas bed :o)


  2. Congratulations to Gambler. It is true for some dogs, a small thing like a certain person being around can mess them up. We are trying to figure out the key to Bailie and her tracking mess ups. Mom can’t stay home, though, as she is the one who tracks with her!


  3. YAYYYYYYY!!! Gambler and dad, a huge congratulations to you both! Miss Glory~well we’ll just be awaiting those lil ones 🙂


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