Keeping Muscles Warm When Training In The Cold~FitDog Friday

This past Wednesday was not the “normal” warm day for this time of year. It was cloudy and 54 degrees. We started out training on land and then moved to water. By this time it was the afternoon and the temps were dropping. After the dogs ran their water marks I brought them back to the car, toweled them off and then put their furdry jackets on them to help wick the water out of their fur and keep them warm. They wore the jackets all the way home, got out of car and they were full of spunk again and wanted to play so we played.

We had a good morning of hunt test training so when we got home the gang got to have a little playtime fun.

Even the cat got into the afternoon play time. She would race in and out by the dogs. She was getting in her daily exercise routine also.

John, Gambler and Glory are headed to a AKC hunt test this weekend. I’m staying home so Gman doesn’t have to look for me. I don’t think we have done enough “not everything is free in life” training to have Gman respect me enough not to act up during a test so John is going by himself. If this is what we need to do to get 4 more passes then this is what we will do. It breaks my heart that I can’t go and watch my dogs compete as this is “our” life but I’m getting so frustrated spending money and not getting this title finished on Gman. If we can just get him through this then I can go back to running him and participating in it all as it will be just for fun.


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15 thoughts on “Keeping Muscles Warm When Training In The Cold~FitDog Friday

  1. I like this furdry jackets, even the butt is covered, that’s great! I’m sad with you that you have to stay at home this weekend, hope it really works as planned and you are back on board soon :o)


  2. They look so funny in the coats, but it is a good idea. If it is cold and we swim, we usually go home after, but if we needed to stay out a coat would be good.


  3. The Furdry jackets really look fantastic!! Looks like everyone really had a good afternoon of play and exercise including lil MK 🙂 Oh mom having to stay behind is difficult but then the up side of that is~~you know just how much you are loved by Gman!! He will get there!


  4. What interesting jackets! Barley takes forever to dry, especially after a bath–we might need to look into those! Looks like everybody enjoyed the play time 🙂 Hope things go well for your husband and the dogs this weekend so you don’t have to skip too many more trips!


  5. Those coats look great! The weather has been so up and down, hasn’t it? I guess that’s typical spring. The gang never runs out of energy, do they? 🙂
    Hopefully John and Gambler can get the job done, so you can start going again, I know it must be tough to miss out on watching them.


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