A Glorious Thank You To Thunder

Glory and I are back in WI after a very lovely stay with Thunder and his family from 2browndawgs. We can’t thank Linda, Jim, Thunder, Storm, Freighter and Nestle for such a warm welcome. Glory and I got to stay and hang out with them until Glory was done being bred by Thunder. It was such a great time, the dogs all got along great, Glory made herself at home and was a good house guest. I couldn’t be more please by how she acted. I wanted to get some pictures of Thunder and Glory together for the new puppy buyers so one day we went to the park to get some photos. Here are the photos that I took in no particular order. They had to be that far apart or there would of been some puppy making going on in public.

The swans, geese and a mallard wanted to join in on the photo shoot.


The baby goslings were so darn cute hopefully in 63 days we will have Glorious Thunder puppies. Everything went according to planned I can’t thank the Grabinski’s enough for opening their house to Glory and I as well as having their friend Cindy come over and help without her we couldn’t have gotten this done so thank you Cindy. 

We will know if this breeding took place in about a month when I will have a ultrasound done to confirm a pregnancy then if pregnant another month later we will hear the pitter patter of puppie feet. 


We are joining Linda at 2browndawgs and Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for this great blog hop.

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18 thoughts on “A Glorious Thank You To Thunder

  1. wonderful photos, that was a super idea to have a date at a park. btw: even the swans felt the love in the air and covered their heads… just i ncase of too much good vibrations, right?


  2. Goslings are adorable, but I’m sure Glorious Thunder puppies will be even cuter! Glad you had such a good visit–my fingers are crossed that it was successful!


  3. Glorious Thunder puppies?!? I love that and oh….do we have our paws crossed over here for those puppies! We would LOVE to see Glorious Thunder puppies. They are sure to be gorgeous!


  4. You are more than welcome and you were both fabulous house guests. You are welcome back any time. Glory is a sweetie and I am sure hoping for puppies. 🙂 Love all of the pictures. I wish we could have had them to sit closer..but as you say love was in the air…lol.

    Thanks for joining the hop!


  5. Whew, I was a little worried we’d be seeing pictures of Thunder getting the deed done. 😉 I am very excited, I know their puppies will be amazing and I know you will inundate us with puppy pictures and I can hardly breathe from the excitement. The only thing missing will be puppy breath. Man I love puppy breath.

    Thank you for joining the blog hop!


  6. I am so dadgum excited that I am beside myself! I hope that there will be puppies because WOW! they will be stunning! That looks like a very romantic park setting for the lovebirds ♥


  7. Great pictures, buyers like to be able to see both parents. Hopefully the breeding was successful and instead of those adorable goslings we will be seeing beautiful puppies. All fingers and paws crossed, waiting is so hard 🙂


  8. Glad you two had such a nice visit. Paws crossed for little paws on the way. The photos are so nice and it’s always nice to have pictures of our furkids parents 🙂


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